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Timeline Part1
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From left to right: Standing: Richard "Richie" Jaramillo from Pomona, Manuel "Rocky" Luna, Adolph "Champ" Reynoso, Pedro "Sana" Ojeda Ronnie Salazar and Gilbert "Mongol" Silva. Kneeling: Evarito "Blanco" Blanco, Refugio "Rufas" Pena, and two unidentified associates.

April 24, 1923

Henry "Hank" Leyva born in Tuscon, Arizona.

May 3, 1925

Convicted San Francisco gangsters Edmund "Spud" Murphy and Frank Falconi are transferred from San Quentin to Folsom in response to a plea from the Mexican government that inmates of Mexican descent be protected after racially motivated attacks instigated by Murphy and Falconi which resulted in the death of Michael Gomez a Mexican-American born in Texas.

April 10, 1929

Joe "Pegleg" Morgan born.


1st generation "Originals" of Hoyo Maravilla gang forms.


2nd generation "Cherries" of Hoyo Maravilla gang forms.

December 1941

Henry "Hank" Leyva, Joe Valenzuela and Jack Melendez all members from 38th street gang in Long Beach arrested on suspicion of armed robbery.

Charges dropped against Joe Valenzuela and Jack Melendez but Leyva is rebooked on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. Leyva pled guilty and received a 3 month county jail term.


August 2, 1942

Gang fight involving 38th street gang from Long Beach and a Downey gang results in the death of Jose Diaz.

January 13, 1943

11 members of the 38th street gang are sentenced to prison for the murder of Jose Diaz.

June 3, 1943

The Zoot suites erupt in Los Angeles. Many blame the racial tension in the city as a result of the treatment hispanics were subjected to while they searched for the killers of Jose Diaz.

October 4, 1943

District Court of Appeals dismisses the case against the members of the 38th st., and orders them freed from custody.


Joe Morgan [Maravilla gang] beats the husband of his 32 year old girlfriend to death and buries the body in a shallow grave. While awaiting trial he escapes using the identification papers of a fellow inmate awaiting transfer to a forestry camp. He is recaptured and sentenced to 9 years at San Quentin..


South Ontario Black Angels gang is formed. The gang takes its name from a popular comic book of the time. Frank "Mosca" Castrejon is amoung the founders.


A.-Mexican Mafia forms at the Duel Vocational Institute at Tracey, California. Originally consists of 13 core members.

B.-Joe Morgan is released on parole after 9 years behind bars.

C.-The group's legend begins attracting new members.


Morgan is returned to prison after a brazen machine gun robbery of a West Covina bank.


Authorities note an escalation in violent crimes committed by Los Angeles Hispanic gang members.


San Francisco gang member Michael 'Hacha' Ison is committed to California youth authority after he and his brother attack a barber with a baseball bat.

February 13, 1958

Reuben Ramos 20, and Lorenzo Castro 18, kidnap and shoot George Rodriquez, 13 and Gerald De Lao members of a rival gang. De Lao was killed in the attack.

May 13, 1958

Los Angeles Sheriff's deputy Ned Lovretovich is stabbed in court after offering testimony in the murder robbery trial of Gregory H. Valenzuela and Augustin Acosta two gang members from East Los Angeles.

December 23, 1959

16 year old Rudy Cadena begins serving a prison sentence for second degree murder at the Chino Institute for men..


Eme begins spreading throughout the California prison system..


Backrow; Luis "Huero Buff" Flores, Michael Mulhern, Abraham "Abie" Hernandez, Joe "Red" Morgan.
Front row Tuffy, Jesse "Chenero" Gordon, Ben "Topo" Peters, Rudy "Chy" Cadena; Emero on the yard.


A.-Michael 'Hacha' Ison enters the California prison after a conviction for assault with a deadly weapon.

B.-Joe Morgan leads 11 inmates in a jail break from the L.A., county jail. He had been called as a witness in a trial involving the murder of another inmate

November 8, 1961

Authorities crack a mafia protected narcotics ring after three female visitors are arrested and charged with conspiring to smuggle $18,000 worth of dope into San Quentin. Marie Frances Hall, mother of inmate Thomas Devers is one of those held.

December 14, 1961

Abel A. Nevarez a 26 year old convicted Los Angeles dope peddler is stabbed to death on a San Quentin athletic field. The murder was the first of three committed in connection with an inmate dope ring protected by the newly formed Mexican Mafia.

December 18, 1961

Marcel A. Perez a 19 year old convicted Los Angeles car thief is stabbed to death in a San Quentin recreation yard. The murder was the 2nd of three committed in connection with a dope ring.

December 24, 1961

24 year old Thomas Devers stabbed to death shortly after entering an innocent plea on charges of smuggling narcotics into San Quentin. Dever was stabbed six times by Mike Ison a newly arrived Mafia hitman from the San Francisco area.

Ison acquires the nickname killer after murdering inmate Thomas Dever on behalf of the Mexican Mafia in San Quentin.

July 14, 1963

Eme narcotics chief Harry Gamboa Buckley, 43, Monterey Pak is arrested and charged with heading a heroin ring which sold $40,000 worth of pure heroin. In addition to Buckley, Mary Gloria Ramirez, 28, Alhambra, Virginia Rivas Garcia, 29, Charlotte O. Vasquez, 36 and Julian L. Molano all of East Los Angeles were also held.


California Department of Corrections reports the Mexican mafia controls the yard at San Quentin and has active chapters at Soledad and Folsom prisons.

November 7, 1967

San Quentin inmate Forrest W. Smith, 42, a convicted burglar from Los Angeles is killed in the prison hospital by convicted eme hitman "Psycho" Leo Estrada Robles.

September 15 1968

Hector Padilla a gang member from northern California is attacked after a confrontation with Eme gang leader Robert "Robot" Salas [Big Hazard] over a pair of shoes stolen by Eme associate Carlos "Pieface" Ortega [Geraghty Loma]. This "the third in a series of Eme led attacks on Norteno associates and gang members [Phillip Neri and Sonny Pena were killed earlier.]"

September 16 1968

In retaliation for the murders of Phillip Neri and Sonny Pena and a near fatal attack on Hector Padilla, Nuestra Familia launches a reprisal attack on the Mexican Mafia at 2:30 pm. The final tally left 11 wounded and 1 mafia member dead.

September 16 1968

In retaliation for the murders of Phillip Neri and Sonny Pena and a near fatal attack on Hector Padilla, Nuestra Familia launches a reprisal attack on the Mexican Mafia at 2:30 pm. The final tally left 11 wounded and mafia member Archie Gallego, 25, dead.


Rudy "Cheyenne" Cadena begins correspondence with members of the Latino political group the Brown Berets.


A.-Mexican Mafia and Black Guerilla family agree to a truce.

B.-Joe Moody prison gang investigator finds the body of one of his female informants murdered in Monterey Park, California. Pinned to her body was a note with consisting of one word Eme.

C.-October 6, 1970

Mexican mafia member Alejandro Ramirez Ferrel aka Moe and Steve P. Guerrero instigate an assault upon two black inmates "Wilson and Wilkins," resulting from an earlier racially related incident at Deuel Vocational Institution. Wilkins is fatally wounded and Ferrel is later convicted of second degree murder and Guerrero of involuntary manslaughter.


A.-Rudy Cadena [Bakersfield gang member later claimed East L.A's Primera Flats] issues orders to recently paroled Eme members to take over federally funded drug programs operating in L.A. barrios. The first target is the National Institute of Mental Health's Special Program for Alcohol Abuse (SPAN) which was headquartered in Pomona.

B.-Paroled Eme member Eduardo Z. Aguirre is named executive director of League of United Citizens to help Addicts [LUCHA].

C.-Cadena and Black Guerilla Family founder George L. Jackson are targeted for their influence over large groups of prisoners. Cadena publicly calls for a reuniting of Latino inmates to fight the system. Within the gang it becomes common knowledge that Cadena hopes to unite the Mexican Mafia and Nuestra Familia creating a statewide criminal syndicate.

August 21, 1971

Jackson is murdered at San Quentin leaving Cadena the states most outspoken prison reformist from behind bars..

Late 1971

A.-Cadena is paroled to Los Angeles.

B.-Killer Mike Ison is convicted of second degree murder for stabbing a fellow inmate 51 times in the prison chapel at Folsom.

January 21, 1972

Carlos N. Rodriquez is killed by a shotgun blast to the face fired from point blank range in Pomona.

February 15, 1972

George "Poyo" Felix is stabbed more than 30 times by Eme hitmen in Los Angeles.

February 17, 1972

Ellen Delia is shot three times in the head and dumped on the way to Sacramento where she was scheduled to discuss the eme's infiltration of a state funded program.

March 16, 1972

Eme drop out Raymond Ochoa, 29, shot is found bound and tied to a chair in his Commerce apartment. He'd been shot to death a few feet from his wife and teenage son.

April 3, 1972

Opening remarks are giving in the murder trial of Mexican Mafia member Gilbert Sanchez, 30, of Commerce. Sanchez was accused of killing Eme drop out Raymond Ochoa, 29. Ochoa was shot in his living room near his 13 year old son who lay bound nearby.

April 21, 1972

Aryan Brotherhood members Fred S. Mendrin and Donald C. Hale murders Nuestra Familia member Fred Charles Castillo in Palm Hall at Chino Institute for men, the hit is ordered by Mexican Mafia leader Joe Morgan. The murder reportedly seals a pact between the Aryan Brotherhood and Mexican Mafia.

October 13, 1972

Gilbert "Shotgun" Sanchez is acquitted of murdering Raymond Ochoa in his Commerce city apartment on orders from Joe Morgan. Sanchez was already serving a combined 150 year sentence for 15 counts of armed robbery.

October 31, 1972

Rudy Cadena is returned to Chino Institute for men as a parole violator.

November 24, 1972

Ronaldo Medrano Ayala conducts a takeover robbery of the Pantry clothing store on Broadway in Chula Vista.

December 12, 1972

Nuestra Familia members Santos and Gilbert Arranda are stabbed in the inmate Reception and Guidance center at Chino Institute for men.

December 18, 1972

Rudy Cadena is stabbed 70 times in Palm Hall at Chino Institute for men by members of la Nuestra Familia. Gilbert Sandoval and Steven Oropeza are injured in the attack as well.

December 25, 1972

Members of the Mexican and Nuestra Familia clash at Soledad leaving Frank Villalobos, 24 and Pablo Najera, 22 dead of knife wounds. 30 year old Joe Garica and 33 year old Arthur Chavez suffer minor stab wounds. The attacks are retribution for the murder of Rudy Cadena.


A.-36 inmate murders occured in behind bars in 1972, 30 of wich are attributed to the Mexican mafia.

B.-[LUCHA] Director Eduardo Aguirre flees to Mexico with $146,000 of the groups funds after a federal audit finds $300,000 in federal funds missing from the groups cofers causing the collapse of the program.

C.-Community concern 'an L.A., based community self help organization,' recieves $ 1 million in federal funds. Ex-convict Rafael 'Chispas' Sandoval a man with ties to Italian organized criminals including Jimmy Coppola is the director. Sandoval also expanded Eme's political ties donating several hundred thousand dollars to Richard Alatorre's campaign for the California assembly.

May 3, 1973

Gilbert Pedro Sanchez, 31 year old eme member is acquitted in Los Angeles Superior Court on charges relating to the murder of Raymond Ochoa in Commerce.

November 11, 1973

Pat Duran a convicted car thief from San Bernardino is stabbed in an exercise yard used by inmates held under protective custody at San Quentin. Duran had expressed concern for his safety after a run in with an eme member.

November 22, 1973

Two San Quentin inmates are stabbed in seperate incidents. Robert Tavluian, 28, from Los Angeles is stabbed in San Quentin's main yard at noon. Tavluian suffered multiple stab wounds to the chest but survived the attack. Thomas Gregory, 34, an inmate from San Francisco died of stab wounds he received in the chow hall breakfast line.

June 1975

Morgan secures a contract with organized crime figures which provides Eme with a half dozen kilos of pure Mexican heroin in exchange for hits on the streets of Los Angeles. The operation "which runs from Juarez through Tiajuana into Los Angeles, San Franccisco and Sacramento," nets the Mexican Mafia a profit of $60,000 per week wholesale uncut.

November 23, 1975

Ronaldo Medrano Ayala stabs Wallace Williams during a racially motivated brawl pitting a collection of Mexican Mafia and Aryan Brotherhood members, associates and sympathizers against black inmates.


A.-Michael Delia a paroled Eme member sets up Project Get Going. The stated aim of the program is to assist convicts re-adjust to to lving in society. Delia's program is launched by $228,000 worth of government aide.

B.-Joe Morgan is released on parole. He is quickly indicted on federal narcotics charges and flees to Utah.

January 15, 1977

Robert Lewis special assistant to Senator Alex P. Garcia (D-Los Angeles) is gunned down by Eme members. Lewis was tied in with Michael Delia's Project Get Going.

January 16, 1977

Ysidro Trujillo a resident of Project Get Goings halfway house is murdered in Los Angeles by Eddie "The Sailor" Gonzales and Michael Delia.

February 1, 1977

Eme member Gibert Roybal is shot to death in his Fresno home by Alfred "Alfie" Sosa, Daniel "Choco" Montellano and Manuel Torres after announcing his plans to defect from the gang. The hit was ordered by Robert "Robot" Salas.

February 11, 1977

Bruno Chavez an Eme associate is stabbed to death in Glassell Park by Alfred "Alfie" Sosa and Raymond "Huero shy" Shyrock.

February 15, 1977

George "Poyo" Felix is killed in his Rosemead home by Daniel "Choco" Montellano.

February 17, 1977

Michael Delia's wife Ellen is shot to death in Sacramento by Alfred "Alfie" Sosa and Eddie "The Sailor" Gonzales both known Eme hitmen. Delia's murder was ordered by her husband Michael who feared she would expose the illegal affairs of Project Get Going.

February 20, 1977

Eme godfather Robert "Robot" Salas, Alfred "Alfie" Sosa and Armando Varela are arrested in Monterey Park and charged with possession of a concealed weapon. Sosa and Salas are released on bail but Varela remains in custody and begins co-operating in the investigation of the murder of Ellen Delia resulting in the re-arrest and filing of murder charges against Salas for the murders of Gilbert Roybal and Delia. Eddie "The Sailor" Gonzales has also provided information in 9 Eme murders.

March 26, 1977

Alfred "Alfie" Sosa is arrested and charged with the murders of Ellen Delia and Gilbert Roybal. Sosa was apprehended in Tiajuana, Mexico.

April 22, 1977

Alfred "Alfie" Sosa, 33, Michael Anthony Delia, Albert Valles, 33, of Lawndale and Daniel "Choco" Montellano and Raymond "Huero Shy" Shyrock, 25, both of Los Angeles are all indicted by the Los Angeles grad jury for the murders of Robert Mark Lewis, 51, of El Monte and Ysidro Trujillo, an alleged member of La eme. Sosa and Shyrock were also indicted in the murder of Bruno Chavez, 29, in Glassell Park. Valles and Montellano were charged in the deaths of eme member Gilbert Roybal in Fresno and George "Poyo" Felix in Rosemead. Eme member Edward "Sailor Boy" Conzales enter a plea of innocent to charges of heroin possession and being an ex-convict in possession of a firearm.

July, 1977

Joe Morgan is captured in Utah, a charge of trafficking firearms is added to the narcotics and fugitive warrants he was facing.

August 26, 1977

Peter Savas, 24, from Orange County F-Troop is shot and killed by tower guards after he ignores a warning shot and continues to stab inmate James Williams, 31, of San Diego in an incident linked to a string of racially charged incidents. Savas was was aided in the attack by Ronald Hendricks, 25, aan inmate with ties to the Aryan Brotherhood.

October 27, 1977

Ronaldo Medrano Ayala ambushes and stabs inmate Richard Christiansen on the high-security exercise yard at San Quentin.

May 15, 1978

Joe Morgan is sentenced to 5 years in state prison for being a felon in possession of a firearm and transporting a rifle across state lines. 2 hours later in federal court he is sentenced to serve 2 to 10 years in federal prison for possession of heroin.


Joseph "Red" Morgan.


Based on the testimony of Ramon "Mundo" Mendoza, Morgan is convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to life in prison for the murder of an Eme member who fell out of favor.

October 1978

Daniel Montellano released from jail after posting $100,000 in the Los Angeles murder cases and another $150,000 in the Fresno case.

November 11, 1978

Inmate Thomas Trejo is stabbed to death at the Federal Correctional Institution at Lompoc, California. An tutopsy reveals Trejo suffered 45 stab wounds. Eme kingpin Adolpho "Champ" Reynoso, Pedro Flores and inmate Gouveia are later sentenced to serve life plus 99 years in federal prison.

November 3, 1978

Investigation launched into the relationship of Judge Lenore Schreiber and Daniel Montellano and Robert Salas after it is learned she has put money on the books for both men at the county jail. Montellano had also lent the judge his car on at least one occassion.

May 30,1979

Daniel "Choco" Montellano is charged with the murder of 17 year old Jerry Granillo outside of Montellano's Visalia apartment.

February 21, 1980

Ronaldo Medrano Ayala fatally stabs John Casas to death in the shower at Folsolm Prison.

June 30,1982

Tito Marines Jr., best friend of Reuben T. Hernandez is found dead in southeast Ontario. Marines murder was believed to have been a paid hit carried out on behalf of Mary Lou Davilla Salazar a known drug dealer.

November 30, 1982

Ronaldo Medrano Ayala stabs Alex Macugay in a high-security section of Soledad State Prison. Macugay was a Nuestra Familia associate.

October 14,1984

Alfred Arthur Sandoval [Arizona Maravilla] shoots and kills Gilbert Martinez and Anthony Aceves [Mariana Maravilla] a third victm "Manuel Torres survives the attack.

October 31,1984

Ray and Marlene Wells are shot excecution style in their home in Belvedere Park. Alfred Arthur Sandoval [Arizona Maravilla] is charged in these murders.

January 15, 1985

Ronaldo Medrano Ayala is paroled from San Quentin's North Block. Ayala returns to the street a respected member of the Mexican mafia.

April 26, 1985

Ronaldo Medrano Ayala, Hector Juan Ayala and Joseph "Cucuy" Suarez Moreno abduct, rob and murder Dominquez, Zamora and Rositas in an automotive repair business located between Logan and National Avenues in San Diego.

June 22,1987

Mary Lou Davilla Salazar, Lourdes Flores and Francisco Delgado Ortiz are found slain in a home on Sunkist Street in Ontario.

June 25,1987

Reuben "Tupi" Hernandez high ranking Eme member is arrested in connection with the Ontario murders.

July 19,1988

Reuben Tommy "Tupi" Hernandez is sentenced to 3 consecutive life terms plus 16 years in state prison for the murders of Salazar, Flores and Ortiz.

February 10, 1989

Ronaldo Medrano Ayala and his brother Hector Juan Ayala are sentenced to death for the execution style murders of Ernesto 'Cha Cho' Mendez Dominquez, his brother-in-law Marco Zamora-Villa and Jose 'Cucuy' Luis Rositas on April 26, 1985 in San Diego.

August 17,1990

Joe "Colorado Red" Ariaz excecutes Daniel Arriaga and Salvador Barrasa on the order of Robert "Robot" Salas in Fontana. Arriaga owed $30,000 in taxes to the Mexican Mafia.

June 12,1991

Joe "Colorado Red" Ariaz convicted of one count of first degree murder in the death of Daniel Arriaga the jury failed to reach a verdict on the charge relating to the death of Salvador Barrasa.

July 16,1991

Eme soldier Salvador "Mon" Buenrostro is stabbed 26 times in an interview room at the Los Angeles county jail by Benjamin "Topo" Peters and Rene "Boxer" Enriquez. Buenrostro was attacked for causing dissension within the group "he made negative comments about Eme Godfather Joe Morgan."

August 8,1991

Joe "Colorado Red" Ariaz sentenced to serve 29 years to life in state prison.


Deputy Edward Roman is stabbed in the Los Angeles county jail by a suspected Eme member armed with the sharpened end of a broom handle. Deputies find a 4-inch metal shank hidden in the rectum of Eme associate Eulalio Martinez. Martinez is later killed for failing to carry out attacks against deputies at the county jail.

February 1992

American Me a film about Mexican Mafia icons Joe Morgan and Rudy Cadena is released starring and directed by Edward James Olmos. The film offends Morgan and a contract is issued to eliminate Olmos and Eme members who served as advisors on the project.

March 1992

Charles "Charlie Brown" Manriquez a 53 year old Eme veterano is gunned down while walking through Ramona Gardens. Manriquez had served as an advisor to Olmos during the filming of American Me, authorities recovered an American Me business card from one of his pockets.

May 13, 1992

Ana Lizarraga a Ramona Gardens gang counselor and consultant on the film American Me is gunned down by Jose "Joker" Gilbert Gonzales [Big Hazard] a 29 year old parolee "out less than a month," was apprehended fleeing the scene of the crime.

February 1993

Jose Uribe is stabbed 37 times in his cell in the high powered wing of the Los Angeles county jail. Jorge Lopez and Joaquin Alvarado committed the murder to curry favor with the Mexican mafia who had labeled Uribe a rata [informant].

March 12, 1993

Regino "The Bull" Deharo south Ontario gang member and recent parolee is captured after a 50 mile televised chase which includes a car jacking and several shots fired from the carjacked vehicle. The event started when Deharo, Robert Garcia and Jesus Ochoa bungled a robbery at a home in Pomona. During the televised chase Deharo wounded officer Roger Matthews.

Winter 1993

Mexican mafia emisary David "Smilon" Gallardo [Big Hazard] increases the amount of tax the dudes of Hazard are required to pay as punishment for needlessly harassing customers. His demand is met with resistance from several Hazard gang members particularly Ricardo "Joker" Gonzalez and Humberto "Capone" Madrigal.

October 26, 1993

Eme godfather Joseph "Pegleg" Morgan is diagnosed with inoperable cancer. He is transfered from Pelican to the prison ward at Corcoran.

November 9, 1993

Joe "Pegleg" Morgan dies of liver cancer at the age of 64. Morgan had spent his last days in the prison hospital ward at Corcoran State prison. Benjamin "Topo" Peters replaces Morgan as Eme godfather, Peters is challenged for control of the group by Reuben "Tupi" Hernandez.

December 3, 1993

Ricardo "Rascal" Gonzalez found stabbed to death in the Ramona Gardens housing project next to Smokey's wall.

January 1994

Humberto "Capone" Madrigal is severely wounded near the Ramona Gardens housing project. Madrigal initially identifies Smilon Gallardo as his assailant but later retracts his statement.

February 1994

Gallardo and associate Juan "China Boy" Arias engage in a gun battle with Ricardo "Richie" and Eduardo "Lalo" Soriano. Both Soriano brothers were severely wounded and Arias suffered a wound to his hand.

March 1994

Ernest "Chuco" Castro [Vario Nuevo Estrada] a feared Eme assassin begins cooperating with authorities leading to the arrest of 21 Eme members later in the year.

April 1995

A.-Eme Godfather Benjamin "Topo" Peters ends the conflict between Gallardo and Big Hazard arranging a peace agreement which led to Gallardo's removal of the Green light on Big Hazard in appreciation for Joker Gonzalez's murder of Anna Lizarraga. Rascal Gonzalez was Joker's brother.

B.-Assisted by Ernest "Chuco" Castro, 12 Eme members are arrested at the La Mirada Holiday Inn.

April 22 1995

Eme defector Anthony Moreno and 4 other members of his family are killed by Richard Valdez, Jose Ortiz, Daniel Logan and Jimmy Palma on the order of Raymond "Huero Shy" Shyrock and Luis "Big Homie" Maciel.


The late "Topo" Peters

May 1, 1995

22 members and associates of the Mexican Mafia are indicted on RICO charges. Benjamin "Topo" Peters [El Hoyo Soto], Reuben "Tupi" Hernandez [Ontario Black Angeles], Raymond "Huero Shy" Shyrock [El Hoyo Soto], Michael "Musclehead" Salinas [Orange County], David "Smilon" Gallardo [Big Hazard], Sammy "Negro" Villalba, Richard "Ricky" Guitierez, Juan "China Boy" Arias, Alex "Pee Weee" Aguirre [Avenues gang], Antonio "Tonito" Rodriquez, Ronald Ray "Champ" Mendez [Orange County], Randy "Cowboy" Therrien [Bassett], Daniel "Black Dan" Barela, Jesse "Pelon" Moreno, Victor "Victorio" Murillo [Salinas], Joe "Shakey" Hernandez, Reuben "Night Owl" Castro [18th Street], George Bustamante [associate] are amoung the indicted.

June 6, 1995

Benjamin "Topo" Peters and Reuben "Tupi" Hernandez plead not guilty in the indictment which is known as the Mexican Mafia case.

September 21, 1995

Vincent Castro Caldera an Eme associate [anserwing to Alex "Pee Wee" Aguirre] and leader of the Avenue's gang is arrested in the murder of 3 year Stephanie Kuhen. Her family had taken a wrong turn down a Los Angeles street and was caught in a barage of gang gunfire. Avenue's gang members Anthony Rodriquez, Manuel Rosales and Hugo Gomez are also held.

October 20, 1995

San Bernardino Eme representative Phillip "Chano" Chavez [MVR] his cousin Patricio Rocha and Margie Martinez are shot to death by Ernie "Leche" Carillo [Mt. Vernon counts]in retaliation for Chano's ordering the death of his nephew Michael Carillo. Michael Carillo had failed to deliver on a promise he had while incarcerated.

November 24, 1995

Ernie Joe "Leche" Carillo Sr., is murdered in retaliation for the slaying of Eme member Phillip "Chano" Chavez and two of his relatives the previous month.

December 27, 1995

Ignacio "Toby" and David Villa and Cathy Estrada "Ignacio's wife," for the murders of Armando Castillo and Gilbert Hernandez. Their bodies were found May 9 in an alley in the 600 block of State street in Upland, California.

November 20, 1996

13 of the orginal 22 indicted in the Mexican mafia case go to trial.

December 22, 1996

Former Eme hitman Johnny Torres enters testimony regarding the rules and regulations emposed on its members by the Mexican mafia.

March 23, 1997

Ennis Cosby is found dead beside his car near the Los Angeles freeway. Mikhael Markhasev a self described Mexican mafia member is arrested.

March 23, 1997

Chief prosecution witness Ernnest "Chuco" Castro [Vario Nuevo Estrada] wraps up his testimony in the Eme trial.

April 28, 1997

Defense attorney's rebut the governments case calling the Mexican Mafia disorganized crime.

May 1997

Salvador Buenrostro appears as a defense witness in the Mexican mafia trial. Buenrostro an inmate at Pelican Bay testifies that his stabbing at the Los Angeles county jail by Topo Peters and Boxer Enriquez steemed from a personal dispute not gang politics.

May 29, 1997

Victor "Victorio" Murillo is acquitted of all charges in the Mexican Mafia case. Benjamin "Topo" Peters, Reuben "Tupi" Hernandez, Alex "Pee Wee" Aguirre, "Shakey Joe" Hernandez, Daniel "Black Dan" Barela, Raymond "Huero Shy" Shyrock, David "Smilon" Gallardo, Juan "China Boy" Arias, Reuben "Night Owl" Castro, Randy "Cowboy" Therrien, Raymond "Champ" Mendez and Jesse "Pelon" Moreno are all convicted.

June 3, 1997

Hugo Gomez, Manuel Rosales and Anthony Rodriquez are convicted of murdering 3 year old Stephanie Kuhen.

June 11, 1997

Richard Anthony Valdez and Jimmy Palma are sentenced to death for the murder of Anthony and Maria Moreno, Gustavo Aguirre and Ambrose Padilla on April 22, 1995. Daniel Logan and Jose Ortiz were sentenced to 129 years to life earlier for their parts in the murders.

July 3, 1997

Marcos Antonio Luna enters a guilty plea in the death of Stephanie Kuhen.

July 12, 1997

Placentia resident Paul Fix is shot to death during a robbery by Eme member Robert "Gypsy" Cervantes.

August 2, 1997

Hugo David Gomez, Anthony Gabriel Rodriquez and Manuel Rosales Jr., are sentenced to 54 years and 8 months to life in prison for the Kuhen death.

August 29, 1997

18 year old Avenues gang member Augustin Lizama is setenced to life in prison for his role in the death of Stephanie Kuhen.

September 2, 1997

David "Smilon" Gallardo and Randy " Cowboy" Therrien are sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole. Gallardo received and additional 300 months in addition to the life sentence.

September 3, 1997

Benjamin "Topo" Peters, Raymond "Huero Shy" Shyrock, Reuben "Night Owl" Castro are sentenced to life in prison without parole. Juan "China Boy" Arias (27) is sentenced to 32 years in federal prison. U.S. District Judge Ronald S.W. Lew stated he was giving Arias a break due to his youth. Judge Lew later sentenced Reuben "Tupi" Hernandez to his fourth life term. Drawing the sentence were Daniel "black Dan" Barela and Jesse "Pelon" Moreno. "Shakey" Joe Hernandez received a 32 year federal term.

September 5, 1997

Judge Lew sentences Raymond "Champ" Mendez and Alex "Pee Wee" Aguirre to life sentences.

September 12, 1997

A San Diego drug ring run by incarcerated Mexican Mafia Frank "Chino" Macias Madriaga is broken up National City police.

September 27, 1997

Eme associate Reuben Gomez is charged with robbery and six counts of murder committed within five months of his release from Pelican Bay State prison. Gomez had been in custody since his capture on July 2 after a failed home invasion robbery. All of the murders were committed against drug dealers who had balked or fallen behind in their tax payments to the Mexican mafia. Arturo "Shady" Grajeda an accomplice in two of the murders remained at large.

October 1997

Jimmy "Character" Palma is stabbed to death on Death Row by fellow inmates.

January 7, 1998

Luis "Pelon" Maciel is sentenced to death for ordering the murder of Anthony "Dido" Moreno and 4 other members of his family.

April 4, 1998

Victor "Victorio" Murillo is shot dead in a parking lot in Visalia by Eme member Charles "Chacho" Woody.

May 1, 1998

7 year old Mindy Flores is gunned down in her living room as shots intended for her sisters boyfriend Armando Ibarra go astray. Ibarra was under suspicion of providing information against an incarcerated Eme member. A green light was issued okaying his death.

November 19, 1998

Richard Serrano, Jose Gutierrez and Enrique Delgadillo were shot to death on the order of Mariano "Chuy" Martinez in a Montebello autoshop.

January 7, 1999

Michael Hutto [Little Counts Gang] is shot as he stood in the doorway of a home in Colton. Edward and Anthony Hernandez [Northside Colton] are named as the prime suspects. Hutto was green lighted by the Mexican Mafia after shortchanging them in a drug deal. Northside Colton answers to Eme shotcaller Mark Robert Quiroz aka "Turtle".

January 10, 1999

Arthur Daniel Flores [Northside Colton]and Joseph Caldera [Northside Colton] are found shot to death within two blocks of one another on Arrowhead Avenue in San Bernardino. Brothers Edward and Anthony Hernandez are named as the prime suspects. Arthur Flores was killed hours after he was taken into custody for questioning in the shooting of Hutto.

January 19, 1999

Edward and Anthony Hernandez are sentenced to 3 consecutive life sentences in state prison for three murders.

February 2, 1999

16 members of the Mexican mafia are arrested in a predawn sweep. Cheif amoung those arrested were Frank "Sapo" Fernandez [Palmdale], Jesse "Shady" Detevis [South Gate], Juan "Topo" Garcia, Marcel "Psycho" Arevalo, Daniel "Sporty" Bravo [all of Los Angeles] David Contreras Gonzalez [Reseda] and James "Drak" Maxon [Los Angeles] and Jesus "Dreamer" Ramirez [Los Angeles] eluded arrest in the raid.

July 1, 1999

United States Attorney Alejandro Mayorkas announces a third federal indictment aimed at the Mexican Mafia. Javier Duarte, Gerardo "Blanco" Jacobo, Adrian Nieto, Sally Peters [wife of Eme godfather Benjamin Peters], Suzanne Schoenberg [wife of Eme member James "Smokey" Sanchez], Crispin "Conejo" Alvidrez, Fernando "Cuate" Alvidrez, Mario "Whisper" Castillo, Rolando "Rolo" Ontiveros, Dominick "Solo" Gonzalez, Margaret Farrell, Veronica Rodriquez, Guadalupe Juarez, Carlos "Cheeks" Aguilar, Reuben "Toker" Rojas and Joe "Inch" Annet are all named in this round.

September 1, 1999

Isaac Aguirre and Vincente Meza and Jesse "Jess Dog aka Worm" Chavez [Sur Crazy Ones] are arrested for the murder of Mindy Flores and the attempted murder of Armando Ibarra. .

November 19, 1999

Ricardo Cruz "described as an Eme wannabe," is sentenced to 28 years to life for the murder of Rudy Saenz in Coachella. .

February 21, 2000

The Mexican mafia organizes a riot in Pelican Bay which pits it's southern allies against black inmates.

April 13, 2000

Frank "Chino" Madriaga is convicted of drug and extortion charges.

July 9, 2000

Seventh Street gang leader Johnny Agudo and his brother Gilbert are among 4 homicide victims gunned down by fellow Mexican mafia associates. The murders were reportedly ordered by Inland Empire Eme representative Salvador Orozco Hernandez in retaliation for Agudo reportedly telling police about Hernandez's drug dealing activities. The murders came three days after Agudo had been released from prison. Other sources claim Agudo arrived with orders to takeover the Inland Empire drug trade from the Hernandez brothers who themselves had fallen under the suspicion of imprisoned prison gang leaders for dealing with law enforcement and pocketing a portion of the tax money to be sent up the ladder.

July 17, 2000

Frank Macias Madriaga "Chino" is sentenced to 29 years and four months.

Septembr 8, 2000

SAN BERNARDINO - 11 members and associates of the Mexican mafia are arrested in the Inland Empire. Antonio Hernandez, Santos Hernandez, Adolph Moraga, Sadie Ramirez, Judy Alvarado, Paul Flores, Monica Rodriquez, Alfredo Valdez, Raul Ramirez, Alfonzo Aguila and Danny Hanks are charged with operating a drug ring with connections to a Mexican cartel.

October 6, 2000

Alfred Arthur Sandoval the highest ranking Eme member on Death Row in California has his death sentence for the murder of Marlene Wells overturned by the federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

October 24, 2000

Frank "Sapo" Fernandez, Jimmy "Drak" Sanchez, Robert Cervantes, Dominick "Solo" Gonzalez, Roy "Spider" Gavaldon, Sally Peters, Susanne Schoenberg, Juan "Topo" are convicted of racketeering. Adrian Nieto was acquitted of three counts of concpiracy to commit murder and one count of racketeering. Mariano "Chuy" Martinez Varrio Nuevo Estrada was tried seperately as he faced a possible death sentence for his involvement in the crimes detailed in the indictment.

November 26, 2000

The racketeering trial of Mariano "Chuy" Martinez begins in Los Angeles federal court.

January 6, 2001

Robert "Gypsy" Cervantes and David Gonzales Contreras are sentenced to life in federal prison without parole for murder and racketeering.

January 7, 2001

Robert "Gypsy" Cervantes [Arta 13]is ordered moved from state prison to a federal facility to break his influence in the Mexican Mafia.

February 2001

Benjamin "Topo" Peters dies of cancer at the age of 60. Once viewed as the sucessor to Joe Morgan as the Eme godfather, Peters had warned CDC staff that he was a target for assault by Eme members due to his illness and inability to function as an active member.

February 8, 2001

Petra Celia Gonzales [wife of Eme leader Fred "Sapo" Gonzales and mother of Dominique "Nick" Gonzales convicted Eme associate] arrested as the head of a mail fraud ring from her Palmdale home.

February 15, 2001

Mariano "Chuy" Martinez is convcited of racketeering charges after 26 days of deliberation by the jury.

March 2001

Michael "Hacha" Ison is beaten to death outside a pool hall near San Francisco's skid row.

March 29, 2001

A.-Anthony Angulo and Ricky Camacho are convicted of killing Genaro Martinez. Martinez "the brother of a high ranking Eme member Eulalio "Lalo" Martinez," was shot in the back on April 25, 2000.

B.-First degree murder charges were filed against Jose Luis "Clever" Sanchez an Eme member from Los Angeles for his role in planning a riot at Pelican Bay which pitted southern Latino inmates against black prisoners. Miguel "Sharky" Sanchez "also from Los Angeles," was killed when a correctional officer opened fire on the rioting inmates on February 23, 2001. 28 inmates were injured in the riot three of which suffered gunshot wounds. The riot was ordered by Eme legend Alfred "Alfie" Sosa and Eulalio "Lalo" Martinez.

April 30, 2001

Catarino "Termite" Gonzalez Jr., [18th Street] goes on trial for the murder of LAPD officer Filbert Cuesta on August 9, 1998.

November 26, 2001

John "Stranger" Turscak [Rockwoood gang] former street general turned FBI informant is sentenced to 30 years in prison for crimes committed while he was an FBI informant.

November 28, 2001

Eme associated gang members ambush three L.A. county sheriff's deputies in the Inmate Reception Center downtown Los Angeles.

December 10, 2001

Inmate Antonio Haro slashes the kneck of deputy Chris Varela at the inmate reception center in Los Angeles. The attack was ordered by the Mexican mafia in response to a crack down by jail officials who became suspicious of a large number of high ranking Eme leaders called as character witnesses in a court case in Los Angeles.

March 21, 2002

Racketeering trial of Frank "Pancho Villa" Martinez mexican mafia member and shotcaller for the Columbia lil' cycos clique of the 18th street gang begins.

March 22, 2002

Rene "Boxer" Enriquez (Arta) agrees to debrief effectively ending his reign as one of Eme's feared and respected leaders.

June 9, 2002

Mariano "Chuy" Martinez is sentenced to life without parole plus 130 years in federal prison for his role in directing the Mexican mafia's activity in Los Angeles on behalf of godfather Benjamin "Topo" Peters.

December 13, 2002

Anthony 'Coco' Zaragoza 18th street Cls shotcaller is sentenced to life in federal prison.

January 2, 2003

Jesus "Gizmo" Rochin former #3 man in Chuy Martinez's crew is sentenced to 12 years in prison for racketeering, attempted murder, assault and narcotics conspiracy. Rochin became a prosecution witness to avoid a life term.

February 4, 2003

Francisco 'Puppet' Martinez is sentenced to life in prison plus 60 years after being convicted of running the Columbia lil cycos clique a branch of the 18th street gang that runs McArthur Park in Los Angeles.

February 19, 2003

Max "Mono" Torvisco is sentenced to 10 years in federal prison as part of a plea agreement in the Chuy Martinez case. Torvisco will have to serve 85% of his time before becoming parole eligible.

January 28, 2004

Sergio Pulido Perez, 47; Leonard Parmer, 19; Denise Ortega, 27; Pamela Thompson, 39; Jaime Lopez Jr., 27; Julio Contreras, 24; Arthur Genaro Torres, 46; and Christina Montano, 24 enter not guilty pleas in connection with the San Diego Marquez Mexican mafia case.

June 08, 2004

Ricardo "Rock" Marquez 36, of La Mesa pled guilty to conspiracy to distribute 33,000 tablets of ecstasy drug and possessing an unregistered automatic rifle. Authorities charged Marquez "the brother of imprisoned Eme liason Alberto "Bat" Maruez," with participating in a ring with smuggled ecstasy from the Netherlands through Mexico into the United States in conjunction with the Arrellano Felix drug cartel.

August 20, 2004

Avenues gang members Gilbert Saldana, Merced Cambrero, Alexjandro Martinez and Fernando Cazares are charged with federal weapons and civil rights violations in the death of Kenneth Kurry Wilson.

December 20, 2004

An investigation looking into the financial dealings of the Mexican Mafia is launched after San Diego Eme leader Frank Macias "Chino" Madriaga amasses $40,000 in his inmate account a portion of which he shared with Eme leaders at Pelican Bay.

January 20, 2005

POMONA---County Line Mafia gang members Henry Valle, 18, and Narisco Perez, 18, are found shot to death in a minivan in the 4200 block of Los Serranos Boulevard in Chino Hills. Valle had mistakenly burglarized a home connected to Daryl "DC" Castrejon a Mexican Mafia shot-caller with ties to Pomona's 12th Street gang.

March 2005

POMONA---Victor Marez, a 22 year old member of the County Line Mafia gang is linked to the murders of Henry Valle and Narisco Perez after a gun found in his possession proved to be the weapon used to kill Valle and Narisco. Marez was placed near the crime scene by cell phone tower records.

June 15, 2005

Peter "Sana" Ojeda, Marco Diaz, Jose Becerra, Rafael Torres, David Melgoza Jr., Anthony Lebron, Ramon Meza Jr., Oscar Ruiz, Mario Saucedo, Orlando Alvarado, Freddie Ojeda, Jose Arvizu, Ismael Esquivel, Frank Nerida, Abraham Magallon, David Trujillo, Freddie Luevano, Abel Azevedo, Robert Cervantes, Jose Martinez, Sandra Flores, Arthur Duran, Robert Ocampo, Lawrence Morales, Joseph Castro, Long Nguyen and Mia Rodriquez are named in the first of a two part indictment charging members of the Ojeda organization with violation of the RICO act. The second portion of the indictment named Octavio Valenzuela, Francisco Rodriquez, Eddie Armenta, Juan Holguin, Francisco Amaya, Mario Jiminez and Rogelio Cardenas all members of the West Myrtle Street gang with conspiracy for selling crack cocaine, methamphetamine and acting as enforcers for the Mexican Mafia.

January 17, 2006

SAN DIEGO ---- Roberto Ramiro Marin 57, is sentenced to serve a prison term after pleading guilty to charges of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and gang allegations. The gang allegations centered around his role in the distribution ring headed by Jose Alberto (Bat) Marquez. Marquez is serving a prison sentence at a high security prison in Mexico city.

August 02, 2006

Arthur Torres 48, and Julio Contreras 26, received life sentences and Francisco Gongora 39, received 28 years in San Diego Superior court for there role in a kidnapping plot involving the Mexican Mafia.

August 14, 2006

Jose Becerra pled guilty in connection with the Ojeda organization. The 38 year old resident of Placentia was one of two highly ranked lieutenants in charge of overseeing the groups operation.

September 6, 2006

SAN BERNARDINO --- Ronald Jaramillo,35, and Elizabeth Amaya, 30, are shot to death at 40th Street and First Avenue, an unincorporated area north of San Bernardino.

September 13, 2006

A federal indictment is announced charging Reuben "Night Owl" aka "Teco" Castro with participating in a RICO Conspiracy and engaging in narcotics trafficking from his cell at Colorado's Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado. Others named in the indictment include Mervyn Nelson Sanchez "Chivo" 35, Araceli Bravo "Travieso" 33 of Los Angeles, Michael Pineda "Mousie" 28 of North Hollywood, Jose Juan Alvarez "Wicked" 29 of Los Angeles, Efrain Ruiz Torres "Dandy Boy" 34 of Temple City, Jose Morales Perez "Toro" 26, of Los Angeles, Melida Flores "La Dona" 48, of Palmdale, Juan Morales Montes "Manuel" 38 of El Monte, Marlon David Penate 29, of Los Angeles, Jorge Sanchez Monroy "Chino" 33, of Los Angeles, Elvin Ambrocio "Woody" 36, an inmate serving time for illegal re-entry, Ronaldo Cruz "Casper" 34, an inmate serving time for illegal re-entry after deportation, Luis Castro 42, of Los Angeles, Jesusita Ramirez "Jesusita Castro" aka "Susie" 62, Noe Chavez "Lil Duster" 23, of Los Angeles, Juana Fuentes "Mari" 24, of Los Angeles and Edwin Schaad "Chaparro" 41, of Los Angeles. C

October 3, 2006

Marco Diaz pled guilty to federal charges, admitting that he conspired with others to violate federal racketeering laws. The 33 year old Santa Anna man was one of two key lieutenants in an organization led by 64 year old Peter "Sanja" Ojeda.

December 12, 2006

43 members and associates of the Mexican Mafia are arrested and charged with conspiracy by San Bernardino law enforcement authorities. The bust is considered a considerable strike because it brings to light the connection between the Mexican Mafia, local street gangs and members of the San Manuel Indian Tribe. Salvador "Toro" Hernandez, 42, of Fontana and Alfred Hernandez, 38, also of Fontana, San Bernardino residents Eric Barajas, 34, Stacy Barajas, 24, Erlindo Honesto, 30, Geahetta Amaya, 48, and Arturo Ortiz, 30 are also charged. The Barajas's are members of the San Manuel tribe.


Peter "Sana" Ojeda

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    January 29, 2007

    SAN BERNARDINO ---San Bernardino gang member and Mexican Mafia enforcer Juan Joaquin Luque, is charged with the murders of Ronald Jaramillo and Elizabeth Amaya in September 2006.

    April, 2007

    Jose Chavez Huerta, 42, of Thermal, suspected of being the highest-ranking member of La Eme in the Coachella Valley is charged with racketeering in connection with Operation Cleanhouse in the Coachella Valley. Of those arrested and charged with conspiracy to distribute narcotics and other counts, only Tony Rodriguez, 36, of Indio escaped capture. Rodriguez, was considered a fugitive and was suspected of being La Eme's second-highest-raking member in the Coachella Valley. Agents also arrested Jovita Aguirre, 75, of Pico Rivera, who is the mother of Richard Aguirre, a Mexican Mafia member serving a life term in state prison. Jovita Aguirre is suspected of collecting "taxes" and relaying messages to her son. Also arrested were Rodolfo Baldemar Zuñiga, 26, of Thermal; Chris Huerta, 24, of Thermal; Maria Carmen Huerta, 28, of Thermal, the wife of Jose Chavez Huerta; Chad Wayne Baringer, 32; Joe Huerta, 27, of Coachella; Ernest Julian Sanchez, 37; Alicia Rodriguez, 35, of Montclair; James Angle, 31, of Coachella; Oscar Bustos, 32; Juan Carlos Rosas; and Franchesca Martina Ochoa, 29, of Thermal.

    August 30, 2007

    The San Diego grand jury hands down a 46 count indictment charging 23 members of the Mexican mafia in Operation Gangland. Richard Buchanan, suspected leader in Imperial County was arrested in San Diego, as was Ruby Jacqueline Mendez. The alleged Imperial County leader, Patrick Ralph Ponce was arrested at his girlfriend’s house. His brother Max Jr. was also taken into custody. Other El Centro arrests included Eden Portugal Macias, Judy Ann Huerta, Mark Villasenor, Juan Antonio Hornback, Anthony Gabriel Valles and Jose Luis Espinoza. Arrested in Calexico were Raul Antonio Cruz, Jaime Perez, Gerardo Robles, Raul Vega Mejia, David Pael Martinez, Refugio Castellanos Servin, Jorge Cuevas Mendoza and Victor Ruby. Manuel Solarez was arrested in Brawley. Luis Hector Munoz Jr. and Antonio Padilla were taken into custody in Holtville. Jose Zepeda was arrested in Calipatria and Juan Carlos Cordero taken into custody in Heber. The organization apparently used the City Cab Company as their phantom business to launder their drug money. All face life sentences, if convicted on the charges. The charges ranged from extortion, to firearms to narcotics sales to assaults and solicitations for murder.

    September 17, 2007

    Ruben T. Hernandez dies at the age of 48.

    December 05, 2007

    18 Mexican mafia associates in La Puente are charged in connection with the murder of Robert Whitehead. Maria Dolores Llantada, 43, of La Puente; George Bravo, 40; David Shahagun, 26; Yvonne Montes, 30; and Angelita Martinez, 30, were arraigned in Los Angeles Superior Court before Commissioner Henry J. Hall. Llantada ran the gang's day-to-day activities in parts of La Puente and Norwalk and nearby areas in place of her husband Jacques "Jocko" Padilla, who is serving a life sentence at Corcoran. Llantada allegedly ordered a hit on Rafael Gonzalez-Munoz as part of a feud between Mexican Mafia members in state and federal prisons

    December 27, 2007

    18 Mexican mafia shot caller Eulalio "Lalo" Martinez 46, is ordered to stand trial for odering the murder of Donald "Pato" Schubert of Lomas Rosemead. The primary witness in the case is former Lomas Rosemead member Dnaiel Ahumada.

    June 05, 2008

    SAN DIEGO---Imprisoned Mexican mafia leader Jose Alberto "Bat" Marquez, Julia Morones, Maria "Kika" Madriaga, Brian Mark "Dusty" Smith, Juan Manuel "Manny" Velarde, Marco Corrado, Ruben Santos, Rolando "Rolo" Montemayor and Jorge Lopez-Herrera aka Pedro Bombas are indicted in federal court. The indictment charges that the defendants participated in a conspiracy to distribute Methamphetamine. Mari "Scorpion" Bejar was also charged with aiding and abetting the other defendants in the commission of their crimes. Authorities charge Marquez with orchastrating a methamphetamine deal 3 months after authorities extradited him from a Mexico city maximum security prison and lodged him in an federal facility near San Diego. All the defendants used their ties and influence over San Diego street gangs "South Side Mob, Logan Heights Red Steps, Shelltown and Del Sol," to further their criminal caper.

    August 7, 2008

    FEDERAL--- Mexican Mafia Ruben "Night Owl" Castro accused of running Los Angeles street gangs from behind bars asked to withdraw his guilty plea to federal charges. Ruben Castro told a Los Angeles federal judge that he "made a big mistake" when he entered the guilty pleas to racketeering and conspiracy to sell cocaine. The 48-year-old was set to be sentenced and could have received 27 years in prison. Arguments on his plea change will be heard in October. Prosecutors charged that Castro ran two branches of a drug-dealing Los Angeles street gang from behind bars while serving a life sentence in Colorado for a 1997 racketeering conviction...

    August 12, 2008

    SAN BERNARDINO--- A jury ordered the death penalty for two gang members Luis "Maldito" Mendoza and Lorenzo Arias in the Dead Presidents case. They are set to be sentenced Sept. 10. Mendoza and Arias, both members of the 7th Street Locos had grown up with the victims and were carrying out an order by members of the Mexican Mafia prison gang. The case was viewed as an example of how Mexican Mafia influence has forced some Latino street gangs to turn on their own members.

    August 15, 2008

    SAN DIEGO ---- Mexican Mafia member Juvenal Vega-Soto, 52, was sentenced Thursday to a life prison term for his role in a conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. Vega-Soto was one of 35 people convicted in the conspiracy, which involved two murders, extortion, robberies and narcotics trafficking. Seven other defendants were sentenced to life terms in March, and the kingpin is set to be sentenced in October. Vega-Soto was convicted by a jury in April after being extradited from Mexico..

    August 28, 2008

    SAN BERNARDINO ---- Mexican Mafia leaders Salvador Orozco Hernandez, 43, and his brother Alfred Hernandez is sentenced to serve 10 years in prison for his role in a conspiracy case. Both pleaded guilty to one count of attempted murder with a gang enhancement. Alfred Hernandez will serve 2 years of a possible six year term for his role in the Eme case tried in San Bernardino.

    September 09, 2008

    SAN BERNARDINO ---- San Bernardino Seventh Street gang leaders Luis Mendoza and Lorenzo Arias receive the death penalty for the murders of 4 fellow gang members in July 2004. The murders were committed on the order of Inland Empire shotcaller Salvador Orozco Hernandez. (Case detailed under July 9, 2000)


    Luis 'Maldito' Mendoza & Lorenzo Arias at sentencing.

    September 11, 2008

    POMONA ---- Eme members Ricardo Polanco 26, and Arthur Garcia 37, received sentences of 50 and 55 years to life for the murder of Frankie "Frankie B" Buelna in 2005. Buelna was green lighted by longtime Eme enforcer Darryl Castrejon for collecting taxes in his area without authorization. Castrejon is scheduled to appear in court September 24 in Pomona.

    September 17, 2008

    SAN BERNARDINO ---- Janette V. Amaya 51, a tax collector for Inland Empire shotcaller Salvador Orozco Hernandez receives a six year prison term after pleading no contest to a charge of transporting heroin for sale. Amaya also pled no contest to charges of violating probation in cases involving real-estate fraud and drug transportation. Amaya was convicted of the special circumstance of being a gang member and was alledged to have "recruited females to run guns and drugs and do other business for the Mexican Mafia.

    September 24, 2008

    SAN BERNARDINO ---- Leonard Epps, 37, victim of a plot initiated by San Manuel tribe members Stacy Nunez-Barajas 35, and Erik Barajas 25, "confirmed members of the 7th street gang," filed a $50 million dollar law suit alleging conspiracy to commit murder, negligence and intentional infliction of mental distress. Mexican mafia leaders Salvador Hernandez, 43, and Alfred Hernandez, 39 and eme associates Jennifer Murphy 27, and Jesus Leyva, 34 were named as co-defendants.


    S. Hernandez, A. Hernandez, Nunez-Barajas & Erik Barajas.

    October 2, 2008

    SAN BERNARDINO ---- Albert Angel "Spanky" Amaya, 40 a reputed tax collector for Emero Salvador Hernandez is sentenced to serve a mandatory 25 years to life sentence under the three stikes law. Amaya was convicted of extortion and carjacking resulting from a 2006 incident involving Javier Joaquin Luique, 33 a suspect in a 2006 double homicide. Luque received 32 years on the carjacking charge and faces the death penalty in the seperate homicide case.


    Javier Luque.

    November 5, 2008

    SAN BERNARDINO ---- Stacy Cheyenne Nunez-Barajas, 26, was sentenced to one year electronic monitoring and her brother Eric Barajas, 36, received six months electronic monitoring for their roles in a series of crims involving the Mexican Mafia and its role in the Southern California methamphetamine trade. Stacy Nunez-Brarajas faced a possible 27 years in prison for her role in the conspiracy.


    November 18, 2008

    LOS ANGELES ---- Ruben "Nite Owl" Castro, 48, was sentenced to an additional 27 years and 3 months in federal prison after admitting to running a criminal enterprise from his maximum security cell in Florence, Colorado. Castro a veterano from 18th street, used his influence to enforce tax payments on drug, fruit and ice cream sales as well as chess players at tables in McArthur Park. Castro is already serving three life sentences after a 1997 conviction on racketeering and conspiracy.

    December 8, 2008

    LOS ANGELES---- Nine leaders of the 18th Street gang are named in a suit filed by Los Angeles city attorney Rock Delgadillo demanding civil damages on behalf of residents of two Los Angeles neighborhoods. According to the suit, proceeds from the suit "if successful," would be returned to the neighborhoods in question: The leaders named in the suit are Sergio "Tricky" Pantoja, Frank "Puppet" Martinez, Araceli "Traviesa" Bravo, Michael "Mousie" Pineda, Jose Juan "Wicked" Alvarez, Noe "Lil Duster" Chavez, Efrain "Dandy Boy" Ruiz Torres, Jose "Toro" Morales Perez and Ruben "Nite Owl" Castro. Castro, 46, is a leading figure in the Mexican Mafia, controlling two of the cliques associated with the 18th Street gang -- the Shatto Park Locos and the Hoover Locos. Castro was recently sentenced on charges of having run those gang cliques from the federal maximum-security prison in Florence Colorado, where he is serving multiple life terms. He was sentenced November 18 to serve an additional 27 years and three months for racketeering. Frank "Puppet" Martinez is another La Eme carnal, is alleged to have brought as much as $40,000 a month from criminal activity. Authorities confiscated a stash in excess of $440,000 from the home of one of Martinez's relatives which was collected in connection with 18th street gang criminal dealings.

    January 12, 2009

    LOS ANGELES---- Ten members from Florencia 13 are convicted on multiple counts of drug and weapons charges. The case featured several news accounts of Florencia 13 gang members targeting blacks in the Florence-Firestone neighborhood on the order of Arturo "AC" Castellanos. According to prosecutors, Florencia members began an ethnic cleansing process after receiving the order from Castellanos in 2004. The race based order is just one of many which filtered from the California prison system in the aftermath of the 1992 gang truce and L.A., riots.

    January 16, 2009

    SAN DIEGO---- Raul Leon, one of the most highly regarded members of the Mexican Mafia from the San Diego area was sentenced in federal court to life without parole by U.S. District Court Judge Dana M. Sabraw. Already serving a life sentence for murder, Leon pleaded guilty to federal racketeering charges in connection with a 2006 federal indictment charging 36 members of La Eme with various crimes. Part of Leon's plea agreement includes an admission from Leon that he took part in the 2002 murder of Jabila Barragan at High Desert State Prison in Susanville. He also admitted being a member of the Mexican Mafia and conspiring to distribute drugs and launder money from Pelican Bay State Prison.

    Raul Leon

    January 17, 2009

    POMONA---- Julio Ponce Felix Jr., 35, was sentenced to 85 years to life for his role in the murder of Frankie Buelna. Police interrupted the plot the plot in 2005. Buelna was killed in an unrelated shooting a year later over unauthorized criminal activity in another Mexican mafia members territory.

    January 27, 2009

    POMONA---- Daryl Castrejon., 49, failed to appear at a court hearing in Pomona Superior Court for the first time in three years. It was initially believed that Castrejon had been arrested on a cold case murder January 24 but check with local and federal authorities found this to have been a matter of speculation. Speculation ran wild as to the whereabouts of the eme veterano yet nothing concrete.

    Darryl "DC" Castrejon.

    February 13, 2009

    SAN DIEGO---- Mauricio "Psycho" Mendez, Ernest "Criminal" Soqui, Phillip "Chino" McMillen, Arcadio "Mugsy" Nieto, Ruben "Espanto" Rivas, Garrett "Chino" Estock, Ernest "Dopey" Lampley, Rosario "Chaio" Mercado, Melvin "Casper" Berg, Rodolfo "Crazy" Lopez, Gerardo "Pirate aka Looney" Canela, Eduardo "Funny" Macias, Jorge "Blue" Lerma-Duenas and Jesus Rodriquez were named in an indictment charging them with being employed by and associating with the Mexican Mafia and each other under Title 18 violations in San Diego and Union city. Others charged under Operation Keys to the City were Ruben Gonzalez, Kevin Smith, Alberto Vasquez, Jimmy Nava, David Garcia, Edgar Garcia, Edward Sambrano, James Isales, Penny Duc, Jose Placencia, Lance Agundez, Roxanne Rodriquez, Jose Arteaga Gonzalez, Ismael Fonseca, Richard Ortiz, Jack Edward Harrison, Travis Chelberg, Valentinio Valladares, Charles Richey, Sorina Contreras, Daniel Durland and Cynthia Marquez.

    March 08, 2009

    SANTA BARBARA---- Alleged Emero Luis Gabriel Rio-Sosa is found guilty of murder in a case involving Frank "Pancho" Tracadero 60, in September 2006 in Ventura County.

    May 15, 2009

    LOS ANGELES---- Maria "Chata" Leon, 45, the matriarch of the Avenues "Drew Street" clique is sentenced to 8 years in federal prison and ordered deported immediately upon release. Leon pled guilty to two counts charging racketeering and conspiracy to distribute cocaine earlier this year. In addition to the 100 month prison term, conditions of Leon's probation included four years of supervised release and deportation. The terms and conditions which are to be met include a prohibition forbidding her from wearing or displaying gang related paraphernalia or making signs or gestures affiliated with the Drew Street clique or Avenues gang. Leon is the mother of six Avenues gang members including Daniel Leon who was shot and killed in a confrontation with undercover LAPD officers in February 2008, has an arrest record with 14 entries and two prior deportations. Leon and her family moved to Victorville where they started an off-shoot organization affiliated with the Avenues gang.


    Maria "Chata" Leon .

    May 20, 2009

    LOS ANGELES---1,400 law enforcement officers concluded an investigation known as Operation Knockout conducted by the Los Angeles High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force (HIDTA) by sweeping through an area of the city occupied by the Hawaiian Gardens gang for more than 50 years. 88 people were arrested on state and federal charges related to the gangs activities which include several racially motivated shootings and the 2007 murder of Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy Jerry Ortiz. Varrio Hawaiian Gardens has a longtime connection to the Mexican Mafia having been the original affiliation of alleged Eme founder Luis "Huero Buff" Flores.

    LOS ANGELES---Operation Knockout case break down. United States vs. Flores, et al., the racketeering indictment that was returned by a federal grand jury on May 6. This indictment charges 57 defendants. Out of the 57 defendants in this indictment, 21 are already in custody and 36 were subject to arrest.

    United States vs. Henley, et al., which was indicted on April 8. This case charged 20 defendants linked to the Hawaiian Gardens gang, 13 of whom were subject to arrest, in a scheme to distribute crack cocaine, heroin, powder cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana. Four of the defendants in this case were already in custody. Three of the defendants had yet to be identified at the time of the indictment.

    United States vs. Barajas, et al., charged 20 defendants in a superseding indictment returned April8. In this case, two defendants were already in custody and five defendants, three of whom were believed to have been in Mexico, had not been fully identified. Therefore 13 of the defendants in this narcotics case were subject to arrest.

    United States vs. Sotelo, et al., was indicted on April 29. This indictment charges 21 members of several street gangs, two of whom were already in custody and two of whom had not been fully identified, in a wide-ranging conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. Seventeen defendants in this indictment were subject to arrest.

    United States vs. Ramirez, et al., a 29-defendant indictment returned on May 14 and charges members and associates of a Paramount based gang. Out of the 29 defendants accused of conspiring to distribute a variety of narcotics, 25 were subject to arrest today as four were already in custody.

    JUNE 15, 2009

    LOS ANGELES---39 members and associates of the Columbia Lil Cycos clique of the 18th Street gang are named in a federal indictment. Among the charges are murder 'for the 2001 death of Jose Barajas, whom gang members mistakenly identified as a member of a rival gang. It was announced that this superseding 31 count indictment is related to the October 2007 federal indictment that charged 18 defendants with drug trafficking... The lead defendant in the case was imprisoned Mexican Mafia members initially identified as "Mexican Mafia 1." Mexican Mafia 1 was later identified as imprisoned CLS shot-caller Ruben "Night Owl" Castro who was already serving a life term at the Federal Supermax Prison in Florence, Colorado. Sergop "Tricky" Pantoja, 33 was also named. He was called the shot-caller for CLC's street commanders.

    JUNE 23, 2009

    LOS ANGELES---Alex Sanchez 37, once a member of the Mara Salvatrucha gang and executive director of Homies Unidos, and anti-gang group, is charged in a federal racketeering indictment. Sanchez was charged with several felonies including conspiracy to commit murder. The murder charge accused Sanchez of planning the murder of Walter Lacinos in La Libertad, El Salvador. The indictment also claimed Sanchez was the leader of the Normandie clique which controlled the distribution of cocaine, marijauna and methamphetamine. Authorities were quick to denounce media claims that Homies Unidos was a front for the Mexican Mafia. Sanchez was deported to El Salvador in 1994 but snuck back into the United States a year later. He was granted political assylum after successfully arguing that he had been harrassed by members of of the LAPD rampart division. The LAPD estimates Mara Salvatrucha has 250 active gang members in Los Angeles with a combined nationwide members exceeding 26,000.

    JUNE 24, 2009

    SAN BERNARDINO--- Janet Marie Hernandez 41, the wife of jailed Mexican Mafia shot-caller Salvador Orozco Hernandez, 44, in a sweeping 18 count federal indictment charging 9 dozen Inland Empire gang members and associates with a variety of crimes including conspiracy to distribute cocaine and methamphetamine as well as multiple firearms violations. Janet Hernandez was accused of acting on behalf of her husband in the management, sale and distribution of narcotics through San Bernardino County, requiring narcotics dealers to pay the Mexican Mafia a percentage of their profits. The prime targets of the subsequent raids were members and associates of Westside Verdugo, Northside Redlands and Varrio Redlands gang. The names of those indicted wer as follows.

      Janet Hernandez 41, of Bloomington
      Ruben Morales 44, of Riverside
      Robert Jiminez Sr., 45, of San Bernardino
      Gino Gonzalez 37, of Redlands
      Jose DeJesus Ramirez 37, of San Bernardino
      Jose Trinidad Ramirez 26, of San Bernardino
      Armando Estrada 32, of San Bernardino
      Ernie Estrada 23, of San Bernardino
      Erik Estrada 23, of San Bernardino
      George Reyes 39, of Colton
      John Fortunato 29, of Rialto
      Juan Vaca 38, of San Bernardino

      Michelle Trejada 31, of Redlands
      Tina Valdepena 45, of San Bernardino
      Jessica Ramos 28, of Redlands
      Juanita Garcia 29, of Mentone
      Daniel Hocker 46, of Highland
      Michael Tejada 31, of Rifle, Colorado
      John Viveros 34, of Mentone
      Reuben Velasquez 24, of San Bernardino
      Michelle Yglesias 33, of Redlands
      Laurie Fisher 51, of Roseville
      Kelly Kelly 49, of Rifle, Colorado
      Juan Beltran 33, of Whittier

      Jason Cardoza, in custody USMS, SBDO,
      Jeanette Amaya 51, in custody CDCR, Chowchilla
      Mario Hernandez 36, in custody SBDO county
      Rudy Martinez Jr, 35, in custody CDCR, Chino
      Jennifer Patterson 30, in custody SBDO county
      Alfredo Ramirez III 25, in custody CDCR Tehachapi
      Nicolas Sendis 33, Whittier in custody USMS, MDC
      Christopher Sims 26 in custody CDCR, Tehachapi
      David Lopez 28, in custody SBCO county

      Held on state warrants were;
      Leiy Long 32, of San Bernardino
      Lorraine Cabral 42, of Redlands
      Edward Cuibal 50, of Riverside
      Kwame Givens 25, of San Bernardino
      Timothy Nieto 44, of Redlands
      Timothy Klenke 50, of Redlands
      Gabriel Banuelos 27, of San Bernardino
      Maria Calderon 48, of San Bernardino
      Ralph Banuelos 31, of San Bernardino
      Juan Marquez 31, of Highland
      Danny Marquez 33, of San Bernardino
      Guadalupe Acuna of San Bernardino
      Guastavo Castro 27, of San Bernardino
      Angel Lerma 28, of San Bernardino
      Bertha Ayon 30, of San Bernardino
      Guadalupe Barajas 37, of San Bernardino
      Mark Moreno 37, of Lake Elsinore

    AUGUST 17, 2009

    RIVERSIDE--- A Riverside County man was convicted of fatally shooting Jorge Ortiz an accused snitch by a member of the Mexican Mafia. Hernandez attempted to arrange the killing of a witness using a jail deputy with whom he was having an affair as an intermediary. The plan was thwarted by the deputy's fiancee whose father is a Riverside homicide detective. 33 year old George Anthony Hernandez Jr., faced a possible death sentence for the murder of Ortiz who was shot multiple times on July 26, 2004, in the parking lot a Jack's Bar on Cypress Avenue in Riverside's Arlanza neighborhood.

    SEPTEMBER 29, 2009

    SAN BERNARDINO---9 members of San Bernardino's 7th Street Westside Verdugo gang are charged with conspiracy to commit murder and street terroism after an informant reported the plot to murder a "dropout" ex-member of the gang. Deborah 'Cookie' Cortez 45, Lisa 'Flaco' Rochas 39, Peter 'Wino' Amaya 29, Sean 'Scrappy' Rodriquez, Lawrence 'Pelon' Cabrera 30, and Nicole Rene Majarrez 27, were arrested in the general area of Spruce and Pico Avenues. Amaya is accused of organizing the plot. The Amaya's have controlled gang activity on the Westside of San Bernardino since the incarceration of the Hernandez brothers.

    NOVEMBER 19, 2010

    MORENO VALLEY---42 year old Ralph "Perico" Rocha a validated Mexican Mafia member is charged with orchestrating a large-scale extortion scheme in Norwalk and parts of the San Gabriel Valley. Rocha and "Cisco" Gonzalez attempted to muscle in on the territory of imprisoned Eme shot caller Jacques "Jocko" Padilla, leading Padilla to issue a green-light via his wife Maria "Lola" Llatanda against the encroaching rivals. The incident was viewed as confirmation of a longstanding dispute between members of the Mafia who are imprisoned in the federal prison system, and leaders who are housed in state facilities. Rocha and Gonzalez reportedly were aligned with the federal faction whereas Padilla is viewed as a leader among the state faction.

    DECEMBER 13, 2009

    Jose Rojas a 39 year old San Diego man with ties to the Mexican Mafia and the AFO cartel is sentenced to a 17 year federal prison term after admitting to his role in a continuing criminal enterprise.

    JANUARY 26, 2010

    RIVERSIDE---Federal authorities announce a sweeping indictment against members of the Eastside Riva gang. Six of twenty total defendants were charged with trafficking methamphetamine and a number of other federal crimes in the Riverside area. Eastside Riva, a twenty year old gang numbering 500 members and associates was alleged to have been used by members of the Mexican Mafia to collect rent and distribute narcotics in and around the Riverside area. Several law enforcement badges "alleged to have been stolen," were among the items seized in the raids. Among those named in the indictment were.

      Salvador Orozco Hernandez, Jr. (aka “Toro” and “Tio”), 45, of Bloomington, a Mexican Mafia member currently in state prison on attempted murder charges, who is accused of issuing directives to senior ESR members on topics including “tax” collections and drug distribution in ESR territory;
      Robert Zavala Carrillo (aka “Pato”), 37, of Moreno Valley, accused of being the de facto leader of the ESR gang and the president of an ESR clique, who is a fugitive;
      Christopher Nevarez (aka “Flako), 38, of Riverside, the alleged liason between the ESR and the Mexican Mafia, who is currently in state custody on a parole violation;
      Ronnie Marquez (aka “Shadow”), 41, of Riverside, allegedly a senior member of ESR who is in custody awaiting trial on drug and weapons offense;
      Ignacio Chavez (aka “Kartune”), 32, of Riverside, a senior member of ESR who is in custody awaiting trial on charges of attempted murder and drug traficking;

      Mark Gil (aka “Papa” and “Little G”), 35, of Moreno Valley, a senior member of ESR, who is a fugitive;
      Andrew Pacheco Moreno (aka “Drew”), 37, of Fontanam;
      Daniel Henry Padron (aka “Danny Boy” and “Sneaky”), 33, of Riverside, who is currently incarcerated after being convicted of drug trafficking;
      Jose Arredondo (aka “Tony”), 40, of Hemet, who is currently incarcerated after being convicted of drug trafficking;
      Johnny Gomez, 44, of Riverside;
      Nateno Moreno (aka “Shorty”), 32, of Riverside;

      Vanessa Garcia (aka “Pookie” and “Erica”), 22, of Riverside, who is in custody on a parole violation;
      Allexxis Olonna Smith, 24, of Riverside, who is currently incarcerated after being convicted of carjacking;
      Chris James Garcia (aka “Chuco”), 42, of Riverside;
      Rudy Tovar (aka “Dinky”), 30, of Riverside, who is currently incarcerated after being convicted on drug trafficking charges;
      Paul Cortez (aka “Wiskers”), 22, of Riverside;

      Allan Patrick Staley (aka “Paya”), 37, of Riverside, who is a fugitive; and
      Deanna Wagner, 33, of Riverside, who is a fugitive.
      The other two defendants charged are: David Martinez, 37, charged with possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine; and Ronnie Granado, 42, a fugitive who is charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm.

    FEBRUARY 8, 2010

    6 members of Florenia 13 are sentenced to life in prison for following the orders of long imprisoned Eme leader Arturo "Tablas" Castellano. Castellano reportedly ordered members of Florencia 13 through a series of letters authored from his Pelican Bay cell to cease their infighting, tax drug dealers, prostitutes, fruit vendors
    and a crew of men selling phony ID cards in Huntington Park. The proceeds were returned to him and other members of the Mexican Mafia imprisoned at Pelican Bay. Castellanos also ordered Florencia 13 members to initiate a series of attacks on Watts area gang members in 2004. The result was a war between Florencia and members of the East Coast Crips.

    FEBRUARY 9, 2010

    Francisco "Pancho" Real, 28, a former shot caller for the Drew Street clique of the Avenues gang is featured in a media expose detailing his cooperation with law enforcement officials. Real calmly detailed a litany of beatings, drug deals, assaults and murders many of which were carried out by the cliques elite crew of shooters known as the "A" team.

    MARCH 24, 2010

    SAN DIEGO 44 year old Patrick Ralph Ponce pleads guilty to drug, weapon, kidnapping and extortion charges. Authorities charged Ponce headed a violent 31 member gang associated with leaders of the San Diego Mexican Mafia. Ponce focused on the collection and enforcement of the Eme's tax edict on drug and immigrant smuggling in El Centro, Calexico, Brawley, Heber, Holtville, Calipatria and Niland.

    April 1, 2010

    CRESCENT CITY---Del Norte County officials begin forfeiture proceedings against imprisoned Mexican Mafia Danny Roman. Roman reportedly had $26,000 in his inmate account, proceeds believed to have been accumulated through extortionate activity and drug sales committed on behalf of the Mexican Mafia.

    April 8, 2010

    LOS ANGELES---Jury selection in the trial of reputed Mexican Mafia shot caller Eulalio "Lalo" Martinez, 48, gets started. Martinez stands charged with ordering the murder of Donald "Pato" Schubert from his Pelican Bay cell. Authorities said members of the Lomas Rosemead street gang acted upon Martinez's edict which was retribution for Schubert's unwitting cooperation with a man who killed Martinez younger years before. Joseph "Capone" Garivay, 42, and Raul Pedroza, 32 along with Daniel Ahumada (sentenced in 2002 to 15 years to life) acted upon the order.

    April 22, 2010

    46 year old Armando "Mando" Barajas, a suspected Mexican Mafia shot caller is named as the lead defendant in a multiple count indictment charging 50 members and associates of the Ontario Varrio Sur Black Angels gang with violation of the RICO act, conspiracy to distribute heroin, methamphetamine and fire arms violations. Authorities claim Barajas used the strong ties of the Black Angels to the Mexican Mafia to elicit taxes and other criminal acts in the furtherance of a continuing criminal enterprise.

      ARMANDO BARAJAS, aka “Mando,”
      JUAN GIL, aka “Nito,”
      DAVID NAVARRO, aka “Plucky,”
      JOSE HURTADO, aka “Lonely,”
      aka “Solo,” FRANK ALCALA,
      ENRIQUE JIMENEZ, aka “Cisco,”
      CARLOS RIVERA, aka “Chino,”
      RIGO PORTILLO, aka “Lost Boy,”
      JUAN DIAZ, aka “Swifty,”
      CARLOS VASQUEZ, aka “Lil’ Lazy,”
      aka “Little Loki,” RAFAEL ALVAREZ,
      aka “Lil’ Pokie,” DANIEL REYES,
      aka “Sugar,”
      ZACARIAS ARTEAGA, aka “Drew,”
      aka “Lucci,” MARLON JIRON,aka “Bow Easy,”

      FERNANDO MORALES, aka “Sicko,”
      ALEX CASTRO, aka “Sniper,”
      ALBERT MORENO, aka “Pelon,”
      MICHAEL SANCHEZ, aka “Dropper,”aka “Toro,”
      RAUL PRIETO, aka “Crook,”
      STEVEN VEGA, aka “Widget,”
      JAMES KISSLING, aka “Casper,”
      SANTACRUZ SILVA, aka “Jose,”
      INEZ MEZA, aka “Gordo,”
      ANGEL ARANDA, aka “Bandit,”
      SALVADOR MARTINEZ, aka “Flaco,”
      CARL COOK:

    April 22, 2010

    Ruben Johnny Gonzales, a 56 year old member of the Chino Sinners gang was charged with attempted extortion for demanding that a Chino Hills parolee either participate in gang activity or pay $1,000. Gonzales reportedly met his victim at an area parole officer and began stalking the man going so far as to leave a hand written note at the victims apartment warning him "don't play with me."

    MAYl 2, 2010

    LEWISBURG PENNSYLVANIA---Juan "China Boy" Arias, a 40 year old Emero is pronounced dead at Evangelical Community Hospital after a violent attack at the federal prison facility in Lewisburg. Arias wa serving a 384 month term imposed for Racketeering and Conspiracy related charges stemming from his control of Eme affairs in the Chivas, Artesia, Norwalk and Hawaiian Gardens neighborhoods.

    MAYl 3, 2010

    LOS ANGELES---Joseph "Capone" Garivay, a 42 year old Rosemead gang members is found guilty of first degree murder and conspiracy to commit the murder of Donald "Pato" Schubert. The case revolved around allegations of Mexican Mafia involvement. Particularly an edict issued from imprisoned Eme leaer Eulalio "Lalo" Martinez.

    June 7, 2010

    8 members of the Puente 13 street gang were arrested in connection with a 22 count federal racketeering indictment alleging drug and violent acts benefitting the Mexican Mafia. The 22 count indictment named 17 defendants, 16 of which were said to have taken part in a RICO conspiracy. Puente 13, a street gang formed in the City of La Puente some 60 years prior, claimed a large segment of the city and unincorporated sections of the San Gabriel Valley, Hacienda Heights, Walnut and West Covina as their turf. Comprised of and estimated 600 members and associates divided among 14 cliques, the gang answered to Rafael "Cisco" Gonzalez a Mexican mafia member. 4 of those named in the federal racketeering indictment face the death penalty in connection with the 2006 murder of 44 year old David Dragna, a rival gang member who was reportedly collecting taxes without authorization. Among those charged with the Dragna murder were;

      Cesar Munoz Gonzalez aka "Blanco", 36, of Rowland Heights.
      Steven Nunez aka "Flaco", 30, a state prison inmate.
      Angel Frank Torres aka "Smiley", 34, a state prison inmate.
      Adrian Rodriquez aka "Trips", 25, of Huntington Park.
      Henry Rick Zabala, 40, of La Puente.

      Abraham Aldana aka "Listo"
      Michael Anthony Torres aka "Mikey"
      Danny Arthur Nunez aka "Moe"
      Alejandro Trujillo aka "Spantos"
      Mario Alberto Sandoval aka "Sonny"

      Patricia Ana Ayala-Martinez aka "Dreams"
      Paul Meyerkamp
      Sara Emert

    June 12, 2010

    Maria Llantada, 44, and 9 Le Puente gang members and associates are accused of running the day-to-day activities for an imprisoned Mexican Mafia leader. Authorities charge Llantada participated in a criminal conspiracy on behalf of her husband who was serving time in Pelican Bay. Charged with helping Llantada plan and coordinate street gang activities in parts of La Puente, Norwalk and surrounding communities were;

      Doreen Padilla, 25
      David Sahagun, 26
      Yvonne Montes, 31
      George Bravo, 40
      Renee Lopez, 21
      Ernesto Roacho Jr., 20
      Angelita Martinez, 37
      Danna Stover, 33
      Antonio Palacios, 66

    June 15, 2010

    21 members and associates of the Chino Sinners gang were charged for allegedly participating in a narcotics distribution operation with ties to the Mexican Mafia. The investigation known as "Operation Redemption" was initiated in January 2008. Among those charged as a result were:

      Victor Hurtado, of San Jacinto;
      Jaime Banuelos, 29, of Chino
      Silvino Perez, currently being sought by law enforcement.
      Michael Monsivais, 32, of Chino
      Albert Hernandez, 23, of Pomona
      Alexander John Hernandez, 34 of Bloomington, CA
      David Darnall, 32 of Ontario
      Frederick Malgra Garcia, Jr., 42 (transferred from state to federal custody today)
      Matthew Reina, 29, of Chino
      Romeo Aranda (transferred to federal custody from state custody today)
      Lorena Aguirre, 35 of Chino
      Crystine Minchau Ramirez in Chino
      Anthony Ramirez of Chino
      Richard Galvan, dob not available, of Chino
      Nick Cervantez, 37, of Pomona

    Gatecitypublishing@ Crimefile Index 2010

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      January 09, 2011

      RANCHO CUCAMONGA---Ruben Johnny Gonzales, a 57 year old member of the Chino Sinners gang is sentenced to a 20 year term for trying to extort a gang "tax" from a man he met at an area parole office. Gonzales accepted the sentence as part of a plea bargain which allowed him to escape a possible 39 year term due to his prior criminal record.

      March 07, 2011

      VICTORVILLE--- Investigators from the Victorville SMASH team wrapped up an investigation charging several gang associates with ties to la Eme with a litany of crimes committed over the course of a year. The charges covered crimes which included a home invasion robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, extortion, kidnapping, witness intimidation and murder. Among those charged were Angel "Bandit" Aranda, a 39 year old member of the Ontario Black Angels. Daniel "Danny Boy" Lechuga, 35, Denise "Baby Loca" Hererra, 24, Ivan "Trusty" Montero, 26, Joel "Bouncer" Pompa, 32, Jessica Rodriguez, 36, Regina Chavira, 40, Hugo Manzano, 31, and Amanda Ortega, 31. Aranda was named in an April 2010 indictment aimed at the Black Angels. It is unknown if the increased activity by the Black Angels is an attempt by Ronald "Turtle" Baisa to secure the lucrative San Bernardino county drug trade or if other forces are at play here.

      March 20, 2011

      OXNARD--- Daniel Flores from Colonial Chiques in Oxnard is sentenced to life without parole for the February 2008 murder of Armando Sepulveda. Sepulveda was alleged to have been a member of the rival El Rio gang when he was shot by Brando Arauz. Flores, Arauz and Jose Velasquez reportedly adorned themselves in attire similar to the El Rio gang before the incident which saw Flores introduce himself as a member of the El Rio gang moments before Arauz pulled the trigger. Arauz was not charged in the murder but is serving a 64 year sentence on unrelated charges. Velasquez's trial is pending. Prosecutors charged that Flores bragged of being hooked up to the Mexican Mafia to a jailhouse informant in a conversation in which he reportedly admitted to shooting two other people.

      April 14, 2011

      NORWALK--- 50 year old Whittier resident and accused Eme affiliate Raymond Reyes III is sentenced under the three strikes initiative to serve a 25 year to life term for possession of heroin. The charges stem from a February 26, 2008 arrest at a Whittier hotel in which officers found .31 grams of heroin in Reyes room. A simple possession charge turned into a three strikes case with prosecutors arguing that Reyes was an Eme crew leader. The prosecution sought to bolster this claim by introducing Eme turncoat Rene "Boxer" Enriquez. Enriquez began cooperating with authorities in 2002 and has no knowledge of the current structure nor dealings of the group. He is alleged to have been green-lighted prior to his defection leading him to seek the protection of prison authorities, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. According to the prosecutions case against Reyes, he is alleged to have control over the Hawaiian Gardens gang and its territory.

      April 18, 2011

      LA PUENTE--- Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Chalfant granted a civil injunction against several members of Puente 13 and Bassett Grande gangs. The injunction charged the two multi-generational gangs with engaging in the sale of narcotics and tax collection on behalf of competing imprisoned Mexican Mafia members such as Rafael Munoz Gonzalez aka Cisco "exercising control over Puente 13." Authorities charge that Munoz Gonzalez has tried to establish control over a 16-square mile area which includes the communities of Avocado Heights, Bassett, South San Jose Hills and Valinda through violent acts and intimidation. Puente 13 was credited with more than 1,000 members divided among 14 subsets or "cliques" whereas Bassett Grande is said to have a core membership numbering 300 or so. Despite the gang's

      April 26, 2011

      LOS ANGELES--- David 'Puppet' Robles and Jesse 'Psycho' Garcia are found guilty of gunning down two brothers in a brazen 1998 attack at a clothing store on Lincoln Boulevard. Charges were filed against both men while they were serving unrelated prison terms after eye witness testimony and DNA evidence obtained from a ski mask left at the scene linked the pair to the crime scene. Michael and Anthony Juarez (ages 27 and 19) were shot and killed in a retaliatory attack exacted after a member of Robles and Garica's gang was shot in a separate attack. The pair believed the shooter in the previous case was linked to the clothing store. Their intended target was not at the store during the attack. Robles was serving an 8 year term in Corcoran State Prison imposed in February 2001 when the murder charges were filed. Garcia was serving a 15 year term imposed in May 1999 for carjacking and assault with a deadly weapon causing great bodily harm. Both men have been linked as associates to the Mexican Mafia.

      May 3, 2011

      LOS ANGELES--- The Los Angeles office of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, conducted a sting in conjunction with the Pacific Division of the LAPD targeting the Venice Trece gang with engaging in firearms related offenses and narcotics trafficking. Named in a subsequent indictment were;

        George R. Lopez, 41, Lawndale
        Salvador Garcia, 29, Los Angeles
        Cesar Perez Rios, 39, Los Angeles
        Marion Vincent Lopez, 43, Lawndale
        Joey Edward Leyba, 37, West Los Angeles
        Maribel Gordio, 35, South Los Angeles

      May 4, 2011

      LOS ANGELES--- David 'Puppet' Robles is sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for the 1998 murder of Michael and Anthony Juarez (ages 27 and 19). Prosecutors noted Robles prior history which included attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and other weapons related violations. Sentencing for Robles co-defendant Jesse "Psycho" Garcia, was schedule for sentencing on May 19 in Los Angeles Superior Court.

      May 6, 2011

      HANFORD--- Ruben Pinuelas once said to have been a rising star in Mexican Mafia circles is sentenced to serve a 60 year to life term for conspiring to murder a fellow gang member who attempted to usurp his authority at Corcoran State Prison. Pinuelas reportedly ordered Eme associates Aldrin Trejo and Louis Jimenez to attack
      and inmate who had complained of his heavy handed tactics in running a lower level yard at Corcoran. In trying to consolidate his power, Pinuelas ignored an order from a higher ranking Eme member to leave the dispute between himself and the other inmate alone. Trejo and Jiminez were also sentenced to 60 year terms for following Pinuelas order.

      MAY 26, 2011

      SAN DIEGO---40 year old Phillip McMillen is sentenced to serve a 25 year federal prison term after earlier pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit racketeering and brandishing a firearm during a violent crime. McMillen conceded that he committed crime which included murder, robbery, kidnapping, extortion and drug trafficking. A former member National City street gang member, McMillen was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Janis Sammartino.

      June 24, 2011

      PELICAN BAY---Inmate C-50887 Mark Robert Quiroz aka "Turtle" a ranking emero files suit charging William Cate with civil rights violations and unconstitutional acts. Quiroz motion contains allegations of violation of his 1st Amendment Right to association and speech. Violation of his 1st Amendment Right by retaliating against him, violating his 1st and 14th Amendment right to equal protection right to prosecute his claims and violations to his 8th Amendment rights having been subjected to "malicious harrassment" by interference with his relationship with his future wife and correspondence with family members and friends. He also charged that his 8th Amendment rights were further violated when staff acted with deliberate indifference to his medical needs. He also claimed violation of his 1st and 14th Amendment rights to marry and maintain familial relationships. Quiroz is a documented member of the Mexican Mafia exercising a tremendous influence in the affairs of the eastern Inland Empire gangs particular Northside Colton.

      JUNE 29, 2011

      PACOIMA---A joint task force investigation dubbed Operation double header resulted in the arrest of 14 members and associates of the Pacoima Project Boys. Authorities charged that the gang members became predominant in the Pacoima Flats neighborhood in 2001 after the Project Boys and Pacoima Flatts gangs merged under an alliance known as the "Project Flats." The operation resulted in an indictment charging the defendants with operating a narcotics distribution ring specializing in the sale and distribution of methamphetamine. The gang's leaders reportedly maintained contact with incarcerated Mexican Mafia members and Camaradas who controlled the operation of the drug ring and tax activity in the San Fernando Valley. Among those targeted were under federal guidelines were;

        John Anthony Garcia, 45, of Sylmar.
        Cesar Octavio Venegas, 35, of Arleta.
        Sandra Edit Ceja, 35, of Pacoima.
        Luis Carlos Lopez, 33, of Palmdale.
        Albert Mario Herrera, 35, of Palmdale.
        Jesus Jonathon Flores, 25, of Pacoima.
        Jimmy Madrid, 47, of Pacoima.
        Michael William Wisar, 26, of Slymar.
        Miguel Angel Sanchez Cedillos, 33.

        Charged on state charges were;

        Jorge A. Aguilar, of Pacoima.
        Nathan Bedford Bowman, of Palmdale.
        Joseph Garcia, of Sylmar.
        Genevieve Lopez, of Palmdale.
        Emilio Navarette Lopez.
        Eduardo Ayala, of North Hollywood.
        Bert Ayala, of North Hollywood.
        Jesse Rodriquez, of Mission Hills..

      July 13, 2011

      SANTA ANNA---Investigators concluded a 3 year investigation termed Operation Black Flag by indicting 57 members and associates of an Orange County gang known as Forming Kaos. The investigation initially centered upon the activities of high ranking FK member Cesar "Roach" Munguia, 31 a Huntington Beach resident accused of dealing guns, methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin. Munguia drew his influence from an association with a renegade Mexican Mafia cell headed by Armando Moreno. Authorities charged that Moreno in an attempt to usurp the authority of imprisoned Orange County Eme shotcaller Peter "Sana" Ojeda, employed "hard candy" tactics to coax Ojeda loyalists to support his efforts to seize control of Orange Counties hispanic gang community. Moreno's campaign of confusion and kaos lasted from 2005 until April 2009 when authorities transferred him from the Orange County Jail to a California prison facility. The episode "reminiscent of the Frankie Buelna dispute," highlights the weakness within the Mexican Mafia structure that allows individuals to promote themselves without true authority or authorization.

      October 5, 2011

      VICTORVILLE---35 year old Daniel Manuel Lechuga pled guilty on robbery a robbery charge and accepted the prosecutions offer of 9 years in state prison. Lechuga was one the accused leaders of a plot authorities say was associated with a Mexican Mafia plot to takeover the area drug market.

      November 1, 2011

      VICTORVILLE---24 year old Denise Marie Herrera is sentenced under the terms of a plea agreement to serve 8 years in state prison on a single charge of residential robbery. 12 additional charges were dropped in relation to a plot authorities say was linked to an Eme plot to takeover the area drug market. Herrera was one of 14 people arrested in a series of raids that took place in Los Angeles and the Victor Valley in March featuring charges on crimes ranging from extortion to assault with a firearm and participation in a street gang and conspiracy.

      November 2, 2011

      SAN DIEGO---High ranking emero Jose Alberto Marquez aka "Bat" was sentenced to life in prison by United States District Judge M. James Lorenz. Marquez was convicted of conspiring to distribute methamphetamine and possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute by a federal jury on March 11, 2011. Prosecutors contend that Marquez a confirmed member of the Mexican Mafia and Del Sol gang used area gang members to organize a methamphetamine deal following his capture and subsequent extradition from Mexico in January 2007.

      November 3, 2011

      ORANGE COUNTY---51 year old emero Ernest Arthur Peralta is scheduled for a parole hearing at the California State Prison Corcoran. Peralta is serving a 28 years-to-life sentence for the robbery and murder of Reyes Rosales Torres following a fight outside a Santa Ana bar in February 1982. Peralta an Orange County gang member since the age of 13 knocked Torres unconscious before shooting him 13 times. Since his conviction authorities have sighted Peralta more than 40 times on a variety of infractions. Authorities contend that if released Peralta could step in and assume command of Peter Ojeda's Orange County eme operation.

      November 4, 2011

      ORANGE COUNTY---51 year old emero Ernest Arthur Peralta is denied release during parole hearing at the California State Prison Corcoran. Members of the parole board sighted Peralta's "lack of rehabilitation or insight into the murder of Reyes Rosales Torres following a fight outside a Santa Ana bar in February 1982.

      December 13, 2011

      Torrance---56 year old emero shotcaller Senon "Cherilo" Grande Grajeda has been indicted as the head of a multi-state narcotics operation involving the Torrance based La Rana gang. Grajeda "the younger brother of influential eme twin leaders Daniel "Cuate" and Thomas "Big Wino" Grajeda," reportedly oversaw the distribution of cartel supplied cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana and prescription pills by a network of gang related couriers in locations outside of California which included Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusets, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, South Carolina and Pennsylvania. The Grajeda's are legendary figures within gang circles, their ousting of influential members such Rene "Boxer" Enriquez 'a federal witness' and fellow La Rana gang leader and Eme veterano Manuel "Tati" Torres 'murder in 2005 at the ADX in Florence, Colorado," only served to strengthen their hold over the gang's business affairs in the Rancho San Pedro and Harbor areas.

        Daniel Grajeda #:C-39195 Pelican Bay State Prison P.O. Box 7500 Crescent City, CA 95532

        Thomas Grande Grajeda V-22200 Pelican Bay State Prison D-1-123 P.O. Box 7500
        Crescent City, CA 95532

      December 29, 2011

      SAN BERNARDINO---37 year old Froyland Medina Chiprez a West Side Verdugo gang member arrested in Tijuana in June was extradited from Mexico to face four counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder and with a special circumstance of participating in a gang murder. Chiprez was flown into San Bernardino International Airport by the FBI's Inland Regional Apprehension Team. A no bail parole warrant was also filed against Chiprez for violating the terms of parole relating to a 1994 involuntary manslaughter conviction.

        Froyland Chiprez

      January 4, 2012

      RANCHO CUCAMONGA---37 year old Froyland Chiprez misses his first scheduled court appearance after an unidentified inmate assaulted him at the West Valley detention facility. Chiprez was later arraigned in the deaths of Johnny and Gilberto Agudo as well as Marselino and Anthony Luna.

      January 7, 2012

      SAN BERNARDINO---32 year old Lorenzo Anthony "Bad Boy" Baca III [7th Street] is shot and killed by a San Bernardino Police officer after a brief pursuit and exchange of gunfire near the 5th street overpass. Baca died at Loma Linda University Medical Center.

      January 8, 2012

      NORWALK---39 year old Gabriel Alexander Ronquillo is convicted for the 2004 murder of 47 year old Gary Frausto and the 1999 murder of 23 year old David Borunda. Prosecutors found true special allegations of multiple murders, murder by an active gang member and murder for the benefit of a street gang. Scheduled for sentencing on February 8th, Ronquillo faces possible execution at San Quentin. Ronquillo reportedly stabbed Frausto in a case of mistaken identity. His target was Frausto's brother Richard who'd been green-lighted by the Mexican Mafia for skimming money from taxes owed. Fearing that a founding member of his street gang would be killed thereby putting himself in danger of a green-light, Ronquillo under took the Frausto hit to endear himself to the rival Eme faction.

      January 17, 2012

      RANCHO CUCAMONGA---San Bernardino district attorney Michael Ramos filed an injunction against the 200 member Cucamonga Kings gang effectively banning them from asection of Rancho Cuacamong known as "North Town" and "Old Town Park." A decades old gang, the "Cuca Kings" are affiliated with the Mexican Mafia through "Tio" Salvador Orozco Hernandez a high ranking Eme member who is currently serving a 10 year prison term on racketeering related charges. Hernandez and his brother Alfred Hernandez attempted to seize control of San Bernardino counties illicit gang activity prior to their arrest, conviction and incarceration in 2008. Other prominent members of the Cuca Kings associated with the Mexican Mafia are Paul Anguiano, Jr., currently serving a 164 year term for murder, Tommy "Chono" Anguiano and Gilbert Anguiano , John "Bugsy" Mijares, Johnny Ray Vandergriff, who is listed as one of the more active members of the young Kings gang members.

        Salvador Orozco Hernandez #G32389
        Chino Institution for Men (CIM)

        Alfred Hernandez #G32297
        California Correctional Institution (CCI) Tehachapi

        Gilbert Anguiano #H29666
        Ironwood State Prison

        Paul Gilbert Anguiano #G55204
        High Desert State Prison

      January 25, 2012

      SAN DIEGO---A federal grand jury handed up 17 indictments naming 119 members and associates of San Diego area gangs with participating in a conspiracy which included drug trafficking violations and federal firearm offenses. Among those targeted in a three part investigation were members belonging to nine different criminal street gangs including Varrio Chula Vista, East Side Piru, Old Town National City, Shelltown, National City Locos, Imperial Beach Imperials, Paradise Hills, Varrio Encanto Locos and National City Block Boys. Those gangs reportedly participated in the distribution of methamphetamine and heroin on behalf of 53 year old emero Salvador Colabello. Colabella is said to have organized the aforementioned gangs who extorted and robbed unauthorized drug dealers and enforced a mafia tax on affiliated gang drug activity. 39 year old Rudy 'Crazy Boy' Espudo was targeted during an 18 month investigation dubbed "Operation Notorious County." (ONC) led to 8 indictments charging 51 individuals with participating in a federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) conspiracy. Under the terms of the indictment handed down on January 19 were crimes which included attempted murder, kidnapping, robbery, extortion, money laundering and drug trafficking violations. Espudo oversaw Mexican Mafia activities in north San Diego county using gangs such as the Diablos, West Side gangs based in Escondido, the Varrio San Marcos and Varrio Fallbrook Locos to maintain control.

        Rudy "Crazy" Espudo (San Diego)

      Operation Notorious County
        Rudy Espudo, aka Crazy
        Angelina Chavez-Espudo, aka Angel, aka Senora
        Pablo Franco, aka Casper, aka Dwarf
        Miguel Grado, aka Kieto, aka Kathy
        Jesus Barragan, aka Chito
        Francisco Gutierrez, aka Bullet, aka Ammo
        Oscar Lara, aka Little Troubles
        Adan Landeros, aka Lucky
        Eduardo Sanchez, aka Ghetto, aka Eric
        Ivan Dunayevich, aka Wolfie
        Jose Aranda, aka Vicious
        Julio Solorzano, aka Mowgli
        Gregorio Puebla, aka Froggy, aka Lil Froggy
        Hector Fernandez, aka Evil
        Arthur Garcia, aka Thumper
        Jose Cornejo, aka Rabbit
        Jessy Moreno, aka Little Monkey
        Gerardo Barajas, aka Knuckles
        Enrique Torres, aka Clumsy, aka Klumsy
        Hector Garcia, aka Studders, aka Muffin
        Jose Ortega, aka Temper
        Juan Perez, aka Johnny
        Gustavo Barron, aka Force
        Armando Barragan, aka Bart
        Elvira Esparza, aka Vida
        Francisco Zamora, aka Tiny, aka Frankie
        Everst Cruz, aka Temper
        Daniel Nieto, aka Malo
        Fernando Carapia, aka Youngster
        Cesar Flores, aka Thumper
        Erik Lupercio, aka Scrappy
        Jeremiah Figueroa, aka Gremlin
        Juana Araiza Janette Hernandez, aka Puzzles
        Ulices Lopez, aka Tony
        Tammarra Rivera, akas Tammarra Basulto, Tammy
        Tony Garcia, aka Whopper,
        Cynthia Varela, aka Cindy Sarah Quintana
        Marcelina Reynoso, aka Marcy

        Operation Carnalismo

        Salvador Nicola Colabella
        Jose Luis Mercardo
        Robert Mercardo
        Maria De Jesus Claudia Ochoa
        Richard Moreno Quevedo
        Adriel Madrigal
        Silvano Hernandez, Jr.
        FNU LNU, aka Pelon
        Ramon Agredano
        Richard Cornejo
        Dave York
        Guillermo Chaidez
        David Garcia
        Adrian Dominguez
        Kirk Borja
        Charles Smith
        Patrick Berardini
        Anna Sheneman
        Esteban Rodriguez
        Juan Guerrero
        Jorge Moreno
        FNU LNU, aka Tony
        Anthony Bascos
        Gilbert Marin
        Allen Mundell
        Brett Youkel
        Lacy McElroy
        Alfredo Bazurto
        Charles Monroe
        Jose Pedro Covarrubias
        George Chavez
        Jose Esparza
        John Atkinson
        Annabel Vasquez
        Deleal Fantajamarie Cajmere
        Carlos Lozano

        Operation 12-Step

        Elisa Alexandra Turner AGE 25
        Manuel Borboa AGE 35 IN CUSTODY
        Steve Alex Padilla AGE 31
        Sara Patricia Macias AGE 26
        Nahum Barajas Ramirez AGE 28
        Edward Wyatt Edwards AGE 53
        Daniel Robert Zapata AGE 42
        Daniel Yuhas AGE 36 IN CUSTODY
        Pedro Reyes Valencia AGE 43

        Marcelo Fonseca Benitez AGE 39 IN CUSTODY
        Marta Cecilia Ramirez Cardenas AGE 29 IN CUSTODY
        Monica Ann Castro AGE 43

        Yesenia Yvette Martinez AGE 21 IN CUSTODY
        Larry Jiro Yafuso AGE 34
        Juan Aurelio Lopez AGE 25

        Alberto Jimenez Barba
        Nora Elizabeth Angulo AGE 24
        Peter Caleb Auzenne AGE 29

        FNU LNU, aka Pelon AGE UNK IN CUSTODY
        Marco Ramirez AGE 57 IN CUSTODY
        Rudy Verduzco AGE 35 IN CUSTODY
        FNU LNU, aka "Cabezon"
        Francisco Hernandez Calderon AGE 46 IN CUSTODY
        Javier Rodriguez Hernandez AGE 37 IN CUSTODY
        Karlina Irma Gaskill AGE 20 IN CUSTODY

        Christina Carol Campas AGE 48
        Edgar Alan Sandoval Deltoro AGE 34
        Jesus Antonio Lopez Siquieros AGE 40
        Lisa Annette McCusker AGE 40 IN CUSTODY
        Timothy Joseph Costello AGE 41
        Harold Hughes Williams AGE 58
        Nichole Marie Martinez AGE 33
        Mona Dennise Luera AGE 30

      January 26, 2012

      SAN DIEGO---Christina Campas, 48, Fantaja Deleal and Christian Ivan Barraza-Guzman were detained in a series of coordinated raids in San Diego's North County. A fourth suspect John Atkinson was also arrested after a crash and chase. All of the above were linked to operations Notorious County, Operation Carnalismo and Operation 12-Step in Central and south San Diego Counties.

      February 2, 2012

      SANTA ANA---A jury returned guilty verdicts against 38 year old Rolando "Rolo" Ontiveros a former member of East Los Angeles's Lott Street gang. Ontiveros was found to have conspired with members of Mariano "Chuy" Martinez's eme faction in the November 19, 1998 member of Richard Serrano and two others in a Montebello auto body shop. Ontiveros faces a mandatory life sentence plus 30 consecutive years in federal custody when he is sentenced on May 7 by U.S. District Judge David O. Carter.

      February 22, 2012

      SAN DIEGO--- 35 year old Travis "Whisper" Chelberg was sentenced to serve a 14 year federal prison term for being a felon in possession of a firearm and for a violent attack upon a fellow inmate at the Metropolitan Correctional Center. The attack was an attempt by Chelberg, "a Mexican Mafia associate charged in Operation Keys to the City in 2009," to dissuade the prisoner from testifying against him.
      Crimefile Index 2012

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      March 15, 2012

      NORWALK--- 39 year old Mexican Mafia associate and Southside Whittier gang member Gabriel Alexander Ronquillo is sentenced to die for the 2004 stabbing death of Gary Frausto at his home in Whittier. Frausto was stabbed in a case of mistaken identity after Ronquillo acting on a Mexican Mafia order to hit Richard Frausto a founding member of Ronquillo's Southside Whittier gang for reportedly skimming drug and gang tax profits from the gang's local operation. Ronquillo was also connected to the Father's Day 1999 murder of rival gang member David Borunda whose body was found in the backseat of his Buick in Southside Whittier territory.

      March 17, 2012

      BOYLE HEIGHTS--- Southside Whittier gang member Jesus Hernandez a 23 year old member of the Big Hazard gang in Boyle Heights is sentenced to serve a 31 year term in state prison for the shooting death of Big Hazard shotcaller Robert "Lil Joke" Gonzales. Gonzales, the brother of imprisoned Mexican Mafia member Jose "Big Joker" Hernandez, had sought to mediate an intra-gang dispute between Hernandez and another member of the gang. Hernandez grew angry after receiving a stern rebuke for his part in the dispute from Gonzales. At least two shots were fired in a brief exchange between the two which included reports of Hernandez kicking the fallen Gonzales twice in the head before fleeing the scene. Gonzales older brother is serving a life sentence for the murder of Anna Lizaraga, a gang intervention specialist connected with Edward James Olmos and the making of American Me.

      March 22, 2012

      NORWALK--- 30 year old Mexican Mafia associate Gerald Luis Gonzales is convicted of murdering his friend Gerald Ramirez, 29, of Santa Fe Springs on behalf of the Mexican Mafia. Gonzales admitted shooting his friend after receiving information that he'd collected taxes from a drug dealer without authorization. Ramirez was shot in a converted garage where Gonzales had been staying in the 11700 block of Smith Avenue in Santa Fe Springs on April 2, 2010. Gonzales was captured after a brief foot chase hours after the fatal encounter.

      May 12, 2012

      ORANGE COUNTY--- 33 year old Mexican Mafia associate Robert Luis Reil is sentenced to serve a 50 year term for the murder of Santa Ana drug dealer Bernard Ezquivel Felix on January 3, 2010. Reil ordered an unidentified Orange woman to arrange a drug deal between himself and Felix. Reil enlisted fellow Orange Street gang members Christian Galindo, 26, and Armour Villamar, 32, to serve as gunmen in an ambush attack which failed to net the conspirators the drugs they sought in the attack. Reil was later one of 26 inmates charged with participating in a factional dispute involving long time Orange County Eme shot caller Peter Ojeda and Armando Moreno.

      June 07, 2012

      SAN DIEGO--- 50 year old ranking Mexican Mafia member Robert Mercado acknowledged that he stabbed an accused drug dealer during an attempt to enforce a tax order on the man. Mercado faces a potential 20 year federal prison term when he is sentenced on August 24.

      June 7, 2012

      ORANGE COUNTY--- Douglas Joseph Jackovich an Orange County gang member and aspiring Mexican Mafia known as "Temper" member pled guilty and admitted being a member of Cear "Roach' Mungia's Forming Chaos gang. Jackovich entered his guilty plea with hopes that his admission would result in a sentence no longer than 29 months when he is sentenced later this year.

      June 8, 2012

      SAN DIEGO--- Angelina Chavez-Espudo, 49, the wife of Rudy Espudo entered a guilty plea on racketeering charges that arose from her estranged husbands attempt to seize control of San Diego and North County gang activities on behalf of La Eme Chavez-Espudo's sentence was left to the discretion of the judge who will preside over her sentencing in July.

      June 9, 2012

      SYLMAR--- Conrad Donald Garcia aka Big D., a longtime Eme shotcaller and organizer dies at his home in Sylmar, California.

      June 15, 2012

      SAN DIEGO--- 52 year Jose Luis Montellano sought by authorities on warrants charging armed and bank robbery and a host of probation violations was captured in Tijuana. Montellano a documented member of the Mexican Mafia, was found hiding in the colonia Salvatierra on the southwest side of Tijuana.

      July 1, 2012

      SAN FERNANDO--- The murder conviction of Yoracio Yepiz aka Horse a 39 year old member of the Vineland Boys convicted of executing Eugenio Cruz a rival Vineland Boys leader in a power grab, was upheld in federal court. Yepiz reportedly shot Cruz in attempt to curry favor with the Mexican Mafia and lift the long-standing green-light placed on the gang over its refusal to kick back to the organization. Yepiz is currently serving a life sentence for racketeering and violence in aid of a racketeering enterprise.

      July 25, 2012

      BARSTOW--- Rolando Gamez, 35, and Claudio Jiminez, 34, were convicted of murder, conspiracy to commit a crime and participation in a criminal street gang. Gamez and Jiminez were both documented members of Barstow based Los Gents gang. Both were convicted of murdering 28 year old Gilbert Chavez on May 15, 2009 on the order of a Mexican Mafia shot-caller. Sentencing was set for October 12, 2012 at Joshua Tree Superior Court.

      July 15, 2012

      NORWALK--- 30 year old Mexican Mafia associate Gerald Luis Gonzales is sentenced to serve a 110 year to life term for the murder of fellow Santa Fe Springs gang member Gerald Ramirez, 29, to curry favor with ranking members of the Mexican Mafia. Gonzales admitted shooting Ramirez after receiving information that he'd collected taxes from a drug dealer without authorization from the local Eme representative.

      July 25, 2012

      Orange County--- 39 year old Mexican Mafia member Rolando Ontiveros aka Rolo is received two consecutive life terms plus 300 months from U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter in Santa Ana. The former Cal State LA business studen and leader of the Lott Street Stoners will serve his sentence in a federal prison.

      July 29, 2012

      BARSTOW--- Angel Ricardo Aranda a 40 year old Mexican Mafia enforcer is sentenced to serve an 8 year term for being a felon in possession of a firearm and activities related to a plan hatched by Eme shotcallers to seize control of the High Desert's illicit drug market. Aranda was one of 14 gang members "sent" to the High Desert from Los Angeles to distribute drugs and collect taxes for the Mexican Mafia. Aranda pled no contest to the aforementioned charges and acknowledged a prior strike and a 1996 manslaughter conviction. Aranda is one of 10 defendants who have been sentenced in the case. Anthony Moreno, 52, died in Utah under unknown circumstances and Susan Christine Galindo, 47, remains a fugitive. 34 year old Joel Orlando Pompa is scheduled to appear in court on August 17. All were under the authority of fugitive Eme shotcaller Daryl Castrejon.

      August , 2012

      SAN DIEGO--- Salvadore Collabello one of the lead defendants in Operation Carnalismo, pled guilty to racketeering charges. The 53 year old Logan Heights gang member and Mexican Mafia point man in charge of a large section of San Diego admitted extorting payments from gangs and collecting more than $10,000 in cash or property on behalf of La Eme. Sentencing was set for October 12.

      August 16, 2012

      POMONA--- Authorities concluded a 16 month investigation called "Operation Crystal Light" aimed disturbing a major source of methamphetamine traffic involving members and associates of Mexico's La Familial Michoacan drug trafficking organization and several southern California gang members. Many of those charged were members or associates of Ontario's Black Angels gang, Los Amables or Westside Pomona Malditos gangs. Featured in the raid was a house located at 952 Nocta Street in Ontario which was used as a stash house. Among those charged in the sophisticated operation featuring drug imported into the country in a liquid form disguised as gas were;

        Jose Juan Garcia Barron aka Tokes
        Martin Barron Alcazar aka Quini
        Rudy Arma
        Jose Chavez Espinosa aka Guerrin
        Enrique Centeno Reyes aka Gordito
        Jorge Luis Barron Zarate aka Qoi
        Jose Maria Chavez Jr., aka Chema
        Jose Maria Chavez aka Chemita
        Daniel Lupian aka Yogi
        Ines Castillion Joya
        Unidentified indictment against "Borrachin"
        Jose Ruelas aka Fat Boy
        Rudy Zepeda aka Virolo
        Jose Alvarado
        David Aguilar
        Rafael Favela aka Chito
        Sara Garrido
        Oscar Robles aka Squeaks
        Miguel Saucedo aka Blackie
        Andres Yepez
        Daniel Yepez aka Chamboogie
        Miguel Zaragoza aka Grumpy
        Christopher Alvarado
        Isaac Cervantes aka Wild Bill
        Marcos Orejel aka Piolin

      September 17, 2012

      SAN DIEGO--- Federal investigators concluded a six-month investigation that resulted in the arrest and detention of 33 associates of an Eme connected drug ring centered in Fallbrook. The North County raid resulted in the confiscation of 40 pounds of marijuana, 31 pounds of cocaine, 25 pounds of methamphetamine, 11 ounces of heroin, 38 guns and $166,000 in cash.

        Artiega, Eduardo, 23 - Fallbrook
        Banks, Richard, 46 - Fallbrook
        Belleville, Joshua, 21 - Fallbrook
        Belleville, Nathan, 29 - Fallbrook
        Bolding, Jesse, 22 - Fallbrook
        Bowling, Kent, 65 - Fallbrook
        Bruno, James, 25 - Fallbrook
        Costa, Bethany, 22 - Vista
        Escabedo, Raul, 23 - Fallbrook
        Fore, Daniel, 44 - Fallbrook
        Fountain, Mark, 50 - Fallbrook

        Gonzales, Juan, 45 - Fallbrook
        Halkias, Channing, 38 - Fallbrook
        Harris, Robert, 50 - Fallbrook
        Hernandez, Cesar, 36 - Fallbrook
        Lindsey, Ronald, 27 - Fallbrook
        Lupercio, Carlos, 28 - Fallbrook
        Lupercio, Daniel, 26 - Fallbrook
        Mclean, Ariel, 21 - Fallbrook
        Monje, Isidro, 58, - Fallbrook
        Ochoa, Michael, 39 - Fallbrook
        Prather, Oscar, 43 - Fallbrook

        Rios, Gustavo, 38 - Fallbrook
        Rowe, Gerald, 21, - Oceanside
        Santacruz, Eduardo, 29 - Fallbrook
        Sims Sr., Jessie, 50 - Fallbrook
        Sims, Joseph, 32 - Fallbrook
        Vargas, Maria, 21 - Fallbrook
        Vasquez, Cynthia, 44 - Fallbrook
        Wood, Brok, 21 - Fallbrook
        Wyman, Stephen, 32 - Fallbrook
        Youssi, Justin, 21 - Fallbrook
        Zamudio, Jose, 44 - Fallbrook

      October 29, 2012

      SANTA ANA--- Alberto 'Puppet' Vargas, 49, was the lead defendant named in an indictment handed down by the Orange County grand jury October 3 with extorting and collecting taxes on behalf of the Mexican Mafia. In addition to Vargas those named were;

        Gloria Aguilar, 55
        Joe Lara, 40
        Raul Gonzalez Hernandez, 36
        Edward Barela, 49
        Richard Aguilar, 43
        Ismael Esquivel, 33
        Marvin Robles, 47
        Annette Gomez, 33
        Alejandro Maldonado, 34
        Eugenio Salazar, 41

      Vargas is a documented Eme shotcaller aligned with longtime Mexican Mafia leader Peter "Sanja" Ojeda. Vargas was charged in a previous indictment with issuing a green light on Orange County inmates who appeared in an MSNBC show called "Lockdown". Vargas was also accused of passing on an order from Ojeda to kill Armando Moreno a rival Eme leader who challenged Sanja's reign as the premier emero in Orange County.

      November 15, 2012

      VENTURA---17 of 28 area gang members named in a grand jury indictment charging crimes committed on behalf of La Eme included two juveniles charging conspiracy, street terrorism and extortion. Among the detained were;

        Martin Madrigal, 39; aka Evil
        David Acosta, 37; aka Shadow
        Rodolfo Magdaleno, 34; aka
        Sabrina Zuniga, 31;
        Brian Beppu, 35;
        Guadalupe Barrales, 41;
        Juan Rosas, 26;
        Jose Arreola, 35;
        Ruben Mora, 29;
        Miguel Gallardo, 36;
        Edwin Mora, 28;
        Olivia Tamayo, 37;
        Alana Mora, 31;
        Jose Mendoza, 23;
        Jose Barrales, 39;
        Liibrado Navarette, 26;
        Javier Tamayo, 34;
        and the juveniles
        Luis Gomez and Carlos Cabrera, both 16

      November 27, 2012

      VENTURA---For the second time in a two week span Ventura County authorities struck against La Eme handing down 27 indictments charging local gang members with conspiring to commit felony assaul, extortion, home invasion robberies, narcotics trafficking and participating in organized criminal activity. Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean announced during a press conference that the central figure in the conspiracy was a high-ranking member of the Mexican Mafia who managed through a loyal subordinate to control the Ventura county area from a cell in a prison outside the state of California. According to the indictment Martin "Evil" Madrigal by empowering Edwin "Sporty" Mora as the local shotcaller, forced rival gangs to do his bidding. Madrigal by remote oversaw the distribution of a variety of narcotics "most prominently heroin," over an extended area. Madrigal and Mora were the prime targets of a seven month investigation dubbed Operation Wicked Hand. Operation Wicked Hand resulted in the seizure of 32 firearms, 12 handguns, 12 rifles, 4 shotguns 3 assault rifles and 1 silencer equipped MAC-10, $36,000 in cash and a quarter pound of heroin.

      December 8, 2012

      LOS ANGELES---29 members of the Harpy's Street gang were named in a federal grand jury indictment stemming from a 2 1/2 year investigation dubbed Operation Roman Empire. The 60 count indictment focused on the activities of the Harpy's gang said to have been one of a dozen controlled by imprisoned Mexican Mafia shot-caller Danny Roman serving a life term at Pelican Bay. Using his daughter and son-in-law as messengers, Roman engaged in criminal activities which included but were not limited to tax collection, drug peddling, extortion, armed robbery and murder. Among those named in the indictment were;

        Vianna Roman aka Prima, 37, of Los Angeles, who is Danny Roman’s daughter;
        Manuel Valencia aka Droopy, 36, of Walnut, the alleged shot caller of the Harpys gang;
        Aaron Soto aka Bobby, 40, of Los Angeles, Vianna Roman’s husband, allegedly one of the gang’s leaders;
        Jaime Montano aka Sporty, 32, of Los Angeles, who is linked to the East Side Trece gang and who allegedly led
        a conspiracy to murder a witness in a trial against another gang member;
        Bryan Valencia aka Flint, 26, of Los Angeles, who allegedly sold drugs and collected “taxes” from gangs under Danny Roman’s control;
        Eduardo Ramirez aka Blackie, 22, of Los Angeles, who allegedly supplied firearms and drugs to Harpys members;
        Juan Delgado aka Kimo, 32, of Los Angeles, who allegedly collected taxes from gangs;
        Carlos Delgado aka Oso, 20, of Los Angeles, who allegedly assisted in the sale and delivery of methamphetamine;
        Jimmy Ramos aka Jimmy Bones, 28, of Los Angeles, who allegedly sold methamphetamine and transported large amounts of cash;
        Jorge Sanchez aka Gizmo, 31, of Los Angeles, who is linked to the Florencia 13 gang and who allegedly sold methamphetamine;
        Gwendolyn Etta aka Gwen, 34, of Los Angeles, who allegedly sold methamphetamine with Jorge Sanchez;
        Marilyn Eta, 27, of Los Angeles, who allegedly assisted Manuel Bonilla in the sale of drugs and helped Bonilla hide from the police after Bonilla murdered a customer over a drug debt;
        Mario Basulto aka Bouncer, 27, of Victorville, who allegedly sold drugs and cellular telephones inside a California state prison;
        Ronnie Orozco, 37, of Los Angeles, who is linked to the 38th Street gang and who allegedly oversaw the collection of taxes from the Alameda Swap Meet;
        Angel Cenea, 22, of Hollywood, who is linked to the La Mirada Locos gang, and who allegedly attempted to smuggle drugs and cellular telephones into a California state prison;
        Nancy Buckley, 28, of Los Angeles, who allegedly helped her husband, Iman Buckley, funnel drug proceeds to Danny Roman;
        Denise Halawi, 41, of San Bernardino, who allegedly conspired to sell methamphetamine; and
        Walter Alarcon, 36, of Los Angeles, an Eastside Playboys gang member who is charged by himself in an indictment that accuses him of distributing methamphetamine.
        Christopher Velasquez aka Whisper,

      December 9, 2012

      SAN BERNARDINO--- Froylan Chiprez known San Bernardino gang member and accused Mexican Mafia associate was found guilty on four counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder for a July 9, 2000 attack dubbed the "Dead Presidents" case. Chiprez was convicted of leading a crew to a Vine Street residence to deliver a message to the Agudo brothers that they were to relinquish control of two prominent Westside gang factions on the order of Salvador Orozco Hernandez. The Agudo brothers were aligned with a rival Mexican Mafia leader vying for control of a lucrative drug, weapons and money laundering operation involving members of the San Manuel Tribe. Chiprez fled the area following the shooting and remained a fugitive until his arrest on June 21, 2011 in Tijuana, Mexico.

      December 12, 2012

      SAN DIEGO--- 32 year old incarcerated Mexican Mafia associate Eduardo Macias one of three men charged with the attempted murder of a fellow inmate at Donovan State Prison attacked his attorney William Burgener with a crudely fashioned razor during an appearance in the court of Judge Peter Deddeh. Macias and co-defendants Geronimo Polina, 35, and Lionel Quinteros, 26, allegedly attacked Victor Ortiz on July 5, 2010. Prosecutors contend the trio acted on a green-light issued by the Mexican Mafia against Ortiz during a dispute between the victim and another influential Eme leader.

      December 17, 2012

      LOS ANGELES--- 30 year old Avenues gang member and accused Mexican Mafia associate Armando Albarran aka Chivo, charged with one count each of conspiracy and murder in the August 2, 2008, killing of 27 year old Los Angeles Sheriff Deputy Juan Abel Escalante in Cypress Park. Detained in Mexico, Albarran's arraignment was postponed until January 3., when he is expected to join fellow Avenues gang members Carlos Javier Velasquez, aka Stoney, Guillermo Hernandez, aka Flea, Jose Renteria and fugitive Roberto Salazar in the case.

      January 8, 2013

      LOS ANGELES--- Javier Perez, 35, one of four members or associates of the Columbia Lil' Cycos clique of the 18th Street gang found guilty of federal racketeering offenses that were the result of the September 2007 shooting of a street vendor near MacArthur Park, California that also resulted in the death of a 23 day old infant. Perez, Eduardo Hernandez, 35, Vladimir Iraheta, 31, and Leonidas Iraheta, 31 were also convicted in connection with the case.

      January 9, 2013

      SAN BERNARDINO--- 38 year old convicted Mexican Mafia assassin Froylan Chiprez filed a motion for a new trial on the day he was scheduled to be sentenced on four counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder. Jurors also found a special allegation that the murders were intentional killings committed by an active street gang member. Chiprez was order to appear in court for a confirmation of counsel hearing on January 14.

      January 10, 2013

      LOS ANGELES--- Disbarred attorney Isaac Guillen, 52, is sentenced to serve a 7 year term after pleading guilty to racketeering and money laundering charges. Guillen 'a former gang member and UCLA grad,' was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Dean Pregerson on the basis of Guillen's admission that he aided imprisoned Mexican Mafia shot-caller Francisco "Puppet" Martinez maintain control of the Columbia Lil Cycos clique of the 18th Street gang by ferrying messages from Martinez at the federal super-max prison in Florence, Colorado to gang minions in Los Angeles. Guillen admitted laundering approximately $1,300,000 in drug proceeds on Martinez's behalf for which he received a cut of $180,000. 35 year old Javier Perez was sentenced to serve life in a federal facility for his role in the murder of a 23 day old infant who was shot and killed in an attack on a street vendor who'd refused the gang's order that he pay $50 in rent for the right to operate near MacArthur Park. In addition to Guillen and Perez, three other members of the Columbia Lil Cycos clique have been found guilty in connection with this case and await sentencing. They are;
        Eduardo Hernandez, 35
        Vladmir Iraheta, 31
        Leonidas Irahta, 31

      January 13, 2013

      LOS ANGELES--- Accused Mexican Mafia associate and Azusa 13 gang leader Santiago "Chico" Rios was sentenced to 19 years and 7 months in prison after admitting that he conspired to attack blacks in an effort to purge them from the city of Azusa. U.S. District Judge Gary A. Feess also sentenced Rios son Louie "Lil Chico" Rios to serve a 10 year sentence for aiding his father. Rios promotion of the Azusa gang's policy dated back to 1992 when deceased Azusa shot-caller Ruben Rodriquez and Eme member issued the green-light against blacks.

      January 16, 2013

      ORANGE COUNTY--- 34 year old Kinney Stephen Uribe, a self-confessed member of the Mexican Mafia was scheduled to appear in court where it was expected a judge would sign off on a plea agreement which would net the gangster known as "Fat A--" a 40 year prison term, $5 million fine and lifetime probation supervision. In addition to admitting membership in the organization Uribe acknowledged his role in the sale of more than 100 grams of heroin through members of the F-Troop Gang. Uribe will remain in federal custody inside the Santa Ana county jail until he is sentenced at an undetermined date by U.S. District Court Judge James V. Selna.

      Febuary 15, 2013

      SAN DIEGO--- 51 year old Robert Mercado, is sentenced to a 14 year federal prison term by U.S. District Judge Anthony Battaglia. An admitted drug dealer and trusted lieutenant of Salvador Colabella, Mercado was one of three dozen members and associates of the Mexican Mafia named in "Operation Carnalismo," last year.

      March 5, 2013

      LOS ANGELES--- 42 year old Rafael Munoz-Gonzalez, aka "Cisco" is sentenced to serve a life term in federal prison by U.S. District Judge A. Howard Matz. Aided by his brother Cesar Munoz-Gonzalez "Blanco" a 38 year old Rowland Heights resident, "Cisco" used the 600 member gang to extend his influence and control over gang activity in La Puente, Hacienda Heights, Walnut, West Covina as well as unincorporated areas in Bassett, Valinda and Azusa. Many of the areas targeted by the Munoz-Gonzalez brothers belonged to rival street gangs aligned with rival Mexican Mafia leader Jacques "Jocko" Padilla. Prosecutors charged that Blanco trafficked large quantities of methamphetamine. Others sentenced in connection with the case were Abraham Aldana, 20, a parolee from West Covina known as "Listo" who served as a collector and enforcer for Cisco following his release from Pelican Bay in 2008, and Michael Torres aka "Mikey" a 43 year old La Puente gang veterano. Aldana received a 27 year term and Torres was sentenced to serve a 25 year sentence on February 25.

      March 18, 2013

      SAN DIEGO--- Mexican Mafia associate Silvano Hernandez, Jr., 40, from San Diego, was sentenced by United States District Judge Anthony J. Battaglia to serve 210 months (17.5 years) in custody after Hernandez pled guilty to conspiracy to participate in the affairs of a racketeering enterprise (RICO conspiracy), in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1962. Hernandez was one of 36 individuals arrested last year as part of Operation Carnalismo, an investigation that targeted the Mexican Mafia’s organized criminal activity in January 2012.

      As part of his plea, Hernandez admitted to participating in the organized criminal activity of the Mexican Mafia. Specifically, he admitted to distributing, on average, 30-40 pounds of methamphetamine per month in San Diego. Hernandez stated that he distributed anywhere from 1/4-pound to multi-pound quantities of methamphetamine to a number of drug dealers who, in turn, sold the methamphetamine in smaller quantities. Assistant U.S. Attorney Peter J. Mazza, the lead prosecutor on the case, told Judge Battaglia at today’s sentencing hearing that the 30-40 pounds of methamphetamine Hernandez distributed onto the streets of San Diego every month roughly equated to well over 50,000 doses of methamphetamine per month. At the time of his arrest, investigators seized nearly $150,000 in cash from his residence and a 2011 Lincoln sedan valued at approximately $50,000.

        Defendant in Criminal Case No. 12CR290-AJB
        Silvano Hernandez, Jr.
        Age: 40

        Progress of Cases Charged as Part of Operation Carnalismo

        Summary: As of March 15, 2013, 30 of 36 defendants have been convicted, and 14 of those 30 have been sentenced.

        12CR290-AJB Convictions

        Salvadore Colabella—RICO conspiracy
        Jose Luis Mercado—RICO conspiracy
        Robert Mercado—Violent Crime in aid of racketeering (168 months in custody)
        Maria de Jesus Claudia Ochoa—RICO conspiracy
        Silvano Hernandez—RICO conspiracy
        Jose Briseno-Contreras—RICO conspiracy (46 months in custody)


        Ramon Agredano—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine (84 months in custody)
        Ricardo Cornejo—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine (135 months in custody)
        David York—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine
        Guillermo Chaidez—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine (120 months in custody)
        Adrian Dominguez—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine
        Charles Smith—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine Anna Sheneman—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine (93 months in custody)
        Esteban Rodriguez—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine (60 months in custody)


        Juan Guerrero—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine (135 months in custody)
        Jorge Moreno—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine Eduardo Moreno—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine (120 months in custody)
        Allen Mundell—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine
        Brett Youkel—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine (120 months in custody)
        Lacy McElroy—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine (100 months in custody)


        Alfredo Bazurto—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine
        Charles Monroe—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine
        Jose Pedro Covarrubias—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine (120 months in custody)
        George Chavez—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine Jose Esparza—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine John Atkinson—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine (120 months in custody)
        Annabel Vasquez—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine
        Fantaja Deleal—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine (78 months in custody)


        Carlos Lozano—Distribution of methamphetamine (57 months in custody)

      April 15, 2013

      SAN BERNARDINO--- Victor Angulo, a 39 year member of Varrio Norwalk is ordered to stand trial for the murder of Angel Cortez, 21, a member of San Bernardino's Little Counts at a home in the 200 block of 11th Street on May 14, 2011. Angulo reputedly killed Cortez during an argument which ensued during an attempt by Angulo to enforce a tax on a criminal endeavor run by Cortez. Authorities charge that Angulo shot Cortez in the back of the head, burned his body and attempted to conceal his remains in a makeshift grave in his backyard. Comments attributed to Angulo indicate he was concerned about retribution from Cortez's gang following his ill-fated tax attempt. Angulo is due back in court on April 26.

      May 13, 2013

      RIVERSIDE--- Julio Cesar Ramirez, a 37 year old leader of Riverside's Casa Blanca Vagabundos gang was sentenced to serve a 24 year federal prison term. Ramirez was one of 4 influential Vagabundos members and associates targeted in a multi-agency probe that featured several undercover purchases of narcotics and firearms. Among those charged were;

        Carlos Alberto Ramirez, Julio Ramirez’s brother, 32, of Fontana, indicted in 2011 for distribution of methamphetamine. He was arrested April 25 after being a federal fugitive for almost two years. If convicted, he faces a mandatory minimum of 20 years.

        Gerardo Pulido, 37, of Riverside, sentenced May 21, 2012, to 30 months in federal prison. Pulido pleaded guilty to distribution of methamphetamine;

        Sergio Abraham Cota-Serrano, 39, of Perris, sentenced Dec. 8, 2011, to 12 months and one day in federal prison. Cota-Serrano pleaded guilty to illegal re-entry after deportation.

      May 15, 2013

      SAN DIEGO--- Eduardo Macias, a 33 year old San Diego area gang member charged along with Geronimo Polina, 36, and Lionel Quinteros of attempting to execute Victor Ortiz on behalf of the Mexican Mafia at Donovan State Prison in 2010, faces a life term when sentenced on May 21. Macias admitted attacking Ortiz with a weapon during a fight on the prison yard during the trial but authorities charge that the attack was an attempt to end a dispute between Ortiz and another Mafia member over control of the prison's illicit economy. Quinteros was acquitted of conspiracy and attempted murder but convicted of assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury by a prisoner and sentenced to 8 years in prison. Polina is scheduled for sentencing in June.

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      May 21, 2013

      LOS ANGELES---An investigation conducted by a joint task force resulted in federal charges against 20 suspected members and associates of a Mexican Mafia controlled clique of the 18th street gang. The investigation targeted senior leadership and shot callers of the Rancho Park Locos (RPK) resulting in a grand jury indictment on charges of conspiracy, possession and distribution of methamphetamine and a variety of weapons violations. Among those named in the indictment were;

        Jonathan Hernandez, of Inglewood: Distribution of methamphetamine
        Daniel Lopez of Los Angeles: Dealing in firearms without a license and felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition
        Jaime Moreno of Los Angeles: Distribution of methamphetamine
        Pedro Ramirez of Los Angeles: Conspiracy and distribution of methamphetamine
        Max Maestas of Los Angeles: Conspiracy and distribution of methamphetamine
        Victor Coreas of Los Angeles: Conspiracy and distribution of methamphetamine
        Julian Martinez of Los Angeles: Conspiracy and distribution of methamphetamine; and aiding and abetting
        Evelyn Sotelo of Los Angeles: Conspiracy and distribution of methamphetamine; and aiding and abetting
        Brenda Sevilla of Los Angeles: Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and distribution of methamphetamine
        Rigoberto Jimenez of Los Angeles (arrested in Redding, California): Distribution of methamphetamine and felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition
        Gosada Munoz of Los Angeles (previously in state custody): felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition
        Juan Barragan of Hawthorne (previously in federal custody): Felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition and distribution of methamphetamine
        Luis Alberto Jimenez of Los Angeles (previously in federal custody): Felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition
        Henry Borja of Los Angeles: Distribution of methamphetamine; arrested Monday, May 20
        Dainler Baquedano: Distribution of methamphetamine (previously in custody)
        Jorge Dominguez: Conspiracy and distribution of methamphetamine (previously in custody)
        Johnny Robert Hernandez: Felon in possession of a firearm (previously in custody)
        Joshua Perez: Conspiracy and distribution of methamphetamine (previously in custody)
        Roberto Yepez: Distribution of methamphetamine (previously in custody)
        Hilary Apperson: Distribution of methamphetamine.

      May 23, 2013

      SAN DIEGO---Cecilia Virgen-DeLeon, 31, of Salina, Kansas is arrested and charged with aiding and abetting criminal activity of incarcerated Mexican Mafia leaders. Virgen-Deleon is said to have arranged phone calls from her Kansas home with Mexican Mafia members and associates at the Los Angeles county jail on several occasions.

      May 23, 2013

      SAN DIEGO---"Crazy" Rudy Espudo, 40 year old Mexican Mafia representative in charge of San Diego's North County pled guilty to conspiracy and drug trafficking charges. Espudo's plea covers multiple counts of a superseding indictment which included conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, conspiracy to conduct enterprise affairs through a pattern of racketeering activity and knowingly and intentionally brandishing a firearm during crimes of violence or drug trafficking. Espudo's admission that he engaged in drug trafficking and extortion, and profitting from criminal activity committed by gang members under his protection is a violation of past Eme edicts which prohibit admission of guilt. Espudo faces life in prison at his sentencing which has been scheduled for October 7.

        Salvador "Sal" Colabella

      May 24, 2013

      SAN DIEGO---"Crazy" Salvador Nicola Colabella aka Sal, 54 year old Mexican Mafia representative from Barrio Logan Heights in San Diego is sentenced to a 262 month federal prison term on the basis of his . August 9, 2012 plea agreement to RICO conspiracy charges. Under the terms of the plea deal Colabella admitted participation in the Mexican Mafia and overseeing on its behalf a significant portion of the criminal activity committed in the San Diego area by hispanic street gang members. Among the crimes attributed to Colabella and his associates were drug trafficking, extortion and profiting from the criminal activity of gang members working under his command.

      Progress of Cases Charged as Part of Operation Carnalismo—Convictions and Sentences


        Salvadore Colabella—RICO conspiracy—262 months
        Jose Luis Mercado—RICO conspiracy—sentencing June 28, 2013
        Robert Mercado—Violent crime in aid of racketeering—168 months
        Maria De Jesus Claudia Ochoa—RICO conspiracy—sentencing July 26, 2013
        Silvano Hernandez—RICO conspiracy—210 months
        Jose Briseno-Contreras—RICO conspiracy—46 months

        Ramon Agredano—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—84 months
        Richard Cornejo—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—135 months
        David York—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—120 months
        Guillermo Chaidez—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—120 months
        David Garcia—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—120 months
        Adrian Dominguez—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—108 months
        Charles Smith—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—120 months
        Anna Sheneman—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—93 months
        Esteban Rodriguez—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—60 months

        Juan Guerrero—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—135 months
        Jorge Moreno—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—sentencing June 28, 2013
        Edward Moreno—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—120 months
        Allen Mundell—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—120 months
        Brett Youkel—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—120 months
        Lacy McElroy—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—100 months

        Alfredo Bazurto—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—sentencing June 7, 2012
        Charles Monroe—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—120 months
        Jose Pedro Covarrubias—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—120 months
        George Chavez—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—120 months
        Jose Esparza—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—130 months
        John Atkinson—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—120 months
        Annabel Vasquez—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—72 months
        Fantajamarie Cajmere Deleal—Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine—77 months

      May 24, 2013

      SAN DIEGO---56 year old Eduardo Arellano Felix pled guilty to money laundering and conspiracy charges in San Diego federal court. Under the terms of a plea agreement, federal prosecutors will recommend Arellano Felix sentence to be set at 15 years. Arellano Felix admitted laundering millions of dollars in drug proceeds, setting aside a portion for bribes and weapons purchases. He also admitted purchasing large volumes of marijuana and cocaine for distribution in the United States. The Arellano Felix Cartel were the first to form an alliance with Mexican Mafia members to distribute drugs in the United States.

      Eduardo Arellano Felix

      June 4, 2013

      LONG BEACH---Federal charges were filed agains 16 members and associates of the Eastside Longos for their roles in a distribution network specializing in methamphetamine. Among those named in either criminal complaints or grand jury indictments returned in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles were;

        Gerardo Galvan, aka “Big Head,” 31, of San Pedro
        John David Martin, aka “Smokey,” 30, of Cudahy
        Manuel Cuanriquez, aka “Wacky,” 31, of Downey
        Jose G. Hernandez, “Serio,” 31, considered to be a fugitive
        John Gonzalez, aka “Cisco,” 33, of Long Beach
        Raudel Sandoval, aka “Lil Gumby,” 32, of Long Beach
        Danny Jose Salazar, “Lonely,” 28, of Long Beach
        Geraldo Santos, aka “Sugar Bear,” 30, of Bellflower
        Joseph Ferguson, aka “Jawbreaker,” 41, of Florida
        Martha Torres, aka “lil’ Martha,” 25, of Wilmington
        Francisco Sianez, aka “Profit,” of Texas
        Daniel Martinez, “Soldier Boy,” 25, previously in state custody
        Jose Antonio Baldovinos, aka “Lil Bozo,” 35, deported.
        Baltazar Santacruz, 35, previously in federal custody
        Julio Mario Peraza, aka “Coco,” 27, deported.
        Jose Manuel Gomez, aka “Gato,” 37, previously in state custody
        Mario J. Engfui, 33 was detained by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department on a murder charge.

      June 5, 2013

      WASHINGTON D.C.---The U.S. Department of Treasury designated six member of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) pursuant to Executive Order 13581. The designation of the six who were said to work for or on behalf of MS-13, were targeted in an attempt to disrupt the groups activities which include human smuggling, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, kidnapping, murder, assassinations, racketeering, blackmail, extortion and immigration offenses.

      June 4, 2013

      WASCO---21 year old Angel Martin Torres 'AN7008' is shot and killed during a prison riot on the Facility A exercise yard. Approximately 40 inmates engaged each other at 09:30 at the Wasco State Prison-Reception Center. Torres was serving an 11 year term for a gang related stabbing in Mecca, California on New Years eve 2011. He'd been housed at Wasco pending transfer to a permanent facility since March 12, 2013.

        Name: Moris Alexander Bercian Manchon
        AKA: "El Barney"
        Date of Birth: October 30, 1984
        Place of Birth: San Salvador, El Salvador
        Nationality: Salvadoran

        Name: Jose Misael Cisneros Rodriguez,
        AKA: Jose Misal Cisneros
        AKA: "Medio Millon"
        AKA: "Half Million"
        Date of Birth: October 2, 1976
        Place of Birth: Agua Caliente, Chalatenango, El Salvador
        Nationality: Salvadoran

        Name: Marvin Geovanny Monterrosa-Larios
        AKA: Marvin Jeovanny Monterrosa-Larios
        AKA: "Enano"
        Date of Birth: May 21, 1974
        Place of Birth: San Miguel, San Miguel, El Salvador
        Nationality: Salvadoran

        Name: Moises Humberto Rivera-Luna,
        AKA: "Santos"
        AKA: "Viejo Santos"
        Date of Birth: May 23, 1969
        Place of Birth: San Salvador, El Salvador
        Nationality: Salvadoran

        Name: Saul Antonio Turcios Angel
        AKA: "El Trece"
        AKA: "Shayboys"
        Date of Birth: May 17, 1978
        Place of Birth: Zaragoza, La Libertad, El Salvador
        Nationality: Salvadoran

        Name: Borromeo Enrique Henriquez Solorzano
        AKA: Racson Mario Rivera Arias
        AKA: "El Diablo Pequeno"
        AKA: "El Diablo"
        AKA: "El Diablito"
        AKA: "El Diablito De Hollywood"
        Date of Birth: July 27, 1978
        Place of Birth: San Salvador, El Salvador
        Nationality: Salvadoran

      June 11, 2013

      SAN BERNARDINO---Closing arguments in a civil trial in which Leonard Epps, 42, of San Bernardino sought a multi-million dollar payout from members of the San Manuel tribe for their role in a 2006 plan to have him killed by members and associates of the Mexican Mafia. Epps alleged that he was targeted for murder by Erik and Stacy Barajas-Nunez for his role in a series of gang related incidents at the Brass Key bar formerly owned by San Manuel Tribal member Greg Duro where Epps was employed as a manager. The saga allegedly began when Erik Barajas was confronted by members of an Eme affiliated gang upset with Barajas younger brother for testifying against a member of their clique facing trial for murder. Barajas ultimately exchanged $4,000 and a rolex watch to settle the dispute. Barajas is now accused of conspiring with his sister Stacy and convicted Eme shot-caller Salvador Hernandez, 48, Hernandez's brother Alfred, 42 for failing to protect him or of planning the incident.

      June 25, 2013

      LOS ANGELES---Mexican Mafia shot caller Eulalio "Lalo" Martinez, 51 dies of an apparent overdose in his cell at the Los Angeles county jail. Martinez had controlled Mexican Mafia activity at the Los Angeles county jail since his arrival in September 2007 to face racketeering and murder charges.

      July 30, 2013

      SAN BERNARDINO--- A jury awards Leonard Epps, 43, more than $4.5 million for a plot initiated by San Manuel tribal members and Mexican Mafia associates Stacy Barajas-Nunez, 30 and her brother Erik Barajas, 40 in 2008. Stacey Barajas-Nunez solicited a "green light," on Epps following a confrontation involving Erik Barajas and James Seay at the Brass Key bar in Highland in 2006. The month long trial concluded with the verdict announced July 18, awarding Epps $377,000 for past lost wages, $2.5 million for past emotional distress and $1.7 million for future emotional distress, bringing total compensatory damages to $4,577,000. In addition, jurors determined Barajas-Nunez was responsible for 45 percent of the damages and Erik Barajas was 33 percent responsible, court records show.
      In August 2008, the two high-ranking members of the Mexican Mafia who the Barajases solicited to kill Epps, Salvador Orozco Hernandez, 48, and his brother Alfred Hernandez, 44, were sentenced to 10 years and 9 years in prison, respectively, for their roles in the murder conspiracy.
      Federal drug agents and San Bernardino police officers learned of the murder conspiracy during a joint investigation into the Mexican Mafia's methamphetamine rackets in San Bernardino in 2006. The investigation revealed the influence and ties some San Manuel tribal members, including the Barajases, have to local gang members and the Mexican Mafia, according to police and court records.
      The second phase of the trial will begin Aug. 26, when jurors will deliberate how much in punitive damages Epps should be awarded.

      August 7, 2013

      SACRAMENTO--- 44 members and associates of La Eme and Mexico's La Familia drug cartel are indicted for their role in an attempt to forge a union among traditional gang rivals for illicit purposes. Chief among those named in the indictment are Arturo Castellanos aka Tablas, a Mexican Mafia shot-caller serving a life term in the SHU at Pelican Bay State Prison. Castellanos is one of four leading figures leading a month long hunger strike in protest of living conditions for inmates housed in isolation. Castellanos was reportedly aided in organizing the protest by Leonel Laredo aka Wizard, also a Florencia 13 member. Convicted of murder in Los Angeles in 1979 Castellanos was shipped to Pelican Bay in 1990. He is alleged to have participated in a half dozen prison stabbings. Others named in the indictment were;


        Leonel Laredo aka "Wiza Celina Arana
        Jesus Cervantes
        Jessenia Medina
        Marco L
        Jose Dorado
        Hector Martin
        Tannous Fazah
        Mariana Laredo
        Josue Rojas
        Victor Espinoza aka "Te
        Jose Galvez
        Max Maestas aka "Sn
        Eduardo Ayala
        Rene Juarez aka "Scrappy"
        Eleasar Acosta
        Alberto Sifuentes aka "Bluebird"
        Jose Granados
        Javier Manuel Ulloa aka "Yogi"
        Jose Cazeres
        Jose Mandujano aka "Chuchi"
        Arturo Mendez
        Oscar Olivera Avila
        Jose Sanchez aka Trouble
        Julian Becerra
        Jesse Barraza "Chapito"
        Giselle Casado aka "Guera"
        Beatriz Tavira aka Betty
        Jesus Meza aka "Chana"
        Haydee Medina
        David Proo aka "D"

      Members and associates listed under La Familia indictment;

        • Jose Rodriguez-Landa, also known as “Fox” and “Fox Tapia,” 49, of Michoacán, an alleged Mexican Mafia member currently in custody in a Los Angeles County jail;
        • Michael Moreno, aka “Boo,” 55, of Fresno, an alleged member of the Mexican Mafia, who was arrested this morning;
        • Fred Anthony Montoya, aka “Fast Freddy,” 46, of Antioch, California, an alleged Mexican Mafia member who is currently in custody in a California state prison;
        • Freddie Montes, 44, of Castaic, an alleged member of La Familia, who was arrested this morning;
        • Luis Gerardo Vega, aka “Little” and “Little One,” 30, of the Pico-Union district of Los Angeles, an alleged Mexican Mafia member who is currently in custody in a Los Angeles County jail;
        • Manuel Larry Jackson, aka “Cricket,” 49, of Monterey Park, an alleged Mexican Mafia member, who was arrested this morning;
        • Jimmy Ruben Soto, aka “Rube” and “Old Man,” 77, of Visalia, an alleged member of the Mexican Mafia, who was arrested this morning;
        • Raymond Lozano, 36, of San Diego, an alleged Mexican Mafia associate who is currently incarcerated in a federal prison;
        • Efrain Isak Rosales, aka “Tucán,” 35, an alleged member of La Familia who resides in Michoacán and who is currently being sought by authorities;
        • Sonia Apodaca, aka “Shorty,” 44, of El Monte, an alleged “secretary” of the Mexican Mafia, who was arrested this morning;
        • Claudia Garcia, aka “Giggles,” 42, of the Gramercy Park district of Los Angeles, an alleged associate of the Mexican Mafia, who was arrested this morning;
        • Adam Rios, aka “Blanco,” 35, of Sylmar, an alleged associate of La Familia, who was arrested this morning; and
        • Omar Hugo Robles, 30, of Sylmar, an alleged associate of La Familia,

      August 27, 2013

      SAN DIEGO---Eme associate Geronimo Polina, 38, convicted in December, along with Eduardo Macias, 33, of conspiracy to murder, attempted murder and assault, was sentenced to 75 years to life, plus 16 years. Jurors ruled that the July 5, 2010, attack on Victor Ortiz, an inmate at Donovan State Prison was carried out for the benefit of a street gang. Polina's record contains felony convictions for making criminal threats and assault with a deadly weapon. Court records show Polina assaulted an accused child molester two days before the start of his trial for the Ortiz attack. Macias sentencing is scheduled to take place in September.

      September 15, 2013

      SANTA ANA---Eme associate Eduardo Macias, 33, is sentenced to 64 years to life, plus 35 years for conspiracy to murder, attempted murder and assault charges. Macias was convicted in December 2012 in a July 5, 2010, attack on Victor Ortiz, an inmate at Donovan State Prison was carried out for the benefit of a street gang.

      September 24, 2013

      SAN DIEGO---Eme associates George "Monk" Martinez and John Terrones alledged leaders of the Santa Ana based Delhi gang are among 129 Orange County gang members and associates indicted in Operation Smoking Aces. Martinez and Terrones are charged with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and heroin. A subsequent conspiracy charge was lodged against Mario Franco, a member of a separate Santa Ana based gang involved in the distribution of narcotics on behalf of La Eme.

      October 8, 2013

      LOS ANGELES---82 year old emero George Bustamante is sentenced to serve 6 years in prison under the RICO Act. Authorities charged Bustamante with using his influence as a senior member of the 38th Street gang to coordinate a variety of criminal activities including extortion, drug sales and assaults. Bustamante entered a guilty plea in July in an attempt to escape a 20 year federal term. Previously convicted for Mafia related activities in 1996, Bustamante served nearly four years in federal prison before his release and return to active status as a mafia operative.

      October 3, 2013

      SAN BERNARDINO---Former Westside gang member Froylan Chiprez is sentenced by Judge William Jefferson Powell to four life terms without parole, plus 125 years to life and an additional 31 years for his role in the "Dead Presidents" quadruple murder in July 2000. Judge Powell commented "Life in prison without the possibility of parole is the only way to keep society safe from what I can only describe as a monster." Chiprez was part of a crew sent to an intra-gang meeting on Vine street on July 9, 2000 to discuss gang business and met out discipline for infractions. The true purpose of the crew consisting of Chiprez, Luis Mendoza, John Ramirez, Lorenzo Arias and others, was to remove Johnny and Gilbert Agudo from their positions as Presidents of the Calle Siete Locos and Lil Counts gangs. Killed during the ambush were the Agudo brothers, Anthony Luna, 27 and Marcelino Luna, 19. Wounded in the attack were Armando Villasenor and Michael Velarde. Killed shortly before the attack was Big Ed Vargas, older half-brother of the Lunas. Chiprez was arrested a decade after the attack in Tijuana, Mexico.

      October 20, 2013

      LOS ANGELES---32 year old Rudy Aguirre Jr., also known as "Lil Psycho" was sentenced to 25 years to prison. A primary target in a 2009 investigation targeting members of the Avenues gang was charged with the 1999 death of a rival gang member as well as a 2008 slaying of a fellow Avenues member who had been accused of fraudulently taxing Los Angeles gang members for the Mexican Mafia.

      October 22, 2013

      SAN BERNARDINO--- Albert Angel Amaya aka Big Spanky was arrested in Sedalia, Missouri 5 years after receiving a 25 year to life sentence under the 3 strikes law. Spanky and Javier Joaquin Luque were convicted of extortion and carjacking during a 2006 incident. Luque was also charged of murdering Ronald Jaramillo and Elizabeth Amaya in northern San Bernardino September 2006. Both Amaya and Luque were associates of the Hernandez brothers, two Emero whose attempt to subdue San Bernardino's hispanic gang consortium resulted in a number of murders including the those of Michael "Kiki" Carillo, Ernie "Leche" Carillo, Big Ed Vargas and the Vine Street massacre that claimed among others the lives of the Agudo brothers. Javier Luque is currently serving time in Calipatria..

        Albert A. Amaya "Spanky"

      October 24, 2013

      SAN DIEGO--- Rudy Espudo aka Crazy Boy is sentenced to 35 year in prison for his role in a RICO case involving drug distribution and crims of violence. A validated member of the Mexican Mafia representing San Diego county, Espudo oversaw the gang's activities in northern San Diego county. Under Espudo's direction San Diego gang members engaged in drug trafficking, extortion and tax collection. Convicted on 3 counts of the August 2, 2012 indictment, Espudo was found to have distributed methamphetamine and cocaine, brandished a firearm during the commission of a crime of violence in addition to the RICO charges. Convicted along with Espudo were 7 members of the Escondido based Diablos, West Side and Varrio Fallbrook Locos gang.


        Rudy Espudo, aka Crazy Boy Age 41, Escondido, California
        Pablo Franco aka Casper, Age 31, Escondido, California
        Francisco Gutierrez aka Bullet, Age 29, Fallbrook, California
        Julio Solorzano aka Mowgli, Age 20, Escondido, California
        Hector Fernandez aka Evil, Age 23, Escondido, California
        Jose Cornejo aka Rabbit, Age 21, EScondido, California
        Hector Garcia aka Studders, Age 20, Escondido, California

      November 19, 2013

      OXNARD--- Authorities announced the arrest of 14 of 17 defendants named in the third phase of Operation SuperNova by a multi-agency task force targeting Mexican Mafia-affiliated street gangs in Ventura County. The year-long undercover operation featured a series of narcotics transactions which resulted in the seizure of 2 lbs., of methamphetamine and an unknown quantity of heroin supplied by a Mexican DTO controlled by alledged Mexican Mafia member Martin Madrigal-Cazares. Among those targeted in phase three were the "shot callers" of a number of Ventura and Oxnard gangs including Lemonwood, Surtown and the Ventura Avenue Gangsters. Among those named in the indictment were:

        David Acosta, 33
        Daniel Armendariz, 38
        Pedro Arrieta, 42
        Robert De La Cerda, 35
        Lina Fuentes, 35

        Daniel Gonzales, 40
        Phillip Guerra, 28
        Ruben Hernandez, 20
        Alejandro Herrera, 38
        David Leal, 44

        Martin Madrigal-Cazares, 38
        Dillon Mansell, 21
        Armando Molina, 30
        Edwin Mora, 29
        Librado Navarrete, 27

        Frank Ruiz, 32
        Javier Tamayo, 35

      November 21, 2013

      POMONA---34 year old Robert Gonzales Castro, was found guilty of murder with two special circumstances of a killing committed during the commission of a robbery and committing a previous murder. A self-admitted member of the Pomona 12th Street gang, Castro faces a death sentence for the May 18, 2008 shooting death of Juan Genaro Gonzalez in front of a Moreno Valley home. Charged in the case were Steven Ray Eynon "who entered a plea of guilty to the charges," and Castro's brother Anthony Gonzalez who was acquitted in the death of Gonzalez. Both men pled guilty to the Moreno Valley murder of 58 year old Ronald Sexson who was killed when he discovered the pair climbing out of a window at his home. Both were sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

      November 24, 2013

      LOS ANGELES--- Jurors convict Andre Upshaw on two counts of murder and one attempted murder count in a March 2009 incident in the Echo and Glassell Park neighborhoods. On March 1, 2009, Upshaw drove from his Pasadena home to Echo Park where he wounded William Vargas on Echo Park Avenue. He then drove around the corner and confronted Eric Zamarripa aka Chopper, an influential leader of the Echo Park Gang. Approximately 30 minutes later Upshaw shot and killed Carlos Gonzalez another member of the Echo Park gang in the 4300 block of Toland Way. Upshaw seeking to curry favor with Mexican Mafia leaders carried out the attacks against members of his own gang. Zamarippa was reportedly calling shots for the Echo Park Gang at the time of his murder.

      December 10, 2013

      LOS ANGELES---20 members and associates of MS-13 were charged with violations which include distribution of methamphetamine and extortion activities in the areas of Los Angeles where the gang operates. These areas include the Rampart, Wilshire, Olympic and Hollywood areas.

      Those charged in the federal indictments are listed below.

        Thomas Rodriguez, aka “Big Boy,” 35, Los Angeles, arrested
        Jose Rodriguez, aka “Dreamer,” 34, Los Angeles, arrested
        Jorge Orellana, aka “Spike,” 34, Los Angeles, arrested
        Anival Orellana, aka “Pantera,” 35, Los Angeles, arrested
        Juan Garcia, aka “Duende,” 32, Los Angeles, arrested
        Rogelio Lemus, aka “Sky,” 42, Los Angeles, arrested
        Elvis Molina, aka “Lil Comando,” 33, Lynwood, fugitive
        Jose Avelar, aka “Chema,” 38, Los Angeles, arrested
        Lazaro Nunez, aka “Fino,” 28, Los Angeles, arrested
        Fabel Roque, aka “Spooky,” 25, Kansas City, arrested
        Sandra Hernandez Chinchila, 40, Valencia, arrested
        Mario Morales, aka “Plucky,” already in custody on unrelated charges
        Luis Vega, aka “Lil One,” 29, already in custody on unrelated charges
        Edwin Castillo, aka “Directo,” 31, already in custody on unrelated charges

      The state defendants are listed below.

        Santos Ventura, aka “Payaso,” 30, Los Angeles
        Jonathan Chavez, aka “Lento,” 25, Los Angeles
        Thomas Linares, aka “Lil Lonely,” 30, Los Angeles
        Oscar Chavez, 28, Los Angeles
        Ivan Castro, aka Inocente,” 21, already in custody

      December 11, 2013

      PASADENA---24 members and associates of one of Pasadena's oldest gangs were charged with federal crimes for their role in a drug trafficking operation active in the San Gabriel and Antelope Valleys. Authorities targeted members of Vario Pasadena Rifa (VPR) in an effort curb their distribution of large quantities of methamphetamine in the city of Pasadena and surrounding areas of the San Gabriel Valley. The indictment charged VPR shotcallers with directing a network of traffickers who facilitated drug sales on behalf of members of Mexico's Sinaloa cartel. The indictments released December 3 named the following people.

        Amy Morales, 34, Lancaster, Arrested
        Jennifer Elaine Beniche, 34, Rosamond, Arrested
        Michelle Labrador, 36, Rosamond, Arrested
        Horacio Godoy, 33, Rosamond, Arrested
        Vidal Garcia, aka “Billy,” 32, Lancaster,
        Rene Montenegro Martinez, aka “Lil Man,” “Midget,” 33, Palmdale, Arrested
        Ricardo Garcia, Jr., aka “Grumpy,” 21, Lancaster, Arrested
        Jose Salvador Villa, 37, West Covina, Arrested
        Dora Alicia Vasquez, aka “Dora Sanchez,” 29, Pasadena, Arrested
        Ernest Gabriel Alderette, aka “Ernie,” “Turtle,” 32, Pasadena, Arrested
        Edwin Benjamin Ayala, aka “Dex,” 34, Altadena, Arrested
        Francis Kolbjornsen, 29, Hawthorne, Arrested
        Osvaldo Hernandez Limas, 39, Lancaster, Fugitive
        Juan Carlos Garcia, 26, Norwalk, Fugitive
        Jose Daniel Rivera, aka “Clumsy”, already in federal custody on unrelated charges
        Unidentified Coconspirator, #145#, aka “Cousin”
        Unidentified Coconspirator, “163”, aka “Junior”
        Unidentified Coconspirator, “2574”
        Christopher Thomas Delgado, aka “Shorty,” already in state custody on unrelated charges
        Argenis Ariel Rosales, Deported
        Jose Ramos Martinez, aka “Timido,” Deported
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      January 8, 2014

      LOS ANGELES---25 year old Jose Contreras Zapien Jr., aka Youngster and Junior is sentenced to a 95 year to life prison term for two gang related murders committed in 2004. Seeking retribution against members of the Santa Monica 13 for the murder of fellow Sotel gang member Alain "Racoon" Castillo, Zapien was linked to 5 separate shootings spanning two years. Zapien was convicted in the February 2006 murder of 15 year old Eddie Lopez outside a Santa Monica convenience store.

      January 9, 2014

      SAN DIEGO---Federal investigators name 22 San Diego area affiliates of La Eme in an indictment charging crimes ranging from racketeering conspiracy to heroin and methamphetamine trafficking. A total of 68 people were arrested as a result of Operation Condor, a multi-agency operation initiated in April 2012. Five separate indictments were handed down charging 11 individuals with participation in a racketeering conspiracy in violation of state and federal statutes. According to the indictment, most of those targeted were Mexican Mafia associates operating in Oceanside and Vista, California. Among those charged were;

        Defendants Criminal Case No. 13CR4514-BEN

        Leonard Delgado, aka Spanky
        Steven Amador, aka Insane
        Isaac Ballesteros, aka Lazy
        Julio Rodriguez, aka Sniper
        Roberto Sotelo, aka PoPo, Top Hat
        Ruben Savala, aka Boxer
        Robert Collazao, aka Weasel
        George Garibay, aka Scooby
        Rachel Morales, aka Rachel Ruvalcaba
        Margaret Cano
        Angelica Ibanez
        Summary of Charges
        Conspiracy to conduct enterprise affairs through a pattern of racketeering activity, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1962(d)
        Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and heroin, in violation of Title 21, United States Code, Sections 841 and 846
        Maximum penalties: Life in prison
        In addition to the RICO portion of Operation Corridor, 11 defendants were charged in six related cases for various drug trafficking and firearm offenses. Those cases and defendants include:
        Defendants in Criminal Case No. 13CR4512-BEN
        Luis Cuevas, aka Youngster
        Helen Robles
        Summary of Charges
        Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute heroin; maximum penalties: 20 years in custody and $1 million fine
        Defendants in Criminal Case No. 13CR4513-BEN
        Priscilla Lopez, aka Gata
        Eva Madueno, aka Shady
        Summary of Charges
        Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute methamphetamine and heroin; maximum penalties: 40 years in custody and $5 million fine
        Defendants in Criminal Case No. 13CR4515-BEN
        Juan Ybarra, aka Listo
        Sherri Pelayo
        Michael Vaughn
        Summary of Charges
        Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine; conspiracy to launder money; maximum penalties: life in custody and $10 million fine
        Defendant in Criminal Case No. 13CR4511-JLS
        Hector Aguilar, aka Flaco
        Summary of Charges
        Felon in possession of a firearm; maximum penalties: 10 years in custody and $250,000 fine
        Defendant in Criminal Case No. 14MJ0038
        Kenneth Coleman, aka Lucky Age: 35
        Summary of Charges
        Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute methamphetamine and heroin
        Maximum penalties: 20 years in custody and $1 million fine
        Defendant in Criminal Case No. 14MJ0039
        Ricardo Chavez, aka Droopy
        Summary of Charges
        Possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute; maximum penalties: 20 years in custody and $1 million fine
        Defendant in Criminal Case No. 14MJ0038
        Chayo Moreno

      January 10, 2014

      MEXICALI---Pablo Michael Lepe Vargas, 23, a purported Eme associate was detained in Mexicali on Avenida San Quitin after authorities received a report of a an armed man. Authorities recovered two 12-gauge shotguns, a .22 caliber rifle, 87 9mm cartridges, 36 .22 caliber cartridges and a "practice" grenade in addition to a backpack containing narcotics paraphernalia and "ice."

      January 26, 2014

      ONTARIO---Armando Barajas, aka Mando, 50, of Pomona and Juan Gil aka "Nito" are convicted of violations of the Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), for their supervisory role over the activities of Ontario's Black Angels and affiliated street gangs which include Ontario Varrio Sur and the Junior Black Angels. Barajas was the lead defendant in a nine day trial which featured allegations that he organized gang members to commit violent crimes in connection with an Inland Valley drug operation that conspired to distribute heroin, methamphetamine and illegal firearms. Barajas reportedly succeeded Ruben Tommy Hernandez a legendary carnal known as Tupi upon the laters death while serving multiple life sentences in 2007. Gil reportedly aided Barajas in directing the gang's operations through his influence with younger OVS gang members. The stature of Mando Barajas puts him on par with fugitive Black Angel and Eme leader Daryl Castrejon aka Dangerous and Dashing D. The duo are a generation behind longtime Eme figure and Black Angel member Ronald Baisa aka Turtle.

      January 29, 2014

      SAN BERNARDINO---Four members of "Sur Crazy Ones" were detained in a series of raids conducted by the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, FBI and San Bernardino Police Department. Four members of the SURCO gang were booked at West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga. Jaime Castrellon, 24, Richard Ortega, 23, Javier Palomino, 30, and Ithzel Lopez, 29 faced various charges.

      April 3, 2014

      SANTA ANA---31 year old Saul Alejandro Sanchez, the first defendant to go to trial under Operation Smokin' Aces is sentenced to serve a 10 year term for assault, a crime committed for the benefit of a gang. Sanchez was video taped in a fight at the Orange County jail on February 1, 2012, an incident authorities charged was tied to a factional dispute within La Eme. The vicim in the case 'identified only as Roberto M.,' is presently serving a life sentence. Sanchez's criminal history includes a 2006 felony assault conviction for attacking a man with a baseball bat as well as convictions for auto theft and vandalism.

      May 8, 2014

      LOS ANGELES---Entering a plea of guilty 38 year old Manuel Valencia acknowledge his role as "shot-caller" and personal emissary for imprisoned Harpy's gang leader Danny Roman. Valencia avoided a potential life term by entering into the agreement under the terms of which he he is expected to receive a 27 year sentence on September 8. Valencia pled guilty to violating the RICO Act and "engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise connected to drug trafficking." During his stint as Harpy's shot-caller Valencia controlled more than a dozen gangs in an area controlled remotely by Roman from his cell at Pelican Bay. Valencia's plea comes one week after Danny Roman's daughter Vianna pled guilty in exchange for what is expected to be a 20 year prison term.

      May 11, 2014

      LOMPOC---Jury selection in the trial of Raymond Daniel Macias aka Boxer, alleged shot-caller and EME representative for Santa Barbara's Eastside Krazies, and Luis Alfredo Almanza, 22 is held. Macias faced four felony counts: kidnapping for extortion, torture, solicitation of extortion and sale of methamphetamine for his role as tax collector and overall business administrator for the Mexican Mafia in Santa Barbera county. Almanza aka Lucky faced two felony counts of kidnapping for extortion, torture and use of a deadly weapon.

      May 22, 2014

      MONTEBELLO---A jury recommends the death penalty for Montebello gang member Leonardo Cisneros, 30, for two murders committed during a 2004 robbery spree in Whittier and the San Gabriel Valley. District Attorney Frank Santoro called Cisneros "an evil guy who went... too far and killed innocent people for no reason." Cisneros reportedly bragged to an accomplice that he shot 22 year old Joseph Molina while robbing a Whittier store because he wasn't moving fast enough. Convicted on May 7 of two counts of first-degree murder, 18 counts of robbery and 1 count of attempted armed robbery, Cisneros sentencing has been set for June 18. Cisneros, Jose Resendez, 36, Sara Loepz, 30, Mitzie Oso, 35 and Bernadette Corvera were all charged in the case. Corvera pled guilty to being an accessory after the fact and was sentenced on Jan. 8, 2010 to 3 year probation. The remaining suspects are all scheduled for sentencing on June 2.

      June 14, 2014

      WHITTIER---Mariano "Chuy" Martinez, dies at the age of 56 while serving a life term for Eme related crimes.

      July 29, 2014

      EL MONTE---A 62 count indictment was unsealed charging 41 members and associates of the El Monte Flores gang with racketeering for drug and gang related crimes in the city of El Monte and South El Monte. Authorities linked the gangs activities with a Mexican Mafia plot to consolidate the activities of criminal gang activity in San Gabriel and parts of San Bernardino counties prior to 2007. This initiative authored in part by longtime Eme shot caller Frankie B. Buelna reportedly led several high-ranking Mexican Mafia members to order a green-light on Buelna. Since 2007 EMF members have aligned themselves with a consortium of Eme shot callers who include Raymond Shyrock aka "Huero", James Gutierrez aka "Chemo" and a third member identified as C.A.

      Each of the aforementioned Eme members passed orders onto Richard “Pitbull” Sanchez and Robert “Mosca” Rodriguez, who served as the gangs “shot callers” or “key holders” and Lenore Jara and Marie Gutierrez for the purpose of tax collection and discipline issues. Among those charged in the federal indictment are former fugitive and Baldwin Park murder suspect Johnny Mata, 33, who could face the death penalty if convicted of the fatal Dec. 24, 2010, shooting of a rival gang member. He’s also accused of attempted murder in connection with a later shooting.
      Mata was first arrested by El Monte police in connection with the fatal shooting in May of 2012. But he became the subject of an international manhunt when Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials mistakenly released him from custody in April of 2013, due to what officials described as a clerical error. A task force found Mata in Mexico May 7 and re-captured him.

      Also named in the RICO case is Richard Castro Rodriguez, 27, who is accused of possessing a gun for the furtherance of a drug trafficking crime in July of 2011.
      Rodriguez was at the center of a controversy in May of 2009, when a television news helicopter recorded an El Monte police officer kicking him in the head as he was surrendering at the end of a pursuit in Pico Rivera. Others named in the indictment were;

        James Gutierrez aka “Chemo”
        Richard Michael Sanchez aka “Pitbull”
        Robert Rodriquez aka “Mosca”
        Kenneth Cofer aka “Shady”
        Louis Armando Ruiz aka “Tall Luis” aka “Mike Lopez”
        John Rivera Jr. aka “Beetle”
        Marco Garcia aka “Sleepy”
        Lenore Jara
        Marie Gutierrez
        Johnny Mata aka “Minor”
        Jose Salas aka “Violent” aka “Eddie Boy”
        Christian LaFargo aka “Bossy”
        Richard Ballesteros aka “Smiley”
        Raymond Lopez aka “Loco Ray”
        Jose Luis Garcia aka “Lil Azteca”
        Arnold Machado aka “Chunks”
        William McCormick aka “Munchie”
        Rafael Lomeli aka “Pelon”
        Ruben Trinidad aka “Turk” aka “E-Loc”
        Michelle Victoria Cortez aka “Dimples”
        Bernadette Cortez aka “Smiley”
        Enrique Lopez aka “Kiki” aka “Ricky”
        Mark Jurado aka “Marco”
        Vincent Carlos Valencia aka “Solo”
        Gustavo Munoz aka “Topo”
        Anthony Gomez aka “Kirby” aka “Chente”
        Alfred Beserra aka “Enemy”
        Richard Castro Rodriguez aka “Turtle” aka “Richie Boy”
        Sergio Cordero aka “Bam Bam”
        Danny Cadena aka “Serio”
        Angel Hernandez aka “Gangster
        Richard Anthony Ponce aka “Ricky Boy”
        Karl Eugene Bowers aka “Chino”
        Mark Jeremy Salazar aka “Huero”
        Michael Sierra aka “Mellow”
        Angelica Castellano
        Melquiades Sanchez aka “Pelon”
        Pedro Sanchez aka “Toro”
        Manuel Ramos
        Salvador Hernandez aka “Tiburon”
        Hiram Ramirez aka “Tijuas”

      August 24, 2014

      VENTURA---The Ventura County Sheriff's office seize $4 million in cash and $5 million worth of drugs in a 12 month investigation of 7 individuals with ties to the Mexican Mafia. Authorities charge Michael 'Boo Boo' Moreno, 57, of Fresno with leading a drug ring with ties to the Sinaloa Cartel. Others arrested and charged with crimes which include extortion, conspiracy, criminal street gang enhancements, sales of controlled substances and possession of controlled substances for sale are:
        Gerardo Reyes, 41
        Alejandro Ornelas, 32
        Fidel Pina, 30
        Jose Rodriguez, 34
        Jaime Mora, 28
        Henri Mejia, 27,

      Authorities contend that Rodriguez also known as Dreamer, is a high-ranking figure nationally of the Mara-Salvatrucha gang.

      September 14, 2014

      OXNARD---37 year old Luis Manuel Tapia, identified by authorities as the shot-caller for the Colonia Chiques gang and a documented Mexican Mafia is convicted on 26 federal charges. Tapia faces 4 mandatory life sentences - plus an additional 55 years in federal prison. Tapia's sentencing was set for December 15 in United States District Court by Judge Otis D. Wright II.

      September 15, 2014

      SANTA ANA---Orange county prosecutors announce convictions of several gang members for Mexican Mafia orchestrated beatings of inmates at the Orange County jail. Marcus Allen Jeffries and co-defendant Jose Antonio Peralta were convicted of a November 4, 2011 jail assault. The pair were convicted of aggravated assault with an enhancement of committing the crime for the benefit of the Mexican Mafia. Jeffries faces 12 years and Peralta 23 years when sentenced. Authorities also announced the conviction of Andrew Herminio Gomez. Gomez was convicted of the same charge as Jeffries and Peralta for a separate beating caught on a jailhouse surveillance system. Gomez faces 8 years when sentenced on October 24.

      October 8, 2014

      SAN BERNARDINO---A federal grand jury issues a 90-page indictment charging 52 members and associates of La Eme and various factions of Westside Verdugo Gang (WSV) in connection with the sale and distribution of heroin and methamphetamine. The indictment charges several members of WSV with conspiring to smuggling drugs into West Valley Detention Center and several California prison facilities between the summer of 2010 and 2012. The indictment also details tax collection activities performed by gang members in exchange for the right to deal in La Plaza park. Each of the following were named in the indictment.

        1. Norman Senitho Baca, 34, San Bernardino
        2. Moses Gabriel Gallegos, 32, Long Beach
        3. Mario Isaac Rosales, 31, Highland
        4. Mark Anthony Rios, 32, San Diego
        5. Angel Manuel Martinez, 55, Rialto
        6. Frank Joseph Ramos, 56, San Bernardino
        7. Sabrina Marie Lozano, 35, San Bernardino
        8. Sofia Andrea Arellano, 30, Rialto
        9. Cherie Renee Hindahl, 25, San Bernardino
        10. Sabrina Isabel Sanchez, 33, Wilmington
        11. Mark Lewis Bianchi, 50, Rialto
        12. Diane Denise Ortega, 38, San Bernardino
        13. Sylvia Sanchez, 40, Rialto
        14. Rose Mary Sanchez, 55, San Bernardino
        15. Elliott Allen Moreno, 48, San Bernardino
        16. Jesus Duran, 35, Pomona
        17. Jerry Lee Stubbs, 47, San Bernardino
        18. Lena Marie Gonzales, 31, San Bernardino
        19. Diana Chavez, 38, Los Angeles
        20. Ernie Leo Estrada, 49, Los Angeles
        21. Martha Lilia Paez, 34, San Bernardino
        22. Diane Marie Thompson, 35, San Bernardino
        23. Timothy Joseph Holmes, 44, Kansas
        24. Tadasha Unique Johnson, 24, San Bernardino

      Being sought by law enforcement:
        1. Marianne Aldama, 49, San Bernardino
        2. Suzanne Marie Applequist, 20, Orange County
        3. Elizabeth Katherine Castañeda, 41, New Mexico
        4. Alex Steven Garcia, 36, Calimesa
        5. David John Godinez, 44, Ontario
        6. Eber Rico, 42, Mira Loma
        7. John Manuel Sanchez, Sr., 54, San Bernardino
        8. Melchor Tellez, 41, Fontana

      Summons Will be Issued:
        1. Antoinette Marie Mosqueda, 48, San Bernardino

      Previously in custody on unrelated charges when indicted federally:
        1. Judy Garcia Marquez, 52
        2. Ignacia Monique Garcia, 27
        3. Valerie Duran, 35
        4. Otto Francis Fisch, 36
        5. Felecia Raquel Llamas, 26
        6. Jesse Mendivil, Sr., 59
        7. Dolores Dora Estrada, 63
        8. Donald Robert Higham, 34
        9. Frank Alex Medrano, 34
        10. Charles Eugene Schmidt, 35
        11. Anthony Ray Mosqueda, 30
        12. Michael Paul Bustamante, 33
        13. Peter Carlos Molina, 47
        14. Tony Chavez Cuellar, 34
        15. Ralph Ramon Angel Webb, 33
        16. Fernando Robert Navarrete, 34
        17. Alex Joe Zuniga, 34
        18. Mary Monica Burns, 58
        19. Michael Thomas Nieto, 39

      Listed as an unindicted conspirator is Jonathan Ray Brockus described as one of the “shot callers” in West Side Verdugo. Brockus was Eme key holder until early 2011 when Brockus was informed by indictee Frank Joseph Ramos that an Eme member identified only as "A.R." would assume tax collection activities going forward. The move marked the latest in a series of politically motivated moves to secure San Bernardino valleys lucrative drug trade and distribution system.

      December 3, 2014

      SAN DIEGO---Federal Charges were lodged against 7 people involved in a Mexican Mafia leader operating a drug ring in Northern San Diego county. Authorities charge Robert R. Marin aka Tawa, with being a documented Mexican Mafia prison gang member and the head of a trafficking operation operated by Ernesto Erding. Erding reportedly banked on Marin's reputation and authority as the highest-ranking Eme representative on the street in San Diego. In exchange for allowing Erding to claim a connection with him to gain control over methamphetamine sales in San Diego, Marin received a portion of
      the proceeds as well as the obligatory "dime" tax levied against all San Diego gangs affiliated with La Eme.

        Summary of Charges

        Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine in violation of Title 21, United States Code, Sections 846 and 841(a)(1) and (2).

        Robert Marin, aka “Tawa” and “The Barber,” age 66, Chula Vista, California;
        Ernesto Erding, aka “Ernie,” age 45, San Diego, California;
        Edilberto Mejorado, aka “Beto,” age 34, San Diego, California;
        Oscar Padilla, age 31, Chula Vista, California;
        Cesar Soto, age 33, San Diego, California;
        Rodney Corrigan, aka “Rod,” age 56, El Cajon, California;
        Karlene Moen, age 36, El Cajon, California;

      December 9, 2014

      LOS ANGELES---Federal authorities charged 25 members of Big Hazard in a RICO indictment charging members with distribution of methamphetamine, PCP, crack cocaine, heroin and other controlled substances. Under the authority of Mexican Mafia member Manuel Larry Jackson aka Cricket, Big Hazard members remitted tax payments to incarcerated Eme leaders. Those named in the indictment were;

        Manuel Larry Jackson "Cricket"
        Victor Barrios "Grizzly"
        Mark Anthony Johnson "Boo Boo"
        Francisco Huerta "Cisco"
        Fernando Amezcua "Solo"
        Art Hernandez "Comamo"
        Jesus Doran "Creeper"
        Jose Luis Lizarraga "Night Owl"
        Lucio Sandoval "Bouncer"
        Jerry Salas "Indio"
        Raymond Montes "Baby"
        Miguel Morales "Moreno"

        Oscar Flores "Zinc"
        Daniel Miranda "Raccoon"
        Gilbert Lopez "Beto"
        Mario Wetmore "Lil Mario"
        Enrique Martinez "Butter"
        Ashley Pagan "Crook"
        Jesus Ibarra "Jesse"
        Bryan Salgado "Veneno"
        Albert Morales "Lil Broncho"
        David Smith "Crow"
        Joel Matthew Monarrez "Vago"
        Luis Ortiz "Huero"
        Jose Hernandez "Israel Urbina"

        Jesus Rodriguez "Slave"
        Pedro Ruiz "Minor"
        Juan Carlos Gonzalez "Fat Ass"
        Desiree Rivera
        Alez Padilla "Flaco"
        David Nunez "Gordo"
        Mario Lizarraga
        Leon Abel Gonzalez
        Javier Guitierrez
        Gelacio Trejo
        Pedro Guzman "Moreno"
        Monique Castillo
        Dino Aguilar "Sneaky"
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      January 10, 2015

      VICTORVILLE---The largest single gang prosecution in San Bernardino County history ended last week with the sentencing of 25-year-old Cherish Velez. The Apple Valley woman, who was ordered to spend 16 years in prison on assault and drug charges, was the 61st person with ties to the East Side Victoria street gang to be sent to prison following a years-long effort by prosecutors to control the gang that flooded the high desert town of Victorville with drugs and violence since the late 1960s.

      The East Side Victoria gang endeared themselves by adhering to the tax system established by imprisoned Mexican Mafia members. The gang paid tribute to Mexican mafia members, funneling money in exchange for protection in prison. Prosecutors targeted 61 gang members and associates ‘most of whom,’ pleaded guilty, receiving in return deals amounting to 485 years in prison.

        Fred "Joker" Archuleta, the gang's founder, was already in prison but was sentenced to another 25 years to life.

        George "Rascal" DeGraw, who was Archuleta’s appointed successor ran the gang like a decentralized syndicate, and received a sentence of 20 years behind bars for selling methamphetamine, committing burglary and conspiring to commit extortion, prosecutors said.

        Joel "Bouncer" Pompa, was the designated collector of "taxes" for the Mexican mafia. He was sentenced to nearly 42 years for assault, burglary, robbery and conspiracy charges.

        Darryl “Dashing D” Castrejon, has successfully eluded authorities and avoided trial in Pomona on charges of conspiracy to commit murder since he disappeared in 2009.

      The prosecution effort began in 2006, when Victorville secured an injunction against the gang. An investigation in 2008 culminated in two indictments issued in 2009.

      Febuary 4, 2015

      SANTA ANA---A gang member has taken a plea deal for the 2004 killing of a rival after an earlier conviction was set aside over concerns that prosecutors failed to share critical evidence with the defense. 34-year-old Leonel Vega pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 15 years in prison in the shooting death of 17-year-old Giovani Onofre. His lawyer says he expects to be freed from prison in about four years. Vega had previously been sentenced to life without parole for the killing. His conviction was vacated last year after concerns arose over the use of jailhouse informants and the failure of Orange County prosecutors to disclose evidence to the defense in several high-profile cases including that of salon shooter Scott Dekraai.

      Febuary 11, 2015

      MONTCLAIR---Officials released the names of the two men killed “execution style” Sunday night in a Montclair garage.
      Livied Arturo Sanchez, 33, of West Covina and Mario Padilla, 34, of Pomona were the two men found bound with duct tape, officials said. Witnesses told police a third man who was handcuffed with tape over his mouth and bleeding from the neck Sunday ran from the property heading south down the 11000 block of Monte Vista Avenue. Police confirmed they’re still searching for that third victim. The men were found in a detached garage behind the only home on an unlit gravel road in the southwest part of the city. Preliminary evidence suggests the victims knew the suspects and were likely victimized as a result of the relationship they maintained.

      February 20, 2015

      POMONA---Robert Louis Caballero, a 37 year old member of Pomona's 12th Street gang is sentenced to death. Caballero was charged with three counts of murder and numerous additional crimes associated with the murders of Armando Vidana, Lorraine Majinarez and David Padilla in 2009. Also charged in the case were Anthony Caballero, Angel Valenzuela, Jessica Prendiz and Pete Trejo.

      Febuary 21, 2015

      SACRAMENTO---California Gov. Jerry Brown rejects the parole of former Mexican Mafia member Rene "Boxer" Enriquez. Brown acknowledged the valuable information Rene "Boxer" Enriquez has provided authorities, but said in a statement that the "positive steps" were ultimately "outweighed by negative factors that demonstrate he remains unsuitable for parole."

      March 1, 2015

      LOS ANGELES---38 year old Manuel Valencia of Walnut is sentenced a 27 year term for his role in helping Mexican Mafia shot-caller Danny Roman operate the Harpy’s gang in conjunction with Roman’s 39 year old daughter Vianna. Vianna Roman pled guilty last year to racketeering, narcotics and weapons offenses as a result of a plea agreement calls for a sentence of no more than 20 years in association with her role as a conduit for her father.

      April 20, 2015

      FLORENCE, CO---Silvestre "Chikali" Rivera faces mandatory life term after a federal jury found him guilty for the murder of Manuel "Tati" Torrez, 63 on April 21, 2005. Rivera was serving an extended sentence at the Administrative Max., Prison in Florence, Colorado when he and Richard "Chuco" Santiago initiated the attack on Torrez after the feared Eme leader reportedly issued a threat that Rivera believed to have been a threat. An associate of Orange County Eme leader Peter "Sana" Ojeda, Rivera earned his trip to Supermax after attacking his cellmate for passing gas in their cell. Richard Santiago faces a possible federal death sentence if found guilty during his upcoming trial.

      May 1, 2015

      WILLIAM SPORT, IOWA---Jose Caldera, 44, is sentenced to serve 21 years in federal custody for the murder of fellow Eme member Juan "China Boy" Arias in their cell at Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary on May 2, 2010. Caldera pled guilty to a charge of 2nd degree murder and was sentenced by U.S. Middle District Judge Matthew W. Brann to serve the 262 month term consecutive to a drug term he was serving at the time of Arias death which was set to expire in 2019.

      June 19, 2015

      LOS ANGELES---Nearly two dozen members and associates of three Northeast Los Angeles gangs affiliated with the Mexican Mafia were indicted by a federal grand jury. The indictment includes allegations of racketeering, conspiracy to commit murder and other crimes committed on behalf of Arnold "Arnie" Gonzales, 55, a key member of the Mexican Mafia serving a life sentence at Pelican Bay. Gonzales is listed as an "unindexed co-conspirator," in the complaint which credits him with unifying the Frogtown, Toonerville and Rascals gangs for the purpose of divvying up drug profits and to gain control of criminal activities in northeast Los Angeles. Gonzales is reported to have inherited control of Northeast Los Angeles in 2010 from Eme members Richard "Psycho" Aguirre "representing Alex " Pee Wee" Aguirre and Alberto "Boxer" Tolento. The latter being longtime Eme powers convicted of racketeering and serving extended federal prison terms. The detailed indictment describes Gonzales as the architect who personally chose fellow Frogtown member--- Jorge "Bouncer" Grey to be his emissary on the street. In his role as Gonzales 'Llavero' Grey convened a meeting where representatives from each gang were advised of his role and officially issued the order for the gangs to work together on behalf of the brotherhood. The indictment shows that two years after the meeting, the three longstanding enemy gangs had coalesced into a single criminal enterprise Toonerville Barrio-Rep Manuel Vallejo called a gangland "United Nations." Vallejo is quoted as saying "the game plan," ended more than 50 years of fighting between Frogtown, Toonerville and the Rascals. Those named in the indictment were:

        • Jorge “Bouncer” Grey
        • Santos “Slim” Zepeda
        • Jonathan “Japs” Zepeda
        • Manuel “Boxer” Vallejo
        • Giovanni “Suspect” Olvera
        • Julio “Big Cuba” Bosque
        • Javier “Lil Cuba” Bosque
        • Yadira “Yadi” Valencia
        • Frederick “Sinner” Ham
        • Frusto “Toti” Mendoza
        • Ryan “Psycho” Laube
        • Kelly “Giant” Leydel
        • Gerardo “Tank” Ortiz
        • Eric “Bad Boy” Aldrete
        • Ronal “Grinch” Garcia
        • Thomas “Tommy” Gonzales
        • Gloria Velerio
        • Gloria Ortega
        • Robert “Listo” Amado
        • Juan “Nacho” Murillo
        • Jose “Joey” Barreto
        • Charles “Chuck” Gothard

      June 27, 2015

      SANTA ANA---Four suspected members of the Mexican Mafia, including Peter 'Sanja' Ojeda - longtime leader of Orange Counties Mexican Mafia enterprise pled not guilty on Monday morning to federal racketeering and violent crimes charges. In 2011, Donald Edward Aguilar aka Big Sluggo, Jacobo Huanosto and Susan Jeanette Rodriquez were among nearly 100 alleged gang members caught in a massive indictment aimed at dealing a devastating blow to local gangs. Known as “Operation Black Flag” the joint federal and local investigation led to the raids of more than 40 locations in Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside counties. The recent, superseding indictment names Ojeda, Aguilar, Huanosto and Rodriguez, and Michael Sancen of being involved in drug manufacturing and dealing, as well as conspiring to murder or assault Moreno and those loyal to him. Their trial is tentatively scheduled to begin on Oct. 6 in the court of U.S. District Court Judge James V. Selna.

      September 23, 2015

      BALDWIN PARK---Eddie "Criminal" Garcia, 39, a former 18th Street gang member pled guilty to participating in a conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and the murder of a member of Puente-13 on behalf of Cisco an incarcerated Mexican Mafia member. Garcia admitted he was the triggerman in the 2006 murder of David Dragna who failed to pay "taxes" to La Eme. Garcia named Angel "Smiley" Torres, 39, and Steven "Flaco" Nunez, 36, of luring their fellow Puente-13 gang member to a meeting where he was executed.

      October 17, 2015

      NEW PORT BEACH---Jaime Prieto Rocha, 42, is sentenced to serve a 16 year term after agreeing to testify against 27 year old Irvin Tellez who was convicted in September of first-degree murder, attempted murder and street terrorism for two shootings which left a woman suffering from permanent brain damage.

      November 19, 2015

      SANTA ANA---Gang member Irvin Tellez, 27, is sentenced to serve 102 years to life for the first-degree murder of a woman who mentioned a gang rivals name. A second woman suffered permanent brain damage after she was shot by Tellez as he drove away from the shooting scene.

      December 17, 2015

      CATHEDRAL CITY---10 members and associates of a local gang were arrested by a Riverside County task force. Eight firearms, 1,000 rounds of ammunition and high capacity magazines were seized along with 1,500 grams of marijuana and 10 grams of hashish and other drug related paraphernalia. Those facing charges are;
        Christopher Martinez, 22, of Cathedral City
        Jacob Winters, 21, of Cathedral City
        Michael Tagle, 37, of Desert Hot Springs
        Rogelio Velasquez, 25, of Rancho Mirage
        Monica Sanchez, 25, of Rancho Mirage
        Samuel Reyes, 18, of Rancho Mirage
        Louis Serrano, 24, of Cathedral City
        Daniel Torres, 21, of Cathedral City
        Daniel Ayala, 19, of Cathedral City
        Trevor Garcia, 22, of Cathedral City

      December 25, 2015

      HESPERIA---David "Mouse" Bustamante, 37, of Victorville is shot and killed in the parking lot of an In-N-Out restaurant on Main Street near the 15 Freeway. Deputies responding to a report of shots fired found Bustamante lying near his vehicle suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Bustamante was a tattoo artist who despite protestations from family that he had no gang ties displayed a 13 tattoo on his neck and the Monster energy drink symbol beneath his lower lip.

      December 25, 2015

      HESPERIA---David "Mouse" Bustamante, 37, of Victorville is shot and killed in the parking lot of an In-N-Out restaurant on Main Street near the 15 Freeway. Deputies responding to a report of shots fired found Bustamante lying near his vehicle suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Bustamante's murder was the first in a series related to an organizational power struggle.

      December 29, 2015

      WEST COVINA---Johnny Michael Oliva, 47, is arraigned for the murder of David "Mouse" Bustamante. Authorities charge Oliva shot Bustamante on Christmas day during a meeting in Victorville.

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      January 13, 2016

      SANTA ANA---73 year old Peter (El Señor) Ojeda is convicted of federal racketeering charges after a jury determined the longtime gang leader ran criminal activity in local jails and neighborhoods from his federal prison cell. The jury also found 53 year old Susan Rodriquez guilty of acting as a conduit between Ojeda and Orange County gang members while he was housed at Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary in Pennsylvania serving a 14 year term. For more than 30 years Ojeda is said to have wielded unmatched power. On rare occasions Ojeda faced challenges from younger gang members who sought to wrestle pieces of Orange County from his grip. All from Michael 'Musclehead' Salinas in the '90s to the new era gangster Armando Moreno, Ojeda managed to maintain control.

      February 4, 2016

      EUREKA---Three associates of Mexican Mafia member Joe Olivo Jr., 37, of San Luis Obispo are arrested in connection with the December 2014 murder of Jesus "Smiley" Romero-Garcia. Olivo Jr., "a validated" Eme member boasted ties to Eureka's 18th Street gang.

      February 23, 2016

      SAN BERNARDINO---Manuel Dominguez "Tommy Loco", 36, of San Bernardino is stabbed to death in a dispute with his cousin in the 1100 block of North Lugo Avenue. Authorities issue a warrant for the arrest of Danny Chagolla, 32, a SUR Crazy Ones member.

      March 3, 2016

      SANTA ANA---Fernando Jose Perez, 34, is sentenced to serve a 21 year term with a credit for 5,005 days or nearly 14 years since his 2007 arrest for being a felon in possession of a firearm. The agreement included granting of a request drop two of the three strikes from Perez's record in the sentencing allowing him to escape a potential life sentence. Perez is currently enrolled in the federal witness protection program and upon completion of his sentence will granted a new identity as a reward for his role in the conviction of longtime Orange County Eme shot caller Peter "Sana" Ojeda, his turncoat rival Armando Moreno and serial killer Scott Dekraai.

      March 5, 2016

      SAN BERNARDINO---Cecelia Sanchez, 30, is found dead in the 1400 block of West 7th Street. Rumors of a power struggle between gang leaders vying for Eme key holder emerge.

      April 2, 2016

      SAN BERNARDINO---Michael Enrique Reyes, 24, 7th Street gang associate is found lying in the middle of the street in the 2600 block of West 6th Street suffering from multiple stab wounds. Witnesses reported seeing two unidentified men assault Reyes.

      April 12, 2016

      SAN BERNARDINO---Danny Chagolla, 32, the prime suspect in the February death of Manuel Dominguez "Tommy Loco", 36, of San Bernardino is arrested in the 1100 block of 14th street by officers responding to reports of a residential disturbance. Officers found a man severly beaten on a porch and were alerted to Chagolla's presence by witnesses. Chagolla was booked at West Valley Detention Center on suspicion of murder.

      April 19, 2016

      BASSETT---Emero Dominic S. "Solo" Gonzales, 38, of Palmdale is shot and killed in a territorial dispute by members of the Canta Ranas gang in the 3100 block of East Valley Boulevard, near the intersection with San Angelo Avenue. Gonzales moved to usurp portions of the San Gabriel Valley area claimed by imprisoned Eme member David "Spider" Gavaldon. Gonzales was the son of Petra Cecilia Gonzales, wife of Eme member Frank Fernandez. Cecilia was arrested in 2001 and charged with running a mail and identify theft ring.

      May 8, 2016

      SAN BERNARDINO---Gilbert Rey, 26, is fatally shot in the 1100 block of Vine Street. Witnesses reported hearing as many as 10 shots. Rey is the 4th victim linked with one of four main gangs aligned under the Westside Verdugo umbrella to die. Rey is related to murdered 7th Street and Lil Counts Presidents, Johnny and Gilbert Agudo., The Agudo's fell victim in a 2000 power struggle between imprisoned Mexican Mafia powers to reign in San Bernardino's IE car and its link with the San Manuel Indian Tribe.

      May 3, 2016

      RIVERSIDE---FBI Special Agent Scott M. Bowman pleads guilty to stealing more than $136,000 in cash seized during drug investigations while overseeing the anti-gang task force in San Bernardino and Riverside. The anti-gang task force is comprised of personnel from the FBI, San Bernardino police and San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. To date Bowman is the only member of the task force charged with wrong doing. Bowman was assigned to the Gang Impact Team (GIT) between 2006 and 2014.

      May 5, 2016

      MONTEBELLO---48 year old George "Big Rascal" Vera Sr., Eme associate and shot caller from Southside Montebello was found guilty of federal racketeering charges. A jury found Vera guilty of possession of a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence. Authorities charged that Vera Sr., led a double life working by day as an Los Angeles County employee while overseeing Eme activities which included maintaining an arsenal of weapons and drug trafficking. Two of Vera's son's were charged in the case as well. Marcus Matthew Vera has pled guilty to drug, conspiracy and firearms charges and is scheduled to be sentenced later this year. George Vera Jr., also pled guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery and weapons possession. He received a 54 month federal prison term.

      May 8, 2016

      SANTA ANA---74 year old Peter (El Señor) Ojeda is sentenced to serve 15 additional years in prison by United States District Judge James V. Selna. Claiming Ojeda still posed a "danger to the community," after his January conviction for racketeering, conspiracy to commit murder, extortion and narcotics operating in association with Mexican Mafia activities in Orange County. Suzie Rodriguez, 53 year old consort of Ojeda faces sentencing having been found guilty of conspiring with Ojeda to pass messages to local gang leaders during his stay in a Pennsylvania federal prison. Rodriguez is set to be sentenced on June 6.

      May 22, 2016

      LOS ANGELES---Christian "Bossy" Lafargo, 30, of El Monte is sentenced to serve a 17 year 6 month federal term for crimes committed in association with the El Monte Flores (EMF) gang. Lafargo was sentenced under the terms of a plea agreement which saw he plead guilty to several crimes including conspiracy, commission of a violent crime in aid of racketeering, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and discharge of a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence. Lafargo was accused of the attempted murder of Jose Salas as the two represented rival Eme members vying for the same drug territory. Authorities found Lafargo continued to associate with members of the Mexican Mafia and El Monte Flores gang after his arrest in connection with a 41 person indictment in 2014. Sentenced prior to Lafargo were ranking EMF members;

        Rafael Lomeli, 38, sentenced to serve 10 year and 10 months on May 5.
        Mark Salazar, 38, sentenced to serve 5 years on April 21.
        Enrique Lopez, 50, sentenced to serve 5 years and 5 months on March 24.
        Marie Gutierrez, 56, sentenced to serve 2 years and 3 months on February 4.
        Hiram Ramirez, 48, sentenced to serve 2 years and 8 months on December 17, 2015.
        Jose Salas, 38, pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of Lafargo and another gang member after Lafargo unsuccessful’s attempt to kill him. Federal authorities said Salas will receive 15 years in prison when he gets sentenced later this year.
        James Gutierrez, 53, validated Mexican Mafia member pleaded guilty to conspiring to violate the RICO Act, conspiring to distribute controlled substances including methamphetamine and heroin, and conspiring to launder money. He’s also expected to get a 15-year sentence.

      May 26, 2016

      SANTA ANA---41 year old Danny "Big Shotgun" Rodriguez receives a 64 month federal sentence from U.S. District Judge Andrew J. Guilford for his role in "Operation Smoking Aces." Rodriguez received the sentence after taking a plea deal under which he admitted to violating the RICO Act. Rodriguez admission covered a conspiracy to extort "tax" local street gang members and drug dealers, trafficking in narcotics and conspiring to distribute messages ordering assaults on a rival Orange County Eme faction.

      June 5, 2016

      SANTA ANA---53 year old Suzie Rodriguez is sentenced to serve a 78 month federal term for her role in aiding Peter 'Sana' Ojeda's Orange County Eme faction. Rodriquez and Ojeda entered guilty pleas in January to racketeering and criminal conspiracy to commit murder and assault with serious bodily injury. Ojeda later changed his plea and went to trial leading prosecutors to cancel Rodriquez plea deal which would have allowed her to serve a 1 year term split between 6 months confinement in a halfway house and her Santa Anna home. U.S. District Judge James V. Selna reduced her term by 10 months after Rodriguez apologized for her actions prior to sentencing. While Rodriguez served as Ojeda's "Secretary" Donald "Big Sluggo" Aguilar functioned as the "key holder" aided by Glen "Tigre" Navarro.

      June 8, 2016

      CORONA---52 members and associates of Corona Varrio Locos street gang are arrested in a multi-agency code named "Operation CVL Gun Shop. The investigation led to the seizure of 67 firearms and $1.6 million worth of drugs. CVL is best remembered as the Jueses as the clique of the Corona Varios Locos (CVL) gang claimed by gang member Jose Ageo Amaya Jr, aka Crow who was sentenced to serve 157 years to life for an attack on two Riverside County correctional deputies while housed at the Robert Presley Detention Center in March 2006.

      June 9, 2016

      SAN QUENTIN---Jesse Manzo, 28, a condemned Eastside Riva gang member slips out of his handcuffs and attacks a guard on Death Row at San Quentin. Mano received a death sentence in August 2013 for the gang-related murder of Raymond Franklin, an aspiring correctional officer.

      June 14, 2016

      WHITTIER---51 members and associates of Santa Fe Springs based Canta Ranas gang are arrested and charged with conducting drug deals, fraud, the attempted murder of an undercover Whittier police detective and the murder of Eme member Dominic "Solo" Gonzales in a territorial dispute. The arrests concluded a 3 year investigation into Canta Ranas and its Eme sponsor David "Spider" Gavaldon. Gavaldon managed to regulate drug sales and impose a tax on area gangs via Jose "Cartune"Loza, 37, of Whittier, Loza is suspected of orchestrating the murder of Dominic S. Gonzales aka Solo, an Emero accused of challenging Gavaldon's control in the San Fernando Valley. Gonzales was killed in Bassett on April 19. Authorities claim Gavaldon sponsored Loza as an Eme inductee in 2014 and authorized him to act as his surrogate on the street. Among those named in a federal indictment are;

        Jose Loza, aka "Cartune"
        David Gaitan aka "Thumper"
        Leonard Antolin aka "Rowdy"
        Sylvia Olivas
        Christy Arizmendi aka "Christy Gonzales"
        Frankie Vasquez aka "Kreeper"
        Jesse Hernandez Sr., aka "Lil Man"
        Andy Alvarez aka "Night Owl"
        Ian Casillas aka "Natural"

        Donald Goulet aka "Wackey"
        Alfredo Gonzalez aka "Gunner"
        Alexis Jaimez aka "Lil Travieso"
        Brando Espinoza aka "Downer"
        Ronald Sotello aka "Downer"
        Peter Orozco aka "Chavo"
        Joseph Viramontes aka "Bullet"
        Paul Rubio aka "Largo"
        Aaron Salinas
        Henry Mendoza aka "Spanky"

        Rene Pantaleon aka "Conejo"
        Denise Contreras
        Christian Bowers aka "Gato"
        Monica Rodriguez aka "Smiley"
        Jaime Villalba aka "Puppet"
        Steven Jaimez aka "Flea"
        Emanuel Higuera aka "Blanco"
        Edward Paniagua aka "Oso"
        Rigoberto Contreras aka "Rigo"
        Samuel Cabrera

        Steven De La Paz aka "Smokey"
        Derek Van Doren aka "Ness"
        Anthony Morales aka "Cartoon"
        Fernando Holguin aka "Boxer"
        Frank Martinez aka "Stranger"
        Nicole Murietta aka "Happy"
        Angelic Gaitan
        Michael Jaimez aka "Travieso"
        Michael Salinas aka "Smiley"
        Ricky Perez aka "Wicked"

        Luis Moreno aka "Oser"
        Juan Nila aka "Topo"
        Roy Gavaldon Sr., "Spider Roy"
        Daniel Gallardo aka "Kraze"
        Juan Pizano aka "Drifter"
        Manuel Alatorre Martinez aka "Malo"
        Derik Gonzales aka "Shaggy"
        Nicholas Jaimez aka "Littles"
        Roy Gavaldon Jr
        Gabriel Felix
        Christina Franco

      June 15, 2016

      IRVINE---Rigoberto Donan, 36, and Frank Perez, 45, of Santa Ana are arrested during a traffic stop in which Irvine police found a firearm, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. Donna was held on $45,000 bail while Perez 'a probationer' was held without bond.

      June 30, 2016

      SACRAMENTO---Gov. Jerry Brown blocks parole for Eme dropout Rene "Boxer" Enriquez for the second time in 18 months. In a three-page decision recounting Enriquez's "decades-long record of violent crime," Governor Brown acknowledges "efforts to improve himself while incarcerated." However those efforts pale in comparison to the heinous crimes he's committed including "burglary, forcible rape, 2 murders, multiple stabbings and more than 20 counts of armed robbery. Despite his unusually close relationship with segments of the law enforcement community, the Governor's report sites a concern for the "rather shallow understanding of how he came to perpetuate so many extremely violent crimes." In the opinion of Governor Brown Rene Enriquez poses an unreasonable danger to society if released from prison and will therefore spend another year as inmate H-694471.

      July 1, 2016

      SAN BERNARDINO---Eli Ibanez, 21, Eric Garcia, 22, and Francisco Pineda, 19, all of San Bernardino are arrested following a traffic stop in the 3200 block of North E. Street which resulted in the discovery of an assault rifle and several hundred rounds of ammunition. Each of the detainees are affiliated with a Rialto clique.

      July 1, 2016

      SAN BERNARDINO---Ramon Ruiz, 29, and Sophia Sanchez, 36, both of San Bernardino are detained after police served a search warrant for weapons violations at a home near F and Virginia Streets. Ruiz is linked to San Bernardino's SUR Crazy Ones Gang.

      July 6, 2016

      LOS ANGELES---Seven members of the Big Hazard Gang are named in an indictment charging them with conspiracy to injure, oppress, threaten and intimidate African-American residents in the Ramona Gardens Housing Project. Carlos Hernandez aka Creeper, Jose Saucedo aka Lil Moe, Francisco Farias aka Bones, Edwin Felix aka Boogie, Jonathan Portillo aka Pelon and Joel Matthew Monarrez aka Gallo firebombed units occupied by African-American or mixed race families on Mother's Day 2014.

      July 6, 2016

      LOS ANGELES---4 members and associates of Florencia 13 gang are convicted for participation in a drug ring headed by imprisoned Mexican Mafia member Leonel "Wizard" Laredo. Authorities charged Giselle Casdo, 33, of Downey, functioned as 'secretary' for Laredo, assisting in the collection of taxes, arranging drug sales and serving as a conduit between the gang's two "shot callers". Jose Dorado, 34, Tammous Fazah, 26 and Jose Sanchez, 40, all of Huntington Park were said to have been Florencia soldiers active in the drug conspiracy. Laredo was sponsored for Eme membership by Arturo Castellanos aka Tablas, an Eme member serving a life term at Pelican Bay State Prison. Castellanos moved to strengthen his control over F13 gang members in 2004 through a written missive explaining the "regales" that were intended for all F13 members in good standing. As a result Castellanos assigned leadership positions that were eventually populated by Juan Garcia and Castellanos brother Braulio aka "Babo".

      July 17, 2016

      LAKE ELSINORE--- Javier "Flaco" Montero, 36, of Wildomar is shot and killed in the 300 block of Avenue 5 just north of East Lakeshore Drive.

      July 18, 2016

      LAKE ELSINORE--- 36 year old Jesus Antonio Gallo is pronounced dead at Inland Valley Medical Center as a result of an assault in the 27000 block of Highway 74 in an area northeast of Lake Elsinore known as Meadowbrook.

      July 27, 2016

      RIVERSIDE--- 36 year old Victor Aguilar, a known member of Casablanca's Vaga Bundos gang is shot and killed in
      7200 block of Evans Street by Jose Ramon Cabrera Jr., 37, of Grand Terrace. Cabrera reportedly approached Aguilar on foot before opening fire striking Aguilar in the torso. Authorities surmise someone accompanying Aguilar returned fire as Cabrera retreated. The shooting comes weeks after authorities detained several associates of David "Spider"Gavaldon an imprisoned Emero from Rancho Santa Fe currently serving a life term at Pelican Bay Prison. Gavaldon's push to secure territory west of his gang's area included efforts to enlist Riverside's Vaga Bundos in his power push.

      July 28 2016

      SAN BERNARDINO--- 24 year old John Eric Ramirez, a known 7th Street gang member is shot and killed in at La Plaza Park near the corner of 7th Street and Mount Vernon Ave. Ramirez had been detained previously as a suspect in an attempted homicide and residential burglary. Ramirez is the latest victim in a violent outburst along the Mt. Vernon corridor involving the 7th Street, Lil Counts and SUR Crazy Ones gangs.

      July 29 2016

      LOS ANGELES--- Sentencing was delayed on Thursday until Oct. 13 for James "Chemo" Gutierrez, 53, Mexican Mafia member of the El Monte Flores gang, faces between 10 years and life in federal prison when he is sentenced by U.S. District Judge John A. Kronstadt. Gutierrez, 53, pleaded guilty in April to three conspiracy counts involving racketeering, narcotics distribution and money laundering.

      August 2, 2016

      LAKE ELSINORE---Authorities responding to a 911 call in the 31000 block of Wisconsin Street near Lake Shore Drive, discover the bodies of 56-year-old Cameron Craven, 57-year-old Robert Kushner and 31-year-old Rachel Rupp. 71-year-old mother Linda Craven is transported for treatment for unspecified injuries. The attack is one in a series of drug related homicides linked to an internal power struggle between rival Mexican Mafia members.

      August 11, 2016

      SAN BERNARDINO--- Alejandro Sanchez Herrera, 28 is shot and killed at the intersection of 10th Street and Mt. Vernon Avenue. Authorities responded to the shooting in territory claimed by the Lil Counts Gang and transported Herrera to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Herrera's murder is the latest in an outburst of violence engulfing three of San Bernardino's strongest hispanic gang factions. The Westside barrio's have been torn by strife involving a power play for control of the Westside by competing Eme affiliates vying to control the Lil Counts, 7th Street and SUR Crazy Ones gangs.

      August 12, 2016

      SAN BERNARDINO--- Authorities responding to a residents call of a suspicious vehicle parked in the 1900 block of N. Flores Street discover the body of Jose Delatorre, 24, of Perris. A missing persons report had been filed for Delatorre with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. The cause of death was gunshot wounds.

      September 18, 2016

      SAN BERNARDINO--- 31 year old Emmanuel Pacheco, of La Puente, is pronounced dead at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Officers responding to a report of shots fired, found Pacheco suffering from a leg wound in front of a home in the 100 block of Mt. Vernon Avenue near Bellview Street. Pacheco a representative of imprisoned Eme leader David "Big Spider" Gavaldon is the latest Eme representative to meet their demise attempting to tax Inland Empire gangs. The territory in which Pacheco was shot is claimed by the Verdugo Flats Gang.

      September 28, 2016

      VENTURA--- Authorities announce the arrest of several Ventura county associates of the Mexican Mafia for their role in rang that distributed narcotics across Ventura county. The lead defendant in the case is a known Fillmore gang member who authorities charge distributed methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin for the benefit of the Mexican Mafia. Those detained and charged were:

        Gerardo Vargas of Fillmore, 34: conspiracy, possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, sale of a controlled substance, possession for sale of a controlled substance, and participation in a criminal street gang.
        Osvaldo Medina of Fillmore, 29: Conspiracy and transportation for sale of a controlled substance.
        Enrique Navarette of Fillmore, 48: Conspiracy, possession for sale of a controlled substance and possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.
        Gilberto Vargas of Fillmore, 50: Possession for sale of a controlled substance.
        Maria Vargas of Fillmore, 56: Possession for sale of a controlled substance.
        Raul Hernandez of Fillmore, 49: Conspiracy and transportation for sale of a controlled substance.
        Alfred Estrada of Ventura, 44: Conspiracy, possession for sale of a controlled substance, possession of a firearm by a prohibited person and participation in a street gang.
        Jessie Rodriguez of Los Angeles, 36: Conspiracy and transportation/sale of a controlled substance.
        Gilberto Gomez of Fillmore, 56: Conspiracy and transportation/sale of a controlled substance.

      October 2, 2016

      VENTURA---Ventura County Sheriff's officials detain several local gang members for distribution of methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin.
      Gerardo Vargas, 34, of Fillmore, an alleged Mexican Mafia associate is accused of selling drugs to lower-level dealers. Those dealers then allegedly sold the drugs throughout Ventura and Los Angeles counties.
      Authorities seized nearly 4 pounds of methamphetamine, more than 1 pound of cocaine, 4 ounces of heroin and four firearms, including two assault weapons and two ballistic vests.

      Vargas was arrested and booked for conspiracy, possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, sale of a controlled substance and participation of a street gang. Authorities also arrested Alfred Estrada, 44, of Ventura; Enrique Navarette, 48, of Fillmore; Osvaldo Medina, 29, of Fillmore; Gilberto Vargas, 50, of Fillmore; Maria Vargas, 56, of Fillmore; Gilberto Gomez, 56, of Fillmore; Raul Hernandez, 49, of Fillmore; and Jesse Rodriguez, 36, of Los Angeles.

      October 8, 2016

      SAN BERNARDINO--- Danny Ornelas, an 18 year old San Bernardino parolee is shot and killed in the 300 block of Wabash Street. Ornelas was transported to Arrowhead Medical Center in Colton were he succumbed to his wounds. A second man 23 year old Sione Vili Longani, of Rialto was transported to St. Bernardine Medical Center in San Bernardino where he was pronounced dead 48 hours after being placed in a medically induced coma.

      October 9, 2016

      SAN BERNARDINO--- Authorities announce the arrest of Arturo Perez Medina, 22 of Fontana, for the April shooting death of Douglas Rivas-Rauda, a 20 year old Marine stationed at 29 Palms. Perez was detained in Mexico and turned over to U.S., authorities where he will stand trial along with companions Carlos Alfredo Aznaran, Henry Nuñez and Raul Cervantes at a later date.

      October 13, 2016

      LOS ANGELES--- Mexican Mafia shot caller James “Chemo” Gutierrez, 53, and EMF gang member Kenneth Cofer, 37, were sentenced Thursday to 15 years in federal prison each, while co-defendant and fellow EMF member John Rivera, 54, was sentenced to 10 years and 10 months. The three gang members with Gutierrez functioning as “shot caller” directed the gang on behalf of the Mexican Mafia. Gutierrez acknowledged in his plea that he regularly extorted “taxes” from drug dealers operating in EMF’s turf, and authorized an attack on a rival gang member. Prosecutors noted his lengthy criminal history, including racketeering-related murder convictions that resulted in a 20-year prison sentence.

        Gutierrez served a “pivotal role in the gang’s drug distribution, extortion, and violent activity,” according to the prosecution’s sentencing memorandum. Prosecutors described Gutierrez as the lead defendant in the case.

        In addition to the RICO and conspiracy charges, Cofer also pleaded guilty to an additional charge of possession of a firearm in the furtherance of a drug trafficking crime.

        Cover admitted to managing and supervising the gang’s extortion and drug trafficking, including directing the use of violence on behalf of the gang. Cofer admitted authorizing the shooting of someone who had been involved in a dispute with a fellow gang member.

      November 6, 2016

      SAN BERNARDINO--- Victor Angulo, 42 year old member of Varrio Norwalk gang, is found guilty of Second Degree Murder with a gun allegation in the death of 21 year old San Bernardino Little Counts gang member Angel Cortez. Sentencing for Angulo was scheduled for December 12 where he faces a 40 year to life term. Cortez had visited the Angulo residence on multiple occasions in an attempt to "collect a tax" from proceeds Angulo was making from stolen credit cards and bills.

      November 8, 2016

      LOS ANGELES--- 29 men and women, all members or associates of the Eastside and Westside Wilmas gangs are named in a 31-count federal Racketeering indictment charging crimes including murder, attempted murder, narcotics trafficking, robbery, witness intimidation and attacks on law enforcement. Detained in a series of raids dubbed Operation Tidal Wave conducted in Wilmington, San Pedro and Long Beach. Authorities attribute the majority of crime committed within the Harbor Division to Wimas gang activity. The Wilmas gang cliques operate under the direction and authority of the Grajeda brothers Daniel "Cuate", Thomas "Wino" and Senon "Cheryl" all from La Rana. The Grajeda's maintain influence over the Harbor area through their support and cooperation with fellow Eme members and Wilmas gang alumni such as Gabriel "Sleepy" Huerta, Emiliano "Tonito" Lopez and their nephew Daniel Thomas Grajeda aka "Peanut" a member of the Westside Wilmas clique.

      Those named in the indictment include;
        Lawrence Ruble Kelly, aka “Puppet”;
        Armando Soriano, aka “210”;
        Adan Rodriguez, aka “Grizzly”;
        Mario Delgado, aka “Goblin”;
        Juan Lopez, aka “Spanky”;
        Francisco Hernandez, aka “Pancho”;
        Jesus Ortigoza, aka “Chuy”;
        Eryanna Negrete, aka “Baby Gangsta”;
        Otoniel Guerrero, aka “Twin”;
        Raul Cornejo.

        Alejandro Calderon, aka “Demon”;
        Susanna Rodriguez;
        Jose Hernandez Aguiar, aka “Big Joe”;
        Desiree Hernandez, aka “Dimples’;
        Paul Soriano, aka “Pablo”;
        Jeremy Woodruff, aka “Solo’;
        Jose Becerra, aka “Sinaloa”;
        Javier Reynoso, aka “Berto”;
        Guadalupe Reyes, aka “Oso”;
        Javier Frausto, aka “Candyman”;
        Miguel Maciel, aka “Goat”;
        Jessica Frausto, aka “Lil Jess”;
        Marcos Tavarez;
        Edward William Guerrero, aka “Toro”;
        Juan Carlos Hernandez, aka “Negro Trece”;
        Angelina Garcia, aka “Little One’;
        Gilbert Lizalde, aka “Sniper”;
        Nelson Martinez, aka “Lil Torch”;
        Jesse Sanchez, aka “Termite.”

      November 28, 2016

      SAN JOSE--- Jesus Armendariz, Mexican Mafia shot caller in the San Jose area is sentenced to a 15 year prison term in prison for activities performed as a gang leader and liaison between the Mexican Mafia and San Jose Sureno gangs, which including his own Sur Santos Pride (SSP) gang. The SSP gang committed murder, attempted murder and robbery and pledged its loyalty to the Mexican Mafia prison gang and followed its orders, prosecutors said. Armendariz admitted conspiring with SSP members to give Sureno gang members guns and crystal meth provided by the Mexican Mafia. He collected money from each San Jose Sureno gang and sent that money to his Mexican Mafia contact.

      December 8, 2016

      DENVER--- Richard Santiago, 56, entered a guilty plea in the death of longtime Mexican Mafia member Manuel "Tati" Torrez in 2005 in a recreational yard cage at the Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado. In exchange for Santiago’s plea, prosecutors dropped their pursuit of the death penalty. Santiago was serving a life term when he attacked Torres, 64, in a furious assault in which he kicked, stomped and beat The victim who sustained a fractured skull and brain trauma. Torrez had attempted to gain control of the federal faction of the Mexican Mafia pitting him against a popular Eme leader with whom Santiago and his co-defendant, Silvestre Rivera, were aligned.

      December 23, 2016

      LOS ANGELES--- Eddie "Criminal" Garcia, a former 18th Street gang member with ties to Baldwin Park and El Sereno, is sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald to 24 years behind bars to be followed by eight years of supervised release upon the completion of his prison term. Garcia pled guilty to a charge of participating in a conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine as part of a federal case targeting the Mexican Mafia-controlled Puente 13 street gang. As part of his plea agreement, Garcia admitted luring and fatally shooting David Dragna, 44, of Valinda at an apartment complex in the 14700 block of Prichard Street in La Puente on July 3, 2006.

      Garcia, Angel "Smiley" Torres (serving a 15 1/2-year prison term) and Steven "Flaco" Nunez (serving a 10-year sentence) committed the crime on behalf Puente 13 gang leader and Emero Rafael "Cisco" Munoz-Gonzalez, 42, of La Puente and his brother, Cesar "Blanco" Munoz-Gonazalez of Rowland Heights. The brothers accused Dragna of keeping extortion payments on drug proceeds, or "taxes," intended for the Mexican Mafia. Dragna, a member of the Townsmen gang, which also operates in the Valinda corridor in the central San Gabriel Valley was aligned with a rival Eme leader locked in a vicious power struggle with "Cisco" Gonzalez and his brother.

      The pair received life sentences in federal prison in 2013 after being convicted at trial of violating the Racketeer Influence Corrupt Organizations Act, as well as committing violent crimes in aid of racketeering, engaging in a conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, weapons charges and other offenses.

      December 27, 2016

      LAKE ELSINORE---Two San Bernardino gang members are charged in the August 2 triple slaying of 56-year-old Cameron Craven, 57-year-old Robert Kushner and 31-year-old Rachel Rupp, in a home along Wisconsin Street off Lakeshore Drive. Craven's 71-year-old mother Linda Craven was also wounded. Charged with three counts of murder and being members of a criminal street gang are 38-year-old San Bernardino resident Mario Cruz Lopez and 33-year-old Rialto resident Saul Arevalo Jr.
      Lopez and Arevalo are in San Bernardino County jail where they have been held since being arrested in August in a stolen vehicle case. Arevalo also faces animal cruelty charges and being a convicted felon and drug addict in possession or ownership of a gun.
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