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The Aryan Brotherhood
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:18 pm    Post subject: The Aryan Brotherhood Reply with quote


November 24, 1962

Folsom convict Conrad N. Becker, 41 serving time for burglary is stabbed in the prison chapel by three inmates who took members of the prison choir hostage. Farrell Fenton, 29, Edward W. Maher, 27, and Edward Caugh, 29, all serving life terms for violent offenses are charged with murder. Farrel is a leader of an inmate gang known as Hitler's helpers.

January 16, 1967

Robert Holderman a Nazi gang associate is stabbed and beaten to death by Black Guerilla Family members at San Quentin.

January 17, 1967

2,800 inmate (1,000 white) and (1,800 black) square off on the main yard at San Quentin over the death of Robert Holderman. Prison staff break up the potential riot by firing several shots into the crowd wounding five. One convict suffers severe head trauma from a beating he received, 2 others suffer non-fatal heart attacks.

August 27, 1967

Byron Barry Mills is arrested in Ventura, California and held for transfer to Sonoma County on an outstanding arrest warrant charging grand theft auto.

December 12, 1967

Byron Barry Mills is denied a request for probation and sentenced to serve 1 year in the Sonoma County jail.

January 29, 1968

Byron Barry Mills and Buddy Coleman escape from the Sonoma County Honor Farm.

February 17, 1968

Byron Barry Mills is arrested in Windsor, California. He is held on a warrant charging escape W/O force.

March 12, 1968

Byron Barry Mills is sentenced to serve 6 months to 1 year and 1 day in state prison for escape W/O force from the Sonoma County jail. Mills is received at Vacaville State Medical Facility.

August 13, 1968

Byron Barry Mills parole request is denied.

March 13, 1969

Byron Barry Mills is released from CTF-Central.

January 13, 1970

Soledad Aryan Brotherhood leader William "Buzzard" Harris, fellow A.B., Howard "Smiley" Hoyle, Mexican Mafia member Joseph "Colorado Red" Ariaz, John Fanene, Raymond Guerrero "A.B., associate," A.B., member Ronnie Dean Harper aka "Harpo" and Robert "Chuko" Wendekier engage Black Guerilla Family members on the exercise yard at Soledad prison. Tower Guard Opie G. Miller opens fire killing BGF leader W. L. Nolen, Cleveland Edwards and Alvin Miller. Billy Harris is shot in the groin.

January 30, 1970

Byron Barry Mills and William Hackworth are arrested for the robbery of a Stewarts Point convenience store on January 28th.

February 3, 1970

Byron Barry Mills is convicted of 1st degree armed robbery after co-defendant William Hackworth testified for the prosecution. Mills is sentenced to serve 5 years to life.

July 11, 1970

Nazi prison gang member Norman St. Martin is sentenced to die in the gas chamber for the fatal stabbing of Folsom inmate James Rufus Carter, an early leader of Hitler's helpers.

April 21, 1972

Aryan Brotherhood members Fred Steve Mendrin and Donald Ray Hale stab Nuestra Familia leader Fred Charles Castillo to death at the Chino Institute for Men. The murder reportedly seals a pact between the A.B., and the Mexican Mafia.

December 15, 1972

Aryan Brotherhood members Fred Steve Mendrin and Donald Ray Hale are sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Fred Charles Castillo.


Aryan Brotherhood faction is formed in the federal prison system.

October 18, 1977

Parolee Joseph "Little Joe" O'Rourke is arrested after a shoot out with campus police at El Camino Community College.

November 25, 1977

Aryan Brotherhood member David Owens and assocaite Robert "new York" Crane rob the Bank of America in Agoura, California netting approximately $9,000.

December 2, 1977

Robert Crane is named the prime suspect in the murder of A.B., member Kenneth "Hogjaw" Cochran.

December 29, 1977

Byron Barry Mills is released from San Quentin.

January 11, 1978

Owens is found guilty of bank robbery and sentenced to federal prison, his co-defendant Crane is hold in the Orange County jail on a murder charge (see December 2, 1977).

March 31, 1978

Joseph "Little Joe" O'Rourke is sentenced to 7 years in state prison.

May 1978

Aryan Brotherhood member Robert Lee Griffin "McGrif" sponsors Clifford Smith for membership. The sponsorship is later approved by John William Stinson "Youngster", Richard Lloyd Terflinger "Bart," Robert Lee Griffin and Ronald Boyd Slocum "McKool".

June 1978

Byron Barry Mills is sentenced to serve 20 years in federal prison for his role in the plotting of a Fresno bank robbery which took place in June 1976.[url][/url][img][/img]

May 20, 1979

Aryan Brotherhood member Byron Barry Mills murders A.B., associate John Marzloff at the (USP) Atlanta, Georgia.


Aryan Brotherhood establishes a 3 man Federal Commission to direct the activity of the newly commissioned federal faction, Byron Barry Mills assumes unofficial command.

June 8, 1980

A.B., associate Robert hogan is murdered on the order of Byron Barry Mills.

February 1982

California Aryan Brotherhood faction leaders John William Stinson, Richard Lloyd Terflinger, Robert Lee Griffin, Ronald Boyd Slocum and Edward Tyler Burnett forma 12 man council to govern the group's affairs in the stat prison system. The council then formed a three man commission "Griffin, Slocum and Burnett,' that controlled the 12 man council. The council has been reduced to six over the years.

September 27 1982

Aryan Brotherhood leader Thomas Silverstein murders Raymond "Cadillac" Smith leader of the "D.C. Mob," at the United States Penitentiary, Marion Illinois.

December 9, 1982

Aryan Brotherhood member Neil Baumgraten [#20586-148] is murdered at the U.S. Penitentiary (USP), Lewisburg by members of the "D.C. Mob." in retaliation for the murder of Raymond "Cadillac" Smith.

January 13, 1983

A.B., member Robert "Blinky" Griffin is found guilty of killing T-Bone Gibson.

February 13, 1983

A.B., member Richard Barnes is murdered on the order of Ronald Boyd Slocum.

September 23, 1983

A.B., associate Gregory Keefer is stabbed to death at the (USP) Marion, Illinois by another A.B., associate over a drug debt. Byron Barry Mills authorized the hit.

October 6, 1983

A.B., member Richard "Rhino" Andreasen is stabbed to death by an A.B., associate at the U.S. Penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas. Anreasen's murder was authorized by A.B., leaders who believed Andreasen had provided the name of an A.B., associated involved in a robbery in Santa Ana, California. Ronald Boyd Slocum and Byron Barry Mills.

**October 6, 1983

A.B., leader Thomas Silverstein stabs officer Eugene Clutts 40 times at the (USP) Marion, Illinois for "disrespecting him." Officer Bob Hoffman is stabbed 35 to 40 times by Silverstein's crime partner at Marion the same afternoon.

January 30, 1984

Officer Boyd Spikerman is stabbed to death at the Federal Correctional Institution, Oxford, Wisconsin by an A.B., associate.

February 7, 1984

Robert Walter Scully assaults a fellow inmate at San Quentin.

March 13, 1984

John William Stinson sends a kite informing Pete Pulos of the defection of Aryan Brother Rick Rose.

April 12, 1984

24 year old A.B., Jesse Brun sets fire to a black inmate in the shower area of Folsom prison. The victim suffers burns over 25% of his body.

April 27, 1984

Robert Walter Scully attempts to stab a guard at San Quentin.

April 28, 1984

Robert Walter Scully gasses two San Quentin guards resulting in no charges or disciplinary action.

May 1, 1984

Robert Walter Scully assaults a San Quentin guard with a shank, a search of his person turned up 3 hack saw blades in his rectum. Two .22 caliber bullets were also detected in his stomach. All charges were later dismissed.

May 29, 1984

Robert Walter Scully is charged is charged with assaulting a fellow inmate and possession of a weapon at San Quentin. Scully is later sentenced to a 6 additional years in prison for stabbing the unnamed inmate.

September 1985

Tyler Davis Bingham is named is named to the 3 man federal commission.

October 10, 1987

Rodney Dale Ross stabs 33 year old Gordon Gaskill to death at Folsom prison.

June 22, 1987

A.B., member Art Ruffo is shot in the hip by officer David Pitts during a knife attack on a black inmate. The Ruffo attack occurs at the same time fellow A.B., Paul Jon "Cornfed" Schneider attacks a second black inmate in what prison authorities define as an attempted hit. The incidents kick off "Hell week," a series of coordinated attacks at Folsom Prison ordered by Wendell "Blue" Norris, a founding member of the gang.

July 7, 1987

A. - In a retaliatory attack ordered by Wendell "Blue" Norris for the shooting of Art Ruffo, Cornfed Schneider stabs rookie correctional officer Carl Kropp in the throat during a strip search.

B. - Officer Pitts is wounded by a shotgun blast as he drives to his West Sacramento home.

October 10, 1987

Robert Walter Scully is charged with possession of a weapon at Tehachapi prison, charges are later dropped.

November 25, 1987

Judith Danielle Box, girlfriend of Phillip "Wildman" Fortman is charged with providing A.B., members with the addresses of prison guards.

March 15, 1988

A.B., defector Robert Ryan Rowland outlines a plot to kill correctional officers as soon as personnel is available.

July 14, 1988

Aryan Brother Rodney Dale Ross is convicted of killing inmate Gordon Gaskill at Folsom Prison.

August 28, 1988

Judith Danielle Box is convicted of providing personal information to Aryan Brotherhood members obtained from her job at the Franchise Tax Board.

February 15, 1989

Judith D. Box is sentenced to serve 3 years in prison after she is found gulty of "maliciously gaining access to a computer system and conspiring to commit an assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury."

June 5, 1989

Aryan Brotherhood turncoat Robert Rowland testifies Paul Jon Schneider was seeking entry into the gang when he stabbed officer Carlo Kropp in the throat at Folsom prison.

June 14, 1989

Aryan Brother Paul Jon Schnieder testifies that he stabbed officer Carl Kropp because he thought the gaurds were coming to attack him.

July 24, 1989

A jury fails to reach a decision in the case of Aryan Brother Paul Jon Schneider in the stabbing of officer Carl Kropp.

August 20, 1989

Aryan brother Paul Jon Schneider is sentenced to an additional 5 years in prison for possession of a shank.

November 21, 1989

Paul Jon Schneider is found guilty of attacking officer Carl Kropp.
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:00 pm    Post subject: AB Timeline Continued... Reply with quote

May 20, 2007

Joseph William Verducci, a 35 year old member of the Family Affiliated Irish Mafia, is convicted of first-degree murder for the January 14, 2007 slaying of 30 year old Jose Corona. Corona was struck by a bullet intended for Thomas "Bubba" Covey, a founding member of FAIM. At the time of the incident Covey was engaged in a power struggle with other members of FAIM.

March 17, 2012

Dennis Lawley, 69, was pronounced dead after he was found unresponsive in his cell at San Quentin State Prison. The cause of death has been listed as natural causes. Lawley had been sentenced to death for the contract killing of Kenneth Lawton Stewart in 1989.
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