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Fiato's plan to become boss...
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 3:23 am    Post subject: Fiato's plan to become boss... Reply with quote

Suffering from a case of dementia or simply poor recollection of tails spun in fun.

The Animal in Hollywood; Page 84.

"The old bosses were in jail, and Mike should have been in line for a shot at the head of the family. But he was on the outs with the family because he had been so loyal to Jimmy Fratianno and had gone to bat for Jimmy even after he'd been suspected of being a rat, which he indeed turned out to be. Mike was an outcast and he was shunned by Dominic Brooklier. That put Pete Milano in line to assume the role of boss of the family."

"In response, Mike went to New York and got sanctioned by Neil Dellacroce of the Gambino family. While Pete was collecting soldiers and making new members, Mike was doing the same."

"Mike Rizzi and his guys represented Neil Dellacroce and the Gambino crew. Rizzi didn't think much of Pete Milano, but Mike was in no shape to pull anything."

Animal in Hollywood; Page 103

"He needed me, if he was going to become boss of a family in Los Angeles. (My plan was to go and speak to Angelo Marino, a capo of the Fresno family. Angelo could sanction me to take over Southern California independent of the Milanos, who were nothing but a bunch of bookmakers."

Animal in Hollywood; Page 104 continuing paragraph

"The night after Mike arrived with his crew, Johnny Branco, John DiMattia and Rock Durosia came into the club. They want to sitdown and have a discussion, and I find it strange because it's obvious these are Mike's guys. I told them my intentions up front and Rocky said he could take me to see the old man, Marino. You have to remember something, I wanted to do this all the right way, the traditional way. I wanted to be the boss in Southern California and I had no intention of sitting around bullsh--ing with bookmakers."

Apparently the animal has a problem with his memory being that in his statements above he clearly states DiMattia was with Mike Rizzi yet later he would claim he brought DiMattia into Rizzi's crew and showed him the ropes.

Not to mention his obscure claim of going to Angelo Marino the boss of the San Jose family not Fresno and getting sanction to takeover territory he didn't control. Not only is the claim questionable but Fiato being unmade didn't have the juice to ask Marino for a cup of water less known the right to takeover Los Angeles.

As if that isn't enough he apparently forgot he had already stated Mike Rizzi had gotten Neil Dellacroce to sanction him in southern California. Dellacroce was the hot topic during the time this book was written with untold stories of Dellacroce's power in the Gambino family. Would Dellacroce who was tapped warning John Gotti "the boss is the boss is the boss," inregard to his own New York oganization. Does it seem likely that Dellacroce would step outside of himself to get involved in a situation he had nothing to gain from not to mention the lack of authority to sanction anything in California.

New York bosses were already leary of any talk that was coming out of California regarding new families as witnessed by Funzi Tieri's statements to Jimmy Fratianno several years before. Jimmy had way more juice than an unmade Fiato and he denied he had been working with Joe Bonanno, "John Roselli" and Frank Bompensiro in establishing something in Los Angeles.

Just how was Fiato going to open doors for Rizzitello that he couldn't open for himself? How was Fiato going to arrange for himself to takeover Los Angeles yet he couldn't get himself made? Seems like everybody has a "I was almost made but during the cooling off period I backed out story." Who knew there was a recision period for crime prospects. Rolling Eyes
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 05, 2006 1:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm not all that up on mob rules & regs, but I dont see how an underboss, even one as powerful as Neil, could "sanction a family" in another families territory. That would be a Commission thing, right? Rizzi was a made member, a captain no less, in the Milano family, like it or not. He couldnt just start working under the table for another family in NY. I cant see the old Neil Dellacroce, stickler for mob protocol, getting involved in such a thing without talking with his b-o-s-s, then the b-o-s-s in LA. Make sense?
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 05, 2006 3:51 pm    Post subject: Excellent observation Reply with quote

That is what I thought as well. Also if you go back to Jimmy Fratianno in discussing the Gambinos and Neil Dellacroce. There is a case which is never mentioned. Fratianno was set to testify against Dellacroce and Gambino Capo Tony Plate but never got the chance after Plate disappeared. The case involved LA bookmaker Sparky Monica and Plate's attempts to gain a piece of Monica's Los Angeles business.

After Jimmy began acting on behalf of the Los Angeles family as acting boss he demanded a sit-down with Paul Castellano and Neil Dellacroce. They met and discussed what was going on between Monica and Plate and word was sent to Plate that he was out of bounds. Does it sound like Dellacroce "or Castellano "a fellow boss," could or would have issued the command to set Rizzitello or anyone else up with an independent family when he didn't back his own capo in a move to muscle into Los Angeles? Confused

That is the problem with just buying what is said in some of these books without looking at details. You have a ton of guys who are claiming inside knowledge but when you look at what is being said and their perspective on Los Angeles and the LA Family, you find that it all dates back to the Last Mafioso. The ramblings of a man on the outs with former friends and business associates.
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